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Adan Ross Age, Net Worth and Biography

In this modern era, individuals are increasingly getting interested in gaining popularity through different social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and more. One of the popular celebrities today is Adin Ross. If you want to know more about this celebrity, let’s get started.


Who is Adin Ross?

Adin Ross is famous as an American Twitch content creator and streamer who has become amongst the most popular streamers on Twitch today. He is known to have played with big names in the hip-hop world such as Lil Yachty. Adin Ross’s famous Adin Ross channel on Twitch has become popular where he is known to stream grand theft auto V and NBA 2K videos. Other than this, he is also popular on other social media sites where he has more than 2 million Instagram followers and 2.20 million YouTube subscribers.

Full NameAdan Ross
Date of BirthOctober 11, 2000
Home TownLong Island, New York
ProfessionTwitch Star, YouTuber, and Social Media Personality
Famous ForTwitch Streamer
Net Worth$24 million

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Early Life

Adan Ross and his sister Naomi

Adin Ross twitch was born on the 11th of October in 2000, in Boca Raton, Fluoride in the US. by nationality, he is an American and is known to be a Christian. His early schooling was at a Local High School in Boca Raton, Florida, in the US. His sister’s name Naomi had played an important role in making Adin Ross a popular content creator. Adin Ross had grown up as a kid with a deep passion for multiple hobbies like photography, reading, traveling, and above all, video games.

During his time attending Hebrew school, he had moved to Fresno in Florida, where he completed his high-school education. Once his high education was completed, he had dreamt of becoming a full-time content creator. He had then skipped out of his classes to get time to stream on Twitch.

Age, Height, and Bio

Adin Ross’ age is 21 years, as of the year 2021. His height is measured as being 5ft 10 inches and he weighs approx. 68Kg. He has light-brown eyes. He also has stylish dark-colored brown hair that is short. Adin Ross is a smart, good-looking boy who has an attractive personality. He has an attractive, strong physique with a normal body type and impressive body measurements.


Adan Ross Career as online NBA2K Gamer

Adin has had a fascination for online gaming ever since he was young. He had wanted to become a professional gamer. When he was living with his sister, he had started streaming regularly on Twitch in January of 2019. He had then become a member of the NBA 2K team that had been excelling. It was here that he had met Bronny James.

He had gained popularity by wagering and streaming matches against other YouTubers and streamers. When Bronny and Ross were streaming somewhere in 2022, LeBron had joined in and uploaded it to Twitter. He became dissatisfied with NBA 2k21 and the creators, he then started a hashtag of  #make2kfunagain on Twitter that had become a trending hashtag worldwide on this platform in 2020, November. Further his Twitch account grew because of the “e-date” streams that he started hosting where people came to find dates over a disagreement.

Adin Ross had then received 400K botched followers in a stream that he had with Cheeser in December of 2020. The botter claimed that Ross had not liked Cheeser and was later exposed for making use of racial slurs against Cuffem, Adin’s friend.

He started streaming GTA 5 for as much as seven hours straight. He also invited high-profile streamers and creators like Karina to come with him on this journey. He had also announced his GTA V server SBS World and began to make video game commentary about it. His Twitch channel had faced a ban on 10th April 2021 because he was called faggot by a YouTuber.

His followers had then started a hashtag #freeAdin that ended up in his Twitch account being unbanned within a few days. He was later banned again for simulating sexual acts in his game on 29th May.

Net Worth

Adan Ross estimated Net Worth

Adin Ross’s net worth is estimated to be currently at $24 million. His different sources of income include YouTube ads, Twitch subscriptions, donations, etc. Nevertheless, it is really hard to estimate his actual earnings through these platforms because the number of subscriptions is kept private. Moreover, his earnings through donations are also quite unpredictable.

He has millions of fans following him on different social media accounts that earn him a lot of money. Adin Ross’s annual income is estimated to be above 3.2 million which he mainly earns through YouTube. Other than that, he had come in first place in social works in 2021. He had then announced that 10% of his Twitch monthly income would be given to charity.

Personal Life

Talking about Adin Ross’ girlfriend, the reports have it that he is currently dating Corrina Kopf who is famous as an American YouTuber. They had come into the limelight after Adin had kissed Corina Kopf in a live streaming video. However, Adin had claimed then that Corinna Kopf was just a good friend of his.

Adin Ross’s current marital status is unmarried. He had previously known to have dated Stacey, who had also appeared in many of his YouTube videos.


Here are some fun facts about Adin Ross that you will find interesting.

  1. Adin Ross’s favorite rapper/singer is J.Cole.
  2. Adin Ross’s family had caught the Coronavirus only recently. They had recovered successfully after a while.
  3. The favorite sport of Adin Ross is basketball.
  4. Adin Ross had shared his pictures on Instagram where he has more than 150K followers.
  5. He is an animal lover, and he especially loves dogs.
  6. Adin Ross loves to travel around.
  7. His email for contact is

In this article, we have covered everything you need to know about Adin Ross from his early life, to his career and net worth. We hope you now know everything about the popular celebrity, Adin Ross.

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