The 22 Most Interesting Sex Facts That You Need To Know About !!!

Facts About SexWe all learn the basics of sex when we are in High School, we learn the concept of reproduction, the reproductive organs, and that sex should be saved for someone we love, however, there are many facts about sex we don’t learn while we are in high school.

So here are 22 of the most interesting sex facts, which you need to know about.

1.) Women are often known for questioning their self-image, women are self-conscious about a few extra pounds, if they shaved in all the right places, and how they look naked. But what most people don’t know is that one in every four men turn off light lights during sex. I guess women aren’t the only ones with self-image issues. So ladies the next time you want to make love with the lights on, you my want to compliment your man on his physical appearance, to lift his spirits, and other things.

Watch this awesome video called 60 Sex Facts (in 4 minutes)

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2.) Sex is like a drug. Most people have heard this saying before and laugh because they think the people who say it is, well, men. But the truth is, it is a scientific fact. The more sex you have, the more you want to have sex. It triggers the addiction part of your brain that leaves you coming back for more…and more. Scientists have also shown that going without sex can also cause people to go through basic signs of withdrawal, I imagine moodiness  is probably one of the first symptoms you may experience. Continue reading “The 22 Most Interesting Sex Facts That You Need To Know About !!!” »

Top 17 Things That Attract Women To Men

Attracting WomenWhat does attract a woman to a man? Is it just physiology and human nature, by that I mean, is it just nature taking its course or as intelligent, intellectual beings is it more than that.

What are those specific things that solidify the whole process of becoming attracted to and attracting one another?

We use all our senses, sight, touch, smell, taste and then our feelings, our inner and outer reactions based on sometimes an unspoken connection. We use our hearts, heads and even our souls.

So by human nature we use our sight first, we take in what catches our eye, then a few seconds later it becomes a feeling.

Does that girl like you???? Check out the signs here: How To Tell If A Girl Likes You – 4 Signs That Show The Truth

That pull in the middle of your chest, that feeling like you just jumped off the swings. That warm sensation throughout your body that stirs below the waist, even in a woman. All of that happens in less than ten seconds. But what else attracts, specifically, a woman to a man? What does a woman really take into consideration, after those ten seconds are over?

Foremost in a man’s mind is the stereotype that you can’t deny does take place; that a woman is attracted to only money and power. Those things might help, but there are more powerful traits that attract women to men, and here are the top 17 things. Continue reading “Top 17 Things That Attract Women To Men” »

How To Last Longer In Bed Naturally And Become The Ultimate Lover

Lasting Longer During SexSex – great sex – is a very important part of human beings life. No relationship can last for too long without satisfying sex. One aspect that makes sex great is the ability to last long enough in the bed to ensure that your partner is satisfied completely and totally.

Don’t worry if you are not doing too great in that department just right now.

The majority of men do not last long enough – but that is the difference between an experienced loved and a novice. The fact that you are looking for ways to prolong your love-making prowess shows that you care enough – and that is the best foundation for this mission.

To be a great lover, you need to stop thinking about yourself and focus completely on your partner. The more involved with your partner you will be the more enjoyable sex will be for her, and the more power you will gain to control your own ejaculation time and quality.

Learn how to talk dirty, you will like it: How To Talk Dirty 101: Tips, Examples And Strategies For Both of You Continue reading “How To Last Longer In Bed Naturally And Become The Ultimate Lover” »

How To Be The Life of The Party: Fancy Tips For Men

Even though it may only come up at your funeral, being the life of the party for men is a great achievement for your time on Earth.

There’s no bigger compliment than for weeping widows and gentleman alike to crowd around your casket and say, “I’m going to miss ol’ Crazy Carl, he was the real life of the party.”

Being the main attraction at a cocktail hour or social gathering isn’t for everybody, but for those willing to take on this mission the rewards can reap tenfold.

People who are good at entertaining and connecting with others will have opportunities open up to them that a shy demure wallflower could never dream of.

