What is Lipsology? What Your Lips Reveal About Your Personality & Nature

What Your Lips Reveal About Your Personality & Nature

Lips are unquestionably one of the most important aspects of a person’s personality. Do you realize, however, that your lips can convey a lot about your personality and nature? Yes, you read that correctly. That is accomplished through the use of a system known as Lipsology.

Another fascinating aspect is that these lip lines are unique to each individual and change over time.

Continue reading this article if you want to learn more about the art of lip print reading.

What Exactly is Lipsology?

Lipsology, also known as lip print reading, is the art and science of lip print reading that can provide a complete picture of a person’s personality in only one glance. According to Beth, a Certified Lipsologist, “it can provide an in-depth perspective of abilities, emotions, gifts, energy levels, and health-related concerns, and much more.”

“Lip print reading is influenced by a variety of factors, including the shape, fullness, size, and apertures of your lip prints. Lip prints are divided into approximately 25 classes and 100 subclasses, making this science even more fascinating.”

Consult a Certified Lipsologist or use the advice below to find out what your lip prints say about your personality. You’ll need to put on your favorite lipstick color and kiss a small piece of paper or card.

What Your Lips Convey About You is a Reflection of Your Personality

Do you have lip prints that are particularly thin, thick, or wide? Do you wish to know what these shapes represent?

Here’s a quick guide and information package to help you figure out what unique facts about yourself your lips tell.

What Your Lip Print Tells You About Yourself

Lip Print in a Triangle

It’s a typical lip print that indicates you’re kind and willing to assist others with their duties. “People with this lip print are considered good coaches, mentors, and counselors and play a beneficial role in society. They aid others in discovering their hidden talents, abilities, and skills, “Beth explains.

Triangle and Round lip print

Lip Print in Round Shape

The fullness of round lips can be seen all over. According to Beth, “your lip shape signifies that you have a loving and sympathetic disposition.” “They have a calm and relaxed demeanor and serve as a community peacekeeper. They also enjoy assisting individuals who are in need.”

Lip Print in a Diamond Shape

Diamond Shape Lip Print

“People who form a diamond shape with their print, like the triangle, are compassionate and supportive. They are good teachers and have an understanding and nurturing approach toward society. Their personality sparkles and shines,” she continues.

Lip Print With a Thin Line

People with a thin upper lip print will listen to you for a short period of time and then switch to thinking about their own thoughts. A thin lower lip print indicates an analytical person. This is your bottom line type of person.

Lip Print Resembling the Shape of the Heart

Heart Shape Lip Print

This lip shape print is associated with a person with a big heart. This person will give you his or her all” Beth says.

Print with a Wide Mouth (not sure what you mean by this?)

“Wide lips are a symbol of a gregarious, outgoing, and talented personality,” Beth explains. “People with this lip shape make great companions and are versatile and laid-back. They enjoy assisting people and do it without asking anything in return.

A Lip print with a thicker upper and lower lip indicates a person who is good at negotiating.

Lips that Are Average

If you have medium-sized lip prints that are neither too thick nor too thin, kind of like goldilicks “People with this lip shape are laid-back and have well-balanced interpersonal interactions,” she adds.

Lip Prints with a Cupid’s Bow

The cupids bow is the 2 bumps on the top of the upper lip print. If these are present. “People with a cupid’s bow aren’t easily influenced by others. In a matter of seconds, their outstanding communication abilities can surprise others, “Beth explains.

There is no Cupid Bow

“These individuals are capable of completing any task on their own. They despise having to rely on others for even the most basic of tasks, “she explains. “They are responsible and trustworthy.”They know what they like!

What your Lip Size Can Tell You About Your Personality

Small, Medium and Large Lip Print Sizes

A Small Lip Print

People with little lip prints are meticulous in their work. “They are experts at doing things precisely and exactly,” Beth explains. Their first impression is that they are selfish and self-centered, yet this is not the case.

Lips of a Medium Size

People with a medium lip size are very occupied and focused on trying to balance everything.  They are the busy juggler. “They have a lot going on in their personal and professional life,” Beth adds.

Lips are Large

“A person with a large lip size has a “go big or go home” personality,” she explains. They enjoy accomplishing significant goals in their unique way. “From the moment they spread their wings and wake up, they begin planning their day.”

What Your Fullness of Lips Says About You

A Lower Lip that is Thin

A drama queen is defined as someone who has a thin bottom lip. “These are folks who are looking for attention,” Beth explains. “Their vivacious, jovial, conversational, and captivating attitude certainly draws people in.”

A Thin Upper Lip

Upper lip thinness indicates a fussy nature. “They are extremely focused, well-organized, and expect everything to be flawless. Because they think beyond the box, they are regarded as good performers, authors, and speakers.

What Does the Strength of Your Lip Print Reveal About You?

Thick and Pale Lip Print

Lip Prints in a Pale Shade

“Pale lip prints indicate that a person is fatigued and drained from his or her everyday activity and requires some relaxation to maintain those energy levels,” Beth adds.

Thick Lip Prints

According to Beth, “a person with thick and dark lip prints is bussy and full of positive energy.” This is like having a cheerleader in your corner.

What Your Lip Lines Reveal About Your Personality

Lip lines are the small white lines visible on a lip print. There are two primary categories of them:

Stress Lines and Spirit Lines

Lines of Tension

Stress lines are defined as lines that start on the inside of the lip and extend outward. “They’re a symptom that you’re under a lot of stress and anxiety,” Beth explains. “If these stress lines emerge on your top lip, it means that stress and pressure aren’t always within the person’s direct control.

If they occur on the lower lip, this indicates that the tension may be managed with conscious effort.”

Spiritual Lines

Spiritual lines begin on the outside of the upper lip and work their way in. “This person has a spiritual nature. Their beliefs are important to them” Beth says.

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