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10 Benefits of Sitting on a Yoga Ball

sitting on yoga ball

A yoga ball has multiple names and benefits in daily life. People call it exercise ball, swiss ball, stability ball, physioball, medicine ball and many other names. Now, people are interested in replacing old office chairs with yoga ball chairs due to their many benefits. If you want to know how yoga chairs improve your lifestyle, keep reading this article. In this article, I will share everything you need to know about this amazing chair.

What is a Yoga Ball?

Yoga Ball

This is an exercise ball with an elastic texture. With this ball, you can perform multiple exercises. The diameter of this ball varies from 35 to 80 centimetres, depending on what you want to do with it. This is like a rubber balloon filled with air. Previously, the use of these balls was for exercise, training and athletic practices. But now, with the addition of a frame, people convert them into yoga ball desk chairs for office use.

What is a Yoga Ball Chair?

yoga ball chair

This is exactly like a yoga ball, but the addition of a supportive frame converts it into a yoga ball chair. The frame of this chair has an adjustable back, but the sitting is relatively low and curved. The sitting area is also a bit unstable to get the benefits of sitting on exercise ball. In this situation, you use your back, legs and body to maintain balance. This effort improves body posture and makes your back strong

10 Benefits of Sitting on a Yoga Ball

There are multiple yoga ball chair benefits that you can enjoy with proper use. Here I am sharing some of the most prominent benefits of it. 

Improve Posture

yoga ball

Using an office yoga ball chair requires your muscles strength to maintain balance and improve body posture. Replacement of yoga ball with regular office chair for more than 2 hours can be a game-changer for you. Also, its use gives required support to your lumbar body. Many users review the change in their body posture after a few weeks of use because, after regular use, they can sit straight for a longer time. 

Keep You Active

yoga ball keep active

While sitting, a yoga ball makes you adjust your position after every few minutes, which keeps you active. During a desk job, you have to sit constantly on a single chair for an extended period with zero activity. However, you need constant movement with a yoga ball to keep sitting on an exercise ball

Moreover, you get bored during work; little activities with yoga balls like stretching, jumping and movement keep you awake. Also, it makes you conscious about your posture to keep you active all day long.

Back Pain Relief

Typical chairs make your sitting posture droopy resulting in back pain. If the backbone is damaged already, sitting on a chair worsens it. These exercise balls keep your back straight and reduce the chances of back pain instead of providing relief from it. Although, it is recommended to not sit on a yoga ball all day long because your back cannot manage this much stress. Therefore, keep alternating the yoga ball chair with the regular chair after regular intervals.

Burn Calories

You can burn calories even sitting and working on your desk with a yoga ball chair. Although, it burns only 4 calories in an hour. By doing stretches and simple exercise moves, you can increase the number of calories burning in this process. This is the best option for you if you are on a weight loss journey.  

Strong Core

Yoga ball chairs engage your core muscles inactivity because of yoga ball bumps and help them achieve strength. Replacement of a standard chair with a swiss ball chair increases body strength. Moreover, it makes core muscles strong and improves body balance by increasing the power of muscles associated with the backbone. 

Moreover, a strong core reduces the chances of injuries, muscle cramps, back pain and many other serious back problems. 

Body Balance

body balance

Athletes claim that improvement in core strength helps them increase their body balance and overall functionality of muscles. A Balance ball chair benefits your back by giving strength to it. Moreover, you can perform other activities like stretching, moving side by side and jumping to increase the level of body balance.

If you are a little concerned about the balance on a yoga ball office chair. Regular practice makes the process effortless because, with time, it improves your body balance.

Better Blood Circulation

Regular chair reduces blood circulation in our body and increases the chances of death, especially in older adults over 45 years. A yoga ball chair increases blood circulation because of activity; after a few minutes. While on a regular chair, you sit for hours without any movement. However, the right size of yoga ball chair increases the effectiveness.

Always Beach Ready

Balancing on a yoga ball tone your body muscles and maintain abs. One of the benefits of a yoga ball chair is that you can work out without involvement in any serious activity. You can do a quick exercise during the study break or office task that keeps your muscles always active and in a better condition. You can do a few sets of push-ups, squats, crunches, half ball crunches, and reverse ball crunches during that time. A little yet regular yoga ball workouts help you to maintain body fitness.


Your sitting chair must be ergonomically correct, but such an office or study chair is quite expensive. In contrast, a yoga ball chair with all such features is highly affordable. This is the ideal way to design a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, exercise ball chair benefits are more than a regular ergonomically suitable office chair. 

Breath Better

medicine ball chair

A droopy sitting posture applies pressure on your lungs and reduces their space to inhale oxygen. According to many studies, it has been proved that sitting posture affects the lungs. Therefore, people with straight posture have more functioning lungs with a high capacity to inhale oxygen. Effective use of a medicine ball chair improves your breathing mechanism.