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That being said, there’s a fine line between ‘life of the party’ and ‘that annoying guy who drinks all our liquor.’ In order to make the most out of every social engagement you might find yourself in, follow these tips and be awesome!!! Continue reading “How To Be The Life of The Party: Fancy Tips For Men” »

How To Kiss Well: The Art of Passionate Love

A kiss is more than a smack of the lips against the flesh; it’s more than the moisture that remains behind.

A kiss could break a person to tears, or make another person jump and dance with happiness. Kisses are used to celebrate reunion, and mourn separations. Kisses are one of the most symbolic of human gestures.

If you are interested in reasons why women reject men, check out Top 12 Reasons Why Women Reject Men And What To Do About It 

Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss, and in the Ancient Rome, as well as among the Italian mafia, a peck from a leader, only indicated nearness of death. Yet, we think of a kiss as something to show our love, and our interest, but what make a kiss perfect?

A perfect kiss, isn’t always the same. It s one that allow the recipient as well as the donor feel the best they could feel in a specific situation.

When experiencing a perfect kiss, both parties are at the same time the giver and the taker, and are both passively and actively enjoying the kiss.

How and where we kiss depends on many factors. We don’t kiss a girl for the first time in the same manner we might a long time girlfriend, a fiance, or a wife. You should also know that kisses are looked at differently according to age, gender, and purpose. Here, we’re going to discuss three different styles, all pertaining to a romantic partner: a first kiss, one between a girlfriend and a boyfriend, and a spouse kiss. Continue reading “How To Kiss Well: The Art of Passionate Love” »

The Top 9 Movies to Watch With Your Girlfriend

1. Schindler’s List

If the both of you are college professors or college students who cannot stand non-intelligent movies such as syrupy love stories or romantic comedies, Schindler’s List is a good movie to watch because it goes into lengthy detail discussing the plight of European Jews under the horrible tyranny of Adolf Hitler.

Before you buy the movie, you want to do research on this period in world history because this will give you an idea of the plot of the movie.

This movie is based on the life of German businessman who helped the Polish Jews by hiring them to work in his factories.

Schindler joined the Nazi Party in 1939 and shortly after this he opened an enamelware factory where Jews who were sentenced to forced labor started working at this factory. Years later in 1943, Schindler was horrified at the sight of the rounding up of Jews to concentration camps and some of the Jews who were murdered worked for him. It was at this time that he began efforts to protect and assist the Jews who were in danger of death and imprisonment.

2. Moonstruck

This is a good romantic movie to watch because it combines romance, humor and family life in a fabulous way. This story is about a woman who is engaged to an Italian-American man who is not very handsome and relies too heavily on his mother and other relatives. The woman invites her fiance’s brother to the ceremony but before the ceremony could take place, the woman falls hard for her fiance’s brother and this turns the movie into a funny yet romantic quest for love. This movie also contains elements of conflict as the woman has to choose between her fiance and fiance’s brother. Continue reading “The Top 9 Movies to Watch With Your Girlfriend” »

The Other 6 Men’s Dating Blogs We Think You Should Know About

Dating BlogsIn today’s fast paced world, dating is a topic that many guys have questions about. While there are sites geared towards finding women, there are guys that just want to know what to do to be successful in their dating relationships.

There are many people who have questions about their relationships or about the things they should be doing, and blogs are the answer.

Whether you are new to the dating scene or just need some advice on what you should or should not do to get a great woman, a great place to look is men’s dating blogs.

Men’s dating blogs will help you find answers to questions you do not know how to ask, don’t want to ask out loud, or simply just don’t know who to ask, all in the comfort of your own home.

These 6 men’s dating blogs will help you find the information you need to start a new relationship, take the one you are in to the next level, or even just give you insight into the elusive minds of women; all written for and by men who are dealing with the same things you are. Continue reading “The Other 6 Men’s Dating Blogs We Think You Should Know About” »

The 11 Most Expensive Places To Take Your Girlfriend For Your Anniversary

The perfect time to surprise your significant other with a heartfelt gift is at the time of your anniversary. A gift that speaks of your truest and most devoted love is always the best kind. A beautiful vacation or outing to an exotic and gorgeous locale is one wonderful way to say I love you that will leave your betrothed weak in the knees.

