Here are Three Reasons Why you Should Buy Vintage Furniture

For many years, interior design focused on the new. Clean lines, stylish finishes, and modern minimalism were the order of the day for anyone who care about the appearance of the home. Everything from the past was deemed as outdated, unfashionable, ugly, and was to be disregarded.

Fortunately, this mindset has shifted, and now we exist in a world where both new and old can be equally desirable. And they can even work together to create an impressive look desired by many. In fact, there are many reasons why you should buy vintage furniture for your home – we’ve picked out our top 3. Read on to find out what they are!

Re-use and Recycle

In today’s world, we are heavily focused on the environment and the damage we have done to it with many of our recent practices.

We look at our water consumption, our single-use plastics, our food waste, and even how we get rid of our old clothes – whether to sell, give to a charity shop, a clothes bin, or dispose of them in our dustbin.

What better way to help the planet than to buy vintage?

Whether it be clothes, homewares, or furniture, the removal of the need to produce something brand new by using what is already there is one great way to help lower your carbon footprint and save our planet.

A Style to Suit

“The old ones are the best” is a phrase often used regarding songs or books, but it also applies to furniture. There is a very good reason why fashions occur in the first place and then proceed to come back in style, and that’s simply because people like them! Vintage furniture is no different.

Styles that were so popular many years ago will likely have a resurgence at some point and indeed, many items from a variety of time periods would be well suited to even the most stylish of homes today.

Vintage Furniture

Given our current focus on embracing people as individuals, a person’s unique style should be encouraged too so if your taste is a little different from everyone else’s, why not indulge it by choosing retro items that are less popular.


Before the arrival of our throwaway culture, items were manufactured in better ways. Things cost more money, and you did not simply replace them when they got damaged, or you got a bit bored.

You paid more because they were made with quality materials in professional and often artisan ways.

This means that they were likely to last for many years rather than falling apart after a short while. Even several hundred years later, with the right care for them and perhaps a bit of attention to repairing them, you will find that vintage furniture will be harder wearing than many modern equivalents.

Durability of Vintage Furniture

And you can even make them look a bit more modern with some sympathetic upcycling if you don’t want a full traditional look.

Buying vintage furniture for your home can ensure your interior décor is entirely personal to you by allowing you to blend multiple styles in one.

You’ll often get a high-quality piece that will last you years too with the right care so when you’re investing, you can be safe in the knowledge you won’t have to replace it any time soon! And you can sleep easy, knowing you have helped the environment just a little too.

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