What is the Right Way of Sitting on Yoga Ball

Right way sitting on a chair ball

On a yoga ball chair, you need to maintain your posture and follow some important directions to enjoy its benefits because inappropriate use of the yoga ball chair can cause damage. 

  • Always keep your feet flat on the grounds.
  • Don’t align your knees with your hip; instead, maintain a 90-degree angle of knees.
  • Maintain a straight posture of back 
  • Push your shoulders back and wide open them so your neck stays straight
  • Do a little movement after a few minutes to keep muscles active.

Tips for Sitting Safely on a Yoga Ball

tips for sitting on yoga ball

These are a few safety measures for using a yoga ball chair. It is essential to take care of these things to keep your body away from any damage. 

  • Please don’t use it for more than 2 hours because replacing the yoga ball chair with a regular chair after that time is important to avoid damage. Our back cannot afford stress for more than 2 hours. Excess use can result in damage to the muscle. 
  • Regularly pump it back because of your weight; the air gets reduced in it. So, pump air regularly to ensure correct posture and sitting place.
  • Choose the right size of yoga ball to get a balanced body. A right yoga ball chair lets you keep your feet flat on the surface and let your knees at a right angle on the table. 
  • Avoid using yoga balls in case of acute back pain because stress in this situation can cause damage. However, you can use it according to your doctor’s directions by giving some support to your backbone. 

Who can Get Maximum Benefit From Yoga Ball?

Yoga ball chair benefits are not only limited to office use. Many people can benefit from the regular use of yoga ball chairs. 

Pregnant Women

pregnant woman doing exercise with yoga ball

During the third trimester of pregnancy, the baby bump produces pressure on the upper part of the legs that cause pain and discomfort. Therefore, using a yoga ball pregnancy for a short time helps deal with this weight. However, it is recommended to use it according to the doctor’s prescription and be careful during pregnancy. Please don’t use it for a longer period without any support because it can cause back pain. 

Postpartum Women

Postpartum girl exercise with yoga ball

Women who give birth can use a yoga ball after one to two months to get their bodies back. Although it is recommended to not get harsh with your body and not fill the ball entirely with the air to keep it soft. Regular use of an exercise ball after birth increases your body’s recovery rate. 

People with Hemorrhoids

People with hemorrhoids have swollen veins that cause unbearable pain. A yoga ball helps to manage pain and reduce it, while regular use of a swiss ball can assist you in facing this problem. Although it doesn’t lessen the hemorrhoids, it just deals with reducing pain. 


Yoga ball chairs are the ideal replacement for office chairs with multiple benefits. Although it is important to understand the proper use of exercise ball chairs and their precautions for safe use. There is constant uncertainty in the professionals that these chairs are beneficial or harm the body. It is clear that the proper use has many advantages like sitting on it for two hours and then replacing it with an office chair. This alternation after regular intervals keeps your backbone safe from any pressure. 

Moreover, many people can benefit from yoga balls by using them according to their body’s requirements. It is important to keep alternating the chair throughout the office day for better results and avoid unnecessary stress on your body. 


Are exercise balls good to sit on?

Yoga ball chairs maintain body balance activate abdomen and back muscles to provide strength to your core. This is the best option to lose weight and encourage a healthy lifestyle. 

Is sitting on an exercise ball better than a chair?

Using a yoga ball chair instead of a regular chair is good for your body because it allows you to strengthen back muscles, reduce back pain and improve breathing. Although it is recommended to use it for a limited time of one or two hours otherwise, it can cause damage.

How long do exercise balls last?

The lifespan of a yoga ball depends on its quality; however, the average lifespan of a yoga ball is one to two years. In case you own a good quality yoga ball and use it personally, then it can get a lifespan of five years. 

How much does an exercise ball cost?

These are quite inexpensive exercise equipment. Each yoga ball costs between $15 to $25, and anyone can afford it to step into a healthy lifestyle. You can get a decent quality yoga ball for $15 from anywhere. 

How long should you sit on a ball chair?

The ideal time for sitting on a yoga ball chair is less than 2 hours. You can adjust the timing according to your body. If you spend more than two hours on the yoga ball chair, your muscles get tired because of extra stress, which results in muscle pain.

How does an exercise ball benefit your spine?

Use of an exercise ball for sitting and regular stretching increases the strength of the back and its balance. Proper use of an exercise ball benefits your body and activates the back muscles to strengthen them. Because of the strength, your back becomes resistant to muscle injuries and pain to some extent. 

Can sitting on a yoga ball help lose weight?

While sitting on a yoga ball, you can burn calories, although the number of calories is only 4 in an hour. You can add many calories to the previous count by doing simple yoga ball stretches and moving right and left in the ball. If you are a person whose mission is weight loss, then using a yoga ball chair is a must.

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