Places To Take Your Girl1: If you prefer to stay in the states for your vacation or short weekend trip, there are many lovely yet very expensive and exclusive places to see from East to West. Of course the best place to stay is in the depths of your true love’s heart no matter where you go. If you do decide to travel, one of the most exotic yet expensive places in the United States is the city of Honolulu.

Hawaii is known for its beautiful ocean views and tropical paradises. Your lover will be swept away at the rare and enticing beauty of Honolulu, but be prepared to spend a fair amount of cash if you decide to take a vacation to this heavenly locale.

There is a romantic ambiance whenever the word Hawaii is mentioned. Visions of turquoise seas and warm tropical breezes whisk the heart to a place where the smell of lush beautiful blossoms perfume the air with the whisper of love.

BTW: Looking to get your ex back??? Make sure to read this guide: How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back With These Simple Tips

2: If city life is more your style then why not give your special someone the ultimate gift with a get-away to the big apple for a fantastic vacation for two. New York City is an endless font of fun and exciting thrills at every turn. It is expensive, but well worth the excitement for you and your girlfriend. She will be captivated by your devotion if you choose to take her to the most eclectic city in the world. Whether strolling hand in hand through Central Park or taking an enchanting ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty, or a stroll down Wall Street there is something of interest for anyone in the most glamorous city of the East. Continue reading “The 11 Most Expensive Places To Take Your Girlfriend For Your Anniversary” »

The Top 39 Quotes And Sayings About Love And Relationships

Love QuotesHere we are with the famous and not so famous yet still great quotes about love and relationships. We hope that you will enjoy them:

1. 10 ways to love: Listen, speak, give, pray, answer, share, enjoy, trust, forgive, promise. – Will Smith

2. Without communication, there is no relationship. Without respect, there is no love. Without trust, there’s no reason to continue. - Unknown

3. When love is not madness, it is not love. - Pedro Calderon de la Barca

4. We should love, not fall in love – because everything that falls, gets broken. - Unknown

5. Too many girls rush into relationships because of the fear of being single, then start making compromises, and losing their identity. Don’t do that. - Katy Perry Continue reading “The Top 39 Quotes And Sayings About Love And Relationships” »

The 8 Best Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2013 for Him

If you’re looking for the best gifts for Valentine’s Day 2013 for your man the first thing you need to think about is what kind of guy your man is.

Is our man the athletic type, or the geeky sort? Is he an outdoor kind of guy, or is the only mac he’s familiar with have an apple logo on it? Is he a music lover, or a film buff?

Is he an adrenaline junkie or is he more comfortable at the bar drinking with his buddies? No matter kind of guy you are dating or married to with this simple gift guide you can quickly and easily find the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day 2013 for the man in your life.

Finding gifts for Valentine’s Day can be pretty tricky, especially if he already has everything he wants and needs. Nobody wants to give their boyfriend or husband a lame present or a token gesture.

Every woman wants to get her man a gift that represents just how much he means to her, but this isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Continue reading “The 8 Best Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2013 for Him” »

The 7 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

With Valentine’s day coming up, many of you men (And possibly women) are wondering what to get your significant other to show how much you love and appreciate them.

We live in an age of instant gratification and there are so many choices, making it difficult to settle on just one gift or even know where to start to find something unique rather than the stereotypical flowers and candy.

Personally, I find flowers and chocolates to be far too cliche and not well thought out, but that’s just me. I prefer something original, something that is personalized to my own likes and interests, not just something anyone could run down to a gas station or grocery store to buy at the last minute.

With that in mind, I’d like to share with you my ideas for the Best 7 Valentines Gifts For Her.

I will give information for each gift on how unique it is and how much it would cost, ranging from free to the ridiculously expensive.

No one ever said that the perfect gift has to cost an arm and a leg, but if you have the money and the inclination to absolutely spoil your boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, or spouse, then feel free to!

