6 Energy Boosting Foods for Busy Women

6 Energy Boosting Foods for Busy Women

Whether you’re feeding a family or eating alone, it’s important to eat a healthy and balanced diet. When we are busy, perhaps studying a full-time online master’s in counseling or working a stressful job, it can be tempting to eat unhealthy fast food and we wrongly assume that eating sugary snacks will give us an energy boost. While short-term, this may be true, high sugar content will lead to a terrible comedown, leaving you feeling irritable and tired.

Similarly, while fast food might be quick and easy, it will make you feel tired and sluggish, and ultimately can lead to long-term weight and health problems, as well as depression and low mood. To keep your energy levels up, and let you work at your best, try to eat healthy foods that will give you a great energy boost. Here are six of the best.


Raw Almonds

Almonds might be small but are packed full of B vitamins. These are important because they help your body convert food into energy. So not only do almonds give you an energy boost, they help all your other food to do the same. Have a handful as an afternoon snack for the best results.



Salmon is a bit of a superfood. The omega 3 fatty acids in salmon will help you feel alert, boost your brainpower, and can even help to fight off depression. Eat with steamed potatoes and green vegetables, like broccoli, for a tasty dinner.


Bananas to boost energy

Bananas are probably one of the healthiest snacks and are great for a post-exercise boost. Full of fiber, potassium, and B vitamins, bananas work quickly and help you to feel full for longer.


Oatmeal for Energy Boosting Breakfast

A bowl of oatmeal in the morning will keep you full until lunch. This is because it’s full of slow-to-digest fibers. Oatmeal is a great meal for those looking to lose weight, as it will help you to avoid snacking before lunch. Team with some fresh fruit for a truly energizing breakfast.

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter can be quite fatty. So, avoid brands that add extra sugar and stick to small portions lightly spread on a slice of brown toast. The healthy fats and proteins make this a great energy-boosting breakfast.


Yogurt for Boosting Energy

Calcium-filled foods tend to be great for improving energy levels, but can be very fatty. Try low-fat Greek yogurt for an extra healthy energy boost. Chop up some nuts and fresh fruit for an incredibly healthy, yet filling breakfast.


Always remember, carbs aren’t the enemy. Try to swap foods high in carbohydrates, such as bread and pasta, for their brown alternatives. These are full of slow-release energy, so eat them for lunch, and you’ll feel fantastic all day. If you are studying online, such as an online counseling degree, it’s important to make sure you fit activity and exercise into your day too.

These strategies will help you reduce stress and get a great night’s sleep, so you wake feeling refreshed and alert.

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