What Should You Check Before Buying Double-Sided Tapes

What Should You Check Before Buying Double-Sided Tapes

From DIY home décor to school projects, a double-sided tape can be your saviour when you want good adhesion and a neat look. It can help you create a 3D effect for your projects and highlight any item you want to display.

The tape is made by attaching a thin adhesive layer on both sides of the carrier substance. There are several applications of this tape, and they are used in almost all industries. 

Double-sided tapes are quite versatile and come in various thicknesses and sizes. Take a look at double sided tapes at CraftOnline or similar stores, and you will be surprised to see the variety offered. 

Why Use Double-Sided Tapes?

There are many adhesives available online, and each serves a different purpose; it cannot be said that one type can replace the other. 

You can use want to double-sided tape when you stick surfaces together. For situations where overlaying adhesive on top is not ideal, you can use this tape. 

What Should You Check Before Buying Double-Sided Tapes

How Can You Select the Right Double-Sided Tape?

Although it may look small, the tape is as much a tool as any other machinery. It adheres to surfaces together, helps in mounting or splicing items, and more. Hence, although they may be referred to as “tapes” overall, each type serves a different purpose. 

Even when you look at double-sided tapes at CraftsOnline and other stationery shops, you will see that they may be differentiated in terms of thickness, size, and material. 

Assessing Your Needs

While most people would love a “one size fits all solution,” it can be hard to find a tape that you can use for every situation. Hence, it is best to select a double-sided tape based on the surface you want to adhere together.

Generally, for a smooth and flat surface, such as glass, or metal, you can use thinner tape. For thicker and uneven surfaces such as wood or cement, a thicker tape could provide adequate adhesion.

Temperature Conditions

Adhesion is sensitive to temperature. Under cool temperature, the surface of the tape becomes tacky, leading to poor adhesion. However, in hot climates, the tape becomes tackier and can stick on surfaces easily. 

Keep the temperature conditions in mind when you are selecting a double-sided tape. If you are working in colder climates, you can even find tapes specifically designed to work in those conditions.

Surface Energy

Surface Energy refers to the degree to which a surface repels or attracts other material. The greater the surface energy, the harder it is to get anything to stick on that surface. Hence, tackier tapes are required to ensure proper adhesion. Ensure that you research the surface energy of the material you want to stick to.

What Should You Check Before Buying Double-Sided Tapes

What Should You Keep in Mind?

When selecting the tape, you need to keep some other requirements in mind to ensure that you are happy with the final product. Here is what you can consider:

  • Does the tape allow clean removal so that the surfaces are not damaged?
  • Does the tape’s adhesive power last for a long time, or will it need to be replaced often?
  • Are you looking for a permanent option or want the double-sided tape to be a temporary solution?
  • Do you want to use it in an industrial setting, or is it for personal use?

Keeping these requirements in mind will help you decide which type will best suit your needs.

Avoid frustrations and tape failures by selecting an appropriate tape for your situation. When selecting a double-sided tape, choose a proper size and thickness that will adhere easily to the surface you are using. Most importantly, buy it from a supplier known to maintain the best quality standards.

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