Continue reading “The 7 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her” »

How To Make A Girl Smile, Laugh And Happy Easily With These Simple Tips

While our modern world has been responsible for some incredible innovations and breakthroughs, the fact of the matter is that we as a people – and I mean men in general – have been shamed and emasculated by much of the change.

We have become shells of our former generations of men before us, to the point where any little thing can set of us off on some introspective journey that ends with our manliness in an even worse state than ever before.

“If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything” – Marilyn Monroe

And when I say manliness, I do not mean the overly macho, head butting, beer can crushing, bro-ing out that too many of us have been guilty of in the past.

This is an overcompensation for having our manhood crushed into near obscurity, and is the not what manliness is all about.

BTW, do you know the usual reasons why women reject men? Top 12 Reasons Why Women Reject Men And What To Do About It

Manliness is about being a the best possible man you can be, sharing freely, not being afraid of your own self-worth, and expressing yourself the way you want to regardless of the outcome – and one of the best possible ways to do that is to learn how to make any woman smile. Continue reading “How To Make A Girl Smile, Laugh And Happy Easily With These Simple Tips” »

Approach Anxiety Elimination Strategy: How To Meet Women Without Fear

You would think that to reduce your anxiety of approaching women you would need to eliminate your fear. But it really isn’t even about that. There are men who are just as afraid as you are yet they manage to approach women with what looks like complete confidence. The main difference in men who are fearful of approaching women, and those who embrace it has to do with their viewpoint of fear.

Think of the first time you did something that gave you an adrenaline rush. Skydiving, roller coaster rides, or the high you feel from doing your favorite hobby.

Make sure to read reasons why women reject men: Top 12 Reasons Why Women Reject Men And What To Do About It then come back. I know you will like it. 

Use The Fear

Your hero is probably the guy who can approach any woman at any time. That guy has a secret that you can master if you focus on it. Guys who are great at approaching women use the adrenaline fear gives them to their advantage.

Whatever it is that you find excitement in, you can get the same rush in approaching women.

Instead of allowing the thought of going to the bar tonight and approaching some attractive women cause you anxiety, allow it to pump you up. When you start to think about the possibility of getting an amazing payoff in the form of dates, or even flirty conversations with women, your fear should subside.

In its place you will find the same excitement you get watching your team annihilate their opponent on the football field.  Hunter S. Thompson once said, “Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.”

Make sure to watch this FABULOUS Video about approaching:

Master these skills and upgrade your sex life: 14 Tips To Improve Your Sex Life And Make You A Better Lover

Continue reading “Approach Anxiety Elimination Strategy: How To Meet Women Without Fear” »

The 7 Most Popular Pickup Artists In The World

Every woman on the planet has been approached by some guy with a horrible pickup line. Every man out there has tried his hand at picking up girls in bars, on the street, and in the grocery store with some horrible line.

That PUASometimes it works, but most often, the approach and the words fall flat on the woman and the man is left feeling rejected.  What is the answer?  Well, according to our list of today’s 7 most popular pickup artists in the world, it is all about confidence and both verbal and nonverbal communication.  Today, there is an entire industry built around picking up women.

“Coaches, mentors, lecturers, and teachers work with their students how to succeed in the art of the pickup.”

Known as PUA’s, for short, pickup artists turned trainers, coaches and mentors have worked to put comprehensive programs together, from a variety of philosophies, to give men a better shot at attracting and seducing women. For men that just want to get laid, and attract outrageously beautiful women, there are programs available from these 7 most popular PUAs, just as there are programs that focus on attracting girlfriends, long-term partners, and wives. Continue reading “The 7 Most Popular Pickup Artists In The World” »

5 Romantic Gift Ideas That Will Spark The Attraction In Her

Being romantic within an intimate relationship over time is one of the best ways that you can keep your bond tight yet fun, exciting and spicy all at the same time.

An overwhelming number of relationships that have lasted for several months or even several decades seem to be dissolving quickly because of the fact that the romantic element that once brought them together no longer plays as big of a role in the movie of their love as it did back then.

