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Whitney Scott Biography, Family Background, & Net Worth

Whitney Scott Mathers Picture
Whitney Scott Mathers Picture

Who is Whitney Scott Mathers?

Whitney Scott Mathers is a social media personality. She is an adopted daughter of a very well known American rap artist whose name is Eminem. She is the biological daughter of Kimberly Scott who is Eminem’s ex-wife. She was born to her mother from a relationship with another man whose name is Eric Hartter. She was adopted later on by Eminem and she now goes by as his daughter. Whitney got famous after her adoption.

Whitney Scott Mathers Picture


Full Name:Whitney Scott Mathers
Date of Birth:April 16th, 2002
Mother’s Name:Kimberly Anne Scott
Father’s Name:Eric Hartter
Place of Birth:Missouri, USA
Age:18 years
Siblings:Alaina Marie Mathers &
Hailie Jade
Height:5 feet & 2 inches
Weight:53 Kg or 117 lbs.
Instagram Account:@whitneyscott8
Net Worth:$210 million

Whitney’s Personal Life

Eminem and her daughter Whitney both are very famous but they managed to keep their personal life private and confidant. Not a lot is known about her and her father because they do not make their private lives public.

Whitney’s Family

Whitney’s biological father and mother are Eric Hartter and Kimberly Anne Scott. Eminem is now her father as well because he has adopted her. She has two siblings namely Alaina Marie Mathers and Hailie Jade. Her sister Alaina is not Eminem’s biological daughter as well. She is Eminem’s niece who he adopted as his daughter legally later on.

Eminem and Whitney Scott Mathers Family Picture

Whitney’s Relationships

Whitney does not like to talk about her relationships with people online. She does not seem to have been dating anyone and even if she had or is still dating someone then her followers do not know of it, she has kept it private.

Why did Eminem Adopt Whitney?

When Whitney Scott was born, her mother, Kimberly was in a serious financial crisis. Eminem took the courageous and bold step to get the full custody of Whitney in order to provide her with an amazing lifestyle and better upbringing. Eminem also wanted to protect Whitney from her mother’s influence because she was arrested by Police for having drugs in her possession. As a sensible and caring man, Eminem tried his best to keep Whitney safe and brought her home by legally adopting her as his daughter.

Eminem and Whitney Scott Mathers Picture

What is She Famous For?

Whitney got her fame after she was adopted by her father Eminem. Eminem is a well-renowned rapper in America and his fans got so excited after he adopted a daughter. Whitney is not only a daughter to a famous celebrity but a social media personality now as well.

Whitney’s Social Media Life

Whitney Scott Mathers is just a teenager who likes to live her life in private. She does share stuff on Instagram but she does not like sharing her personal affairs on the internet with complete strangers. However, she is very active on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter where she posts her photos and videos and expresses herself as a teenager. Since she has most of her followers on Instagram, here is her account.

Whitney’s Instagram Account

Whitney is active on Instagram. She keeps her account updated. Her user name there is @whitneyscott8.


Whitney has 41.7k followers on Instagram.


She is following 1028 people on her Instagram account.

Whitney’s Career

Since she is just 18, we do not know about her career choices. She seems to focus a lot on academics before she starts her career. We also do not know yet if she will peruse a career in music just like her father, Eminem.

What is Whitney’s Net Worth?

The value and worth of the assets that are owned by a person are called their net worth. Whitney’s main source of income is her father, Eminem. Since she is still just a teenager who has not yet completed her education. She gets her money from her father. The estimated net worth of Whitney is roughly $210 million, which means she for sure has an easy and comfortable life living with her father.

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