What Does Ratio Mean On TikTok?

what does ratio mean in tiktok

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms that has become most popular in recent years. Whether you use TikTok less or more often, you may come across several challenges and trends every day. If you’re not a part of the TikTok-obsessed generation Z, you may have found yourself being confused about some of the terms related to the app because this is its vocabulary.

The latest addition to the mystery words of TikTok is “ratio.” While you may often have seen it in the TikTok comments, many people are unaware of what it means. So what does this mystery word mean? How is it defined, how does it work, and is it always bad? Here, we’ll cover everything you need to know. Let’s not keep you waiting and answer all your questions.

What Does Ratio Mean On TikTok?

Ratio on tiktok

If you are ratioed on TikTok, it basically means that your comment has a greater number of replies on it than the likes. In most cases, this can be seen as a bad thing because it means that more people disagree with the comment than those who agree with it.

On TikTok ratio works differently than on Twitter. So how does it work? If one person has left a comment on the video “Ratio me 1:1”, it serves as a call-to-action for all the other TikTok uses to ensure that the comment likes match the number of “likes” on the actual video. So this means that if a video has 5324 likes and someone comments, “ratio me 1:1”, it means that the person wants their comments to get exactly 5324 likes as well.

Take the Following Example of a TikTok Request

  1. Person A comments on a TikTok video.
  2. Then person B replies to the comment of person B, with “Ratio”.
  3. The reply “Ratio” gets twice the likes of those on the original comment.

In the above example, person A has been ratioed because twice the number of people liked the comment reply than the comment itself.

What Do Ratio Requests Mean?

Ratio request is when a person requests on TikTok that they want to get the same amount of comments and likes on TikTok. If someone comments “Ratio me 1:1”, this means that if there are 100 likes on a video, they also want 100 likes on the comment. If a person comments 1:1:1, this means a video has around 100 likes. They also want 100 likes on the comments along with 100 replies.

Is It Bad To Be Ratioed On Tiktok?

Get ratioed is bad?

While it may be seen as wrong being ratioed on TikTok in some cases, this wouldn’t always be the case. Sometimes, the word ratio is used differently on TikTok. Like in the case of the ratio requests, it may be used by a person who wants to match the number of comments and likes on their TikTok video to achieve a ratio of 1:1. In a more complicated scenario, 1:1:1 could be that the person wants their comment and comment replies to have the same amount of likes as of their original video on TikTok. So, while it can be seen as being bad to be ratioed, this won’t always be the case.

Do Other Social Media Platforms Use Ratio Too?

While the term ratio is specific to TikTok, it has originally started on Twitter. If you tweet something unpopular on the platform, you’re more likely to get more tweets than retweets. This process is also known as rationing.

What More About Ratio on TikTok?

more about ratio

The ratio formula on TikTok is relatively simple. It indicates and points to your video/note views. Ratio, in simple words, can be used as a measure to see how popular your TikTok account is. If you have a ratio number below 100, it can mean that nobody is watching the videos you post. Alternatively, a number above 1000 means that your video is being managed by someone every second.

If you want to keep up with the TikTok trends, you must know the statistics to see the popular accounts and those that aren’t. The ratio on TikTok is a beneficial way of knowing whether an account is popular or not because it lets us glance at an account’s relevancy. A low ratio number indicates that no one is watching the TikTok videos, and a high ratio shows these videos are being watched. Either way, the information offered by Ratio on TikTok can be used in different ways.

How Can A Ratio Thread On Tiktok Happen?

A TikTok ratio thread happens when several users gather together in a TikTok post to give likes to the comments that find worthy and then leave those which they believe are not worthy of likes.


So, in conclusion, we can say that it can be a little difficult to understand the concept of ratio on TikTok at the very start. While this meme has originated on Twitter, it has now made its way to TikTok,‘ where it has its own meaning and use. Generally, we can say that the meaning of Ratio will vary based on the context. For example, a person posting a ratio while responding to controversial comments can mean the person is throwing a shade in reality.

However, if the ratio was commented in response to a thing that isn’t controversial or offensive, the person may just have intended to start a game of balancing the likes and replies. So, when someone responds to your comment with “ratio”, don’t take it on your head. This comment could be as innocent and harmless as any other comment on TikTok.

While we hope the information covered above has helped you in understanding what it means, if you still think you are confused, maybe you should give it a try out for yourself.

So, keep using TikTok and remain becoming popular by improving your reputation.

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