Benefits of CBD Oil and Its Uses in 2018

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         Cannabidiol (CBD OIL) is one of many natural compounds found in the cannabis plant, classified as a cannabinoid. It has drawn huge amount of attention recently as a key driver behind the codification of cannabis due to its extraordinary abilities to help fight against many diseases and promote prosperity.


CBD Oil is a great remedy for a lot of different diseases. Following are some huge benefits of CBD Oil:

  1. Childhood Epilepsy

    CBD Oil has properties that have been shown to successfully treat children who are suffering from the disease called epilepsy without any side-effects. By the research CBD Oil decreased frequency of seizures by 24 percentage points.

  2. Chronic Pain

    Patients suffering from long-term pain are finding relief with CBD Oil. Using CBD Oil can decrease the pain from the body easily.

    3. Anxiety and Depression

    Anxiety and depression is now a very common disease in humans of all age especially teenagers , research shows that CBD Oil can help with both easily without causing any after effect.
    If you take CBD Oil in specific amount you can tackle with both things but if you take excessive amount of CBD Oil it will have harmful effects.

    4. Schizophrenia

It is a very complicated disease that is treated through therapy pharmaceutical drugs which has many side effects. Many people have found that CBD Oil has helped to reduce hallucinations, and it is highly recommended by the Doctors for its treatment since it has least amount of side effects.

  1. Multi-Drug Resistant Bacteria

    Researchers discovered that cannabinoids have an abnormality through which it can fight against bacteria. Doctors are doing research to find out how and why it works, but CBD Oil on the other hand is very useful and works as multi drug resistant bacteria without any side-effects.

Uses of CBD:
There are some diseases mentioned and their amount to take to cure the disease completely. These can include:

  • Chronic pain: 

For chronic pain a person should take dosage between 2.4 and 19 milligrams (mg) by mouth for Maximum 24 days.

  • Epilepsy: 

The patients of epilepsy shall consume between 200 and 300 mg of CBD by mouth daily for 4 months or according to the period mentioned by their doctor.

  • Huntington’s disease: 

By taking 10 mg every day for six weeks can cure Huntington’s disease easily.

  • Sleep disorders: 

A person suffering from insomnia shall take 40 and 160 mg.

  • Schizophrenia:

Patient shall consume between 40 and 1280 mg CBD by mouth daily for 3-4 weeks.


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Patient should discuss CBD Oil with doctor before use of CBD Oil as it has some side-effects as well. But on the other hand CBD Oil is effective for many diseases and is used all over the world and its demand is high in the market so one should definitely attain the advantage with both hands since it has least amount of side effects if consumed properly.

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