7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Love Life

7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Love Life

It’s totally normal for any relationship to run into a speedbump at some point along the road. Whether you’re married or just moving in with your significant other, keeping your love and sex life alive requires more than just sharing a space or tossing off an occasional compliment. Here are seven simple ways that you can breathe life into your partnership.

1. Get Creative in the Bedroom

Some people go into autopilot when it comes to the bedroom. Rather than just get the clothes off right away, why not have a little fun with accessories like matching underwear? Ladies, do a dance in your skivvies and fierce high heels, and men can keep those sexy boxers on to generate suspense. A bit of mystery can be nice, and any deviation from the norm can be exciting.

2. Don’t Fight Over Text

In a serious relationship, don’t waste your time and energy fighting with your significant other via text. If you have a bone to pick, wait until you can speak face to face with each other. When you make the mistake of texting your hurt feelings, your partner misses out on things like your vocal inflections and your tone of voice. As a result, your point of view can be misunderstood or misrepresented. In addition, you and your partner don’t have the opportunity to make eye contact, which is an important element of real communication.

3. Write It Down

While texting while mad may be a bad idea, for some people, the easiest way to communicate their sweeter feelings to their partner is to write them out on paper. In the heat of the moment, you may blurt out the wrong thing, or conversely not know what to say. When you take out a pen and paper to pour out your heart, you have time to think about how you really feel. Writing a letter also lets your partner read it over and over, so he or she won’t forget what you said.

7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Love Life

4. Be Sincere

Everyone knows that honesty is the best policy, especially when you’re in a loving relationship with someone. However, if you make a mistake, when you say you’re sorry be sure you really mean it. Truly accepting responsibility for the mistakes you make and sincerely asking for forgiveness is critical for a healthy relationship.

5. Focus on the Positive

Are you supportive when your significant other is winning as well as when he or she is not? Knowing that you will always be there with a warm hug and a word of encouragement speaks volumes for how much you care for someone. Being as positive as possible when you both really need it shows your partner that you are a team.

4. Break a Sweat

Whether you decide to exercise together or on your own, working out makes you feel better about yourself. Working out together is another way to encourage each other. As far as your relationship goes, research shows that those in excellent or good health may have better relationships, including a better sex life.

7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Love Life

7. Don’t Underestimate the Little Things

You might be surprised how the smallest gestures can make the biggest difference in your relationship. For instance, say you and your significant other are taking a walk. You see a beautiful flower. You reach down and pick it, and put it in her hair. Bingo! Instant sweetness. Or perhaps she knows your favorite meal and she decides to surprise you and cook it for you. Be sure she knows how much you enjoy the food — showing appreciation is another way to show how much you care.

Good communication and doing things together are the foundations of any healthy relationship. The better you and your SO get along in your day-to-day life, the more time you’ll have to develop the chemistry between you into something spectacular, in and out of the bedroom.

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