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7 Healthy Habits To Improve Back Health

7 Healthy Habits To Improve Back Health

Back pain continues to harm a lot of people every single day, regardless of age. Unfortunately, it’s not the type of pain you could easily overlook or alleviate by simply drinking medications. Back pain can adversely affect the quality of life, disrupting you from the daily tasks or activities you used to enjoy. Furthermore, back pains can lead to severe health issues and spine-related problems if you don’t take earlier actions to heal and alleviate them.  

While genetics or family history often plays a role in your current back pains, most of the time it’s because of your sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy habits. Thankfully, implementing a few changes to your lifestyle and choices can help prevent back pain.  It also improves your back health and reduces the risk of having spine-related illnesses in the future. Taking the necessary steps to preserve your back health will also ensure your spine and back muscles will remain strong through your aging years.  

Here are seven healthy habits you must adopt to help improve your back health

Stay Active

People who have sedentary lifestyles or who are less active are more prone to back pains. This is true especially for people who spend most of their days sitting on a chair as they’re unknowingly weakening their hips, glutes, and overall back health. Thus, staying active and exercising regularly is highly recommended. This is for you to maintain a healthy spine and keep your back muscles robust.  

You can include these exercises from into your routine. These exercises are aimed to strengthen your glutes, hips, and back muscles. 

Meanwhile, if you’re having a hard time squeezing in your exercise routine in your hectic schedule, you may try out low-impact exercises.  These include walking to the grocery store or biking your way to work during your free time or lunch breaks. The point is to stay active and keep your body moving to maintain your spine and back health.  

Stay Active for Reducing Back Pain

Lift Carefully

Another way you could hurt your back unintentionally is when you lift heavy things the wrong way. Picking up heavy furniture with your waist could hurt your back and turn into chronic back pain when untreated properly. 

To lift accurately, you need to stand as close to the item, bend your knees, and use the strength of your legs. Bending your knees is essential for your arms to be at the same level as the item. Meanwhile, if the object is too heavy despite being in a proper lifting position, it might be best to get help to avoid hurting yourself.  


Standing, lying down, or sitting in one place for extended periods can adversely affect your back health and lead to back pains. Thus, it’s essential to stretch your body as much as you can by doing simple stretches, walking around, and getting up for a few minutes. This will promote blood circulation on your back and relieve the strain or aches caused by sitting or standing for long periods.  

Sleep In A Proper Position

Everyone knows how sleep is essential for promoting your overall health. But for your back health, you must sleep in a proper position that doesn’t compromise your back, neck, and spine. Refrain from sleeping on your stomach as it will only put too much pressure on your back and spine.  Also, you’ll likely wake up with severe back pains in the morning. 

The best sleeping position suitable for your back is sleeping on your side. Just remember to place a pillow between your knees to reduce spinal pressure. Meanwhile, if you prefer sleeping on your back for the rest of the night, make sure to put a pillow or pad underneath your knees to relieve spine pressure. Furthermore, don’t forget to use a proper pillow for your neck and head.  

Sleep Posture

Practice Good Posture

Practicing proper sitting or standing posture isn’t only for the sake of looking good, but it’s also important for your spine and back health. Slouching and doing other bad postures can cause stress on your back and eventually change the form of your spine. Poor posture will also strain your shoulders and neck, leading to body aches. Thus, always remember to practice proper posture wherever you are. This will keep your spine and back healthy and functioning properly. Also, it could boost your confidence.  

Maintain A Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is also vital for your back health. Gaining too much weight or becoming overweight could put you at risk for severe back pains. The excess weight will also add more stress to the tendons, ligaments, and muscles on your back. Thus, leading you to more backaches. So, maintain a healthy weight by following a healthy diet and exercising regularly.  

Maintain Healthy Weight for Reducing Back Pain

Invest In Ergonomics

Knowing your job involves sitting or standing for long periods, you need to invest in proper ergonomics. This would minimize stress and aches from your upper and lower back and maintain a healthy back. For example, if your work requires sitting for eight hours a day, make sure to invest in an ergonomic office chair that can provide support for your back, neck, and arms. For your desk, opt for the one that’s suitable for your sitting height and functionality.  

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Just like how you pay attention to your other body parts, make sure you also do the same for your back health. Following these tips and making a few changes to your habits can help promote your spine and overall back health. In case your back pains persist, it may be best to consult your doctor and seek proper treatment.  

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