How To Choose The Right Home Warranty Plan From ARW?

How To Choose The Right Home Warranty Plan

Making a home out of a house is hard labor. A person spends $120 on average on appliances every year. The figure may not seem significantly huge as the majority of appliance costs are covered by home warranties. Investing in a home warranty plan is an excellent method to safeguard the investment. This is especially true if you live in an older home, where the majority of your appliances and systems are antiquated and more prone to failure. Choosing the right home warranty plan from ARW along with home insurance can make a wholesome duo protecting a person’s belongings from a worst-case scenario.

American Residential Warranty (ARW) offers a choice of plans with nationwide coverage. One can save time and money with a house warranty. These service plans help cover the unexpected cost of repairing or replacing major household systems and appliances when they break down due to normal wear and tear. American Residential Warranty is dedicated to delivering complete coverage to all 50 states and Washington, D.C., with seven distinct coverage options and optional add ons.

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How to Choose a Home Warranty Plan?

The more the choice, the more the confusion. When hunting for a house warranty, it is critical to select one that is tailored to the home’s requirements. Monthly and annual expenses vary significantly among home warranty providers and various plans, but out-of-pocket costs are only one factor to consider when choosing a house warranty. The majority of house warranties charge a monthly or annual cost, as well as a service fee for each service visit.

To ease out the process of selecting the best-suited one, here is a quick guide to how to choose the right home warranty plan from ARW.

How To Choose The Right Home Warranty Plan From ARW?

Make a list of Appliances

Having a list of appliances handy before beginning the search is crucial. Doing the homework can prevent unnecessary details from clouding judgment. With a comprehensive list of appliances that a person owns, the appliances requiring coverage surface up easily. Moreover, new appliances that are still under manufacturer warranty need not be covered under home warranty. But, making a mental note of all this information can be cumbersome. Most probably, the details that a person might need to ask may skip the mind leading to avoidable back and forth communications.

Research about Repair and Replacement Costs

Rundown an initial research before jumping into the pool of warranty costs. Analyze how much the manufacturer’s warranty costs. Research the cost of repair and replacement made out of pocket. Once the costs are available handy, it is much convenient to compare the out-of-pocket costs with the plans from ARW.

Research all the Plans Available at ARW

ARW offers various plans ranging from $24.99 per month to $124.99 per month. The range covers every possible combination of appliances that an owner might look forward to purchasing. Also, ARW offers customized plans to cater as not all requirements may fit into one size fits all model. The key plans from ARW are Kitchen Plus, Platinum, Platinum Premier, Heating and Cooling, Ultimate Electronics Protection, 3 in 1 Bundle, and 4 in 1 Bundle. In total, the plans cover the following items.

  •       Built-In Microwave
  •       Dishwasher
  •       Garbage Disposal
  •       Interior Electrical System
  •       Kitchen Exhaust Fan
  •       Range / Oven / Cooktop
  •       Refrigerator (Not Including Ice Maker)
  •       Water Heater
  •       Central Air Conditioning
  •       Humidifier
  •       Devices under Platinum
  •       Ceiling Fans
  •       Ductwork
  •       Garage Door Opener
  •       Plumbing Stoppages (Fixtures Not Included)
  •       Plumbing System (Fixtures Not Included)
  •       Central Air Conditioning
  •       Central Home Heating
  •       Humidifier
  •       Interior Electrical System
  •       Desktops/Laptops
  •       Tablets
  •       Gaming Consoles
  •       Handheld Gaming Devices
  •       Routers
  •       Printers
  •       DVD/Blu Ray Players
  •       External Hard Drives
  •       Flat Screen TVs
  •       Home Theater System
  •       Tech Support
  •        And Much More

Choose the one that Resembles the List Closest

Once the plans have been thoroughly quantified, match them to the prepared list of owned items. This would take the clutter out of the equation and would ease out the process of finalizing the best-suited plan. Furthermore, many a time, to cover all basis, many customers purchase bigger plans under the impulse only to realize later that most of the service might not get utilized.

How To Choose The Right Home Warranty Plan From ARW?

Connect with a Representative for One-on-One Discussion

This step is most crucial before diving into the purchase order. The one-on-one interaction with an ARW representative clarifies misinterpretations. A less known benefit of connecting with the company representatives is that they can guide customers better for their best-suited plans. It is no surprise that people tend to overlook loopholes and traps in the plans. Talking to a representative can put things in black and white in order to avoid any regrets later.

Understand the Pricing Structure and Service Process

Prior to any commitment, make sure that pricing plans are crystal clear and so is the service process. Many companies have a waiting period to safeguard their interests from malpractices. Secondly, ARW specifies what parts and types of damage are covered under the policy. Coverage does not mean 100% coverage for all its parts and all its handling. There are rigorous terms and conditions laid out to prevent each party from running into a deadlock situation with shadow behavior on either’s part. Hence, having a concise understanding saves a lot of mental traumas.

Make the Payment

All is well that ends wells. If one has reached the end of this list, it is quite evident that things are going their way. Each step refines the selection process further passing down the information into the funnel. The end result is to make the payment. And with ARW by the side, things are bound to go right.


Each home has appliances that are in need of repair at any given moment. As a result, finding a home warranty with the finest reputation, the most knowledge, and the best customer service may be difficult. However, it is never impossible. The best-in-class home warranty plans from ARW can be the most beneficial investment made to optimize the value of the property.

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