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Tony Beet

Of course, everyone knows the famous gold miner from the Discovery channel Gold Rush series. But how much net worth does he have? In season 1 of “Discovery’s new show” we learned that at least $6 million dollars in 2016 prices were his great fortune when an ounce sold for just over 1300$. That means if you had started mining 9K ounces like him and reaped today’s high-priced market rate on ore (around 1000$/oz), I am estimating your earnings would total 16 Million.

Tony Beets has currently ranged from $16 to $18 Million net worth which he has earned and he also has many other assets aside. He is living a wonderful life with facilities and fame.

Full NameTony Beets
ProfessionActor and show hoster, miner
NationalityCanadian, Dutch
SpouseMinnie Beets
Birth CountryWijdenes, Netherlands
Father NameKlaus Beets
Mother NameMagda Beets
Monica Beets, Bianca Beets, Kevin Beets, Mike Beets
Date of Birth15 December 1959
Age61 years old
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight80 kg
Net Worth$16 to $18 Million

Early Life and Struggle


Tony was born in 1959 in the Netherlands but his family moved to Burgwerd later on in 1966. This country was a heaven of farms, agriculture, and lands. After a horrible accident in 1976, his father became disabled and was unable to work on farms.

Tony Beets was the only son and he had to work with experienced workers. But he said he had a hard and laborious experience and it helped him to achieve what he has today. He got the motivation, inspiration, and courage to do ventures. Hard days were not a burden on him but he took these days as motivation, an effective approach, and the shining mind to do some extra for himself and his family.



Tony Beets is a Canadian mining engineer, who worked for his family in Dawson City. After several years milking cows and then construction business three decades ago, he, however, relocated to Canada looking for better opportunities which led him into the engineering career. Where he has been able to hire local teenagers as well and become known around town. They became famous due to what they were achieving through the mining business in the town.

Now, he has a very comfortable and luxurious life which he is living with his whole family.

What is Tony Beets’ Net Worth?

Tony has a net worth of $15 million and is currently the richest man status in the Gold Rush family. The second richest actor on this show’s set has an estimated fortune valued at 8 million dollars – thank you, Parker! Before Tony got into mining for gold, back home in Holland, he made his living milking cows as most other Dutch people do.

However not many know that during 1984 when our man was looking around town after searching Eureka Creek all day long without any success until finally coming across 3 600 ounces worth (or 940kg) of precious metals hidden away within the bedrock.

Family & Children

Family & Children

Tony Beets is a Dutch entrepreneur, philanthropist, and trader in the food industry. His wife Minnie has been helping him run his business since they met when he was seven years old after their families moved next door to each other on a farm in Friesland. The couple now has four children of their own – two boys and two girls – Monica who is 24 years old, Mike who is 22, Kevin who’s 18, and Bianca who’s 16. They also have one grandchild from Monica’s marriage with her husband Nico van der Meer called Noah.

Tony Beets Height and Weight

Tony has a height of five feet and seven inches which is average and many people have the same height. He is somewhat bulky with a weight of 80 kg.

Tony Beets Turning Point

Tony and Minnie had to work hard for their living in Canada. The couple started a dairy farm, but when they realized the potential of gold mining, they sold it all up and headed off into the woods with nothing more than an ax! They only lasted three months before returning home penniless.

Gold Mining Business

Tony Beets has a long and successful mining career. He started in 1984 when he relocated from Edmonton to Dawson City. His beginnings weren’t as amazing as he would have liked. He used to spend his days operating machinery, but his hard work and determination paid him off.

So, this was one of the best decisions of his life, and the proof of it is that he is acclaimed as one of the most successful miners in Klondike Gold Fields Limited Partnership’s history.

Discover international had started the channel in 2010 but initially, they hired a small group of people who had to work as a gold miner. But later on in 2011, Tony Beets joined this channel and started working in the Gold mining business.

Tony Beets is one of the most important characters in Scribner Creek, but he doesn’t have a lot of screen time. He’s friendly and gets along with everyone else on the show. I think that this is because he understands how to avoid conflict as much as possible. His advice for Parker Schnabel was priceless, and it should be good for all other miners too!


The Beets family was forced to shut down its mining operations on the heels of water permits not being renewed. This is a devastating scenario for such an integral part of their business, as they cannot do anything without it.

Social Media Accounts

Tony has a strong presence on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He has 53k followers on Twitter, 156k likes on Facebook. Moreover, Gold Rush has 130k followers on Instagram.

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