Will Dentures Work for a Small Mouth

Will Dentures Work for a Small Mouth

Having a small mouth can negatively impact getting the best out of your dentition. For one, you could have a hard time eating large meals. Take, for example, a large sandwich; it could take a while for you to finish one compared to someone with an average or considerably largemouth. There is also the issue of how it affects your appearance as it could result in not having a smile you will love.

But with the help of the proper dental procedure, it is possible to fix a small mouth with the help of dentures. And many people in need of a remedy for a small mouth are not sure if dentures will work for a small mouth. The correct course of action will be to speak to your dentist about the best dental solution that will work for your situation. The team at Nuvia Smiles can help you with all your cosmetic dental needs. If you do happen to be interested in dentures, you will find below more details about the dental procedure and how you can benefit from them.

What are Dentures?

What are Dentures

Dentures are removable or fixtures attached to the gums to replace missing teeth and the surrounding tissues. This form of artificial dentition is made as a synthetic remedy to help improve the appearance of the mouth. This is done by using carefully designed dental techniques that take the natural shape of the missing teeth. You can have it done to replace one or more teeth, and it could be the ideal solution to giving you a complete smile.

The artificial dentition is made from plastic or porcelain and, more recently, could feature a hard resin that aims to mimic the real deal. You should know that dentures are made to be brittle. They break and chip easily when subjected to pressure from chewing and the effect of dental care. However, they look natural, but you have to get a replacement at least every five years and ensure to take caution with it in your mouth once fitted. Still, they could be a positive solution to replacing a missing tooth and work in a small mouth when done correctly.

Depending on your dental situation, it is possible to get a partial or complete denture. A partial fit will be ideal when you have some natural teeth missing and want to get a full set of dentitions. Complete dentures are done when you have all your teeth missing, like in older adults due to the effect of aging or when involved in an accident.

It is also possible to fit a denture in a child’s mouth, and this will need to be done to specification and will be changed as the kid grows to fit the mouth properly. The dental procedures to replace a missing tooth do not vary according to age; however, kids need an early replacement because of their growth period.

Benefits of Dentures for a Small Mouth

Benefits of Dentures for a Small Mouth

Having a small mouth means you will have issues enjoying a wide smile. This could make it challenging to even gulp your meals, like when you have to stuff up on burgers and sandwiches at an eating contest. However, they can be flexible, making it easy to move with your mouth, staying comfortable even in a small mouth. Depending on the dentition size, this makes it easy for them to be fitted in both kids and adults.

1. Easy to Insert

Dental professionals agree that it can be challenging to make a denture work in a small mouth and, as a result, will mean you have to go for the flexible option. This will make it easy to insert even in the outer sections of the upper part of the dentition, where it may be challenging for other dental solutions to fit in properly. And with the help of an expert dentist, you can be sure that you won’t experience any discomfort during the insertion process.

2. Achieve a Natural Looking Gum

It will also help achieve a natural-looking gum where it will be impossible to tell that you’ve done work on your dentition. Using a transparent material that mimics the natural color of the patient’s mouth means that you won’t need to worry about any differences in your natural dental appearance.

3. More Durable than Traditional Dentures

You can be sure that the flexible denture for your smallmouth will be less likely to break when it falls on the floor or bathroom sink than the more traditional options. This is due to the slightly softer material that they are made from. When properly designed and fitted by a professional, you can be sure they will last longer if you care for them. You must know how to care for your dentures if you want to get them to last long. But to improve durability is important to understand how to care for a denture fitting to get them to last longer.

4. Comfortable to Wear

It can be challenging for most people to wear a denture, especially in a small mouth. But this is more common with the traditional options that use denser materials in the design, which could be uncomfortable when worn in the mouth for long. But the thinner flexible option can be a good solution even in a kiddie’s mouth. Working with a professional dentist is your best bet to getting dentures that will be comfortable to wear and ensure that you get a natural-looking smile you will love.

What You Should Do Right to Get Best Looking Dentures

You want to ensure that you speak with an expert dental professional, preferably with experience in cosmetic dentistry, who will guide you on the best solution for your dental problem. You will be subjected to x-rays and tests that will assess your mouth’s situation and develop design specs using your natural dental sizing to design the fixture to be inserted.

Proper research is needed to find the best professionals in the field of dentures near you so you can be sure of getting it done correctly. You will also need to inquire about how best to maintain and care for your dentition, so you get them to last long.

Final Note

There is no doubt that flexible dentures can work in a small mouth and need to be done by a specialist if you want them to stay comfortable. Even if you are missing a few natural teeth or need to complete a set, it is possible when you work with an expert in cosmetic dentistry. Do you need oral surgery in Queen Creek now? Then, visit your dentist as soon as possible to get started with your journey to healthier teeth.

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