How do you currently feel about the level of romance between yourself and the woman that you are in a relationship with right now?

Many men may feel as if they are true gladiators within this arena and that no one else can even think about topping them when it comes to romancing their ladies.  You may have been Mr. Romance when you first met her or even during the first stage of your relationship.  But, can you honestly say that is still the case? Continue reading “5 Romantic Gift Ideas That Will Spark The Attraction In Her” »

17 Ultimate Tips To Make Her Fall In Love With You Again

The best thing in the world, is realizing you have found the woman of your dreams. If you are fortunate to be in the position where you have spent a large chunk of your lifetime with her, then the following little captions will help her fall in love with you again.

However, if you experienced the pain of losing her do not give up hope. She fell in love with you at one time in her life so she is capable of being attracted to you once again.

Did you take her for granted? Did you forget to keep wooing her? Did you lose sight of her needs?

We all do it occasionally, but that can exasperate the situation and in time you find yourself alone again. Worry not, because I have the answers.

HEY YOU!!! Learn why women reject men now: Top 12 Reasons Why Women Reject Men And What To Do About It

Simply finding your girl and romancing her right way will help her fall in love with you again. Yes it is possible. I am a living testament to that.

Continue reading “17 Ultimate Tips To Make Her Fall In Love With You Again” »

A Brief Look At the History of The 6 Most Popular Online Dating Sites

It is uncertain when the first online dating site appeared online, although started a rather rudimentary version of itself which really acted as a classified site initially. This site was formed in 1993 by Gary Kremen and became an instant online success. When the owner realized the potential of the site combined with the advancement of web technology, he embarked on a mission to create a database driven website to help organize and increase functionality. Simon Glinksy and Peng T. Ong joined Garyand they launched this new website in 1995, which in effect, turned out to be one of the first most popular and most visited online dating sites.

Many more similar sites sprung up on the internet copying their success but remained the global leader in online matchmaking and to this day there is no competition that can beat it. As technology improved, these once simple sites began to take on board a lot more complex functions which enabled users to search and find people of similar tastes, lifestyles and backgrounds. Continue reading “A Brief Look At the History of The 6 Most Popular Online Dating Sites” »

7 Effective Tips And Methods to Mend a Broken Heart In 2013

It is inevitable that we fall in love, at least once in our lifetime, and with some people a lot more. We love that person very much and we live a full and happy life. We continue each day, with that person in our lives and we enjoy our time together.

But there comes a time whether it is through separation, divorce, personal circumstances or death that we are left alone. In the depths of our hearts we suffer the agony of not seeing them again. It hurts, and it leaves us lonely. Whatever will happen to us?

It is through these times we realize how much we loved them. We are burdened with a big hole in our hearts that cannot be filled with empty promises, or a gallon of beer. It’s a hole that envelops our spirits and denies us the pleasure we once shared. We miss that person we cared so much about.

Let me ask you a question, have you tried to get your ex back?? Why not??? Check out the method in here: How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back With These Simple Tips

It does not help to hear messages of sympathy from our friends and it pains us to do the usual things we have always done each day without them in our lives. But life must go on, and we must learn to leave that part of our soul to the ghosts of the past. Continue reading “7 Effective Tips And Methods to Mend a Broken Heart In 2013” »

How to Break Up With Someone Like a Man – The Method

“A man’s got to do, what a man’s got to do.” That’s how the saying goes, and whether we like it or not, there really are things that males must do no matter how hard it is.

And perhaps nothing is more difficult than trying to get out of a relationship that is not working anymore. Breakups can be because of a variety of reasons. Yet, either way, severing the relationship cleanly is much better as compared to the alternatives like cheating or staying as a couple even if one or both of you are no longer happy.

Oftentimes, it’s the females who have the responsibility when doing breakups. However, what if it’s the guy that wants to get out of the relationship?

There are some rules of engagement as to how men should break up with their lovers without looking like a jerk in front of her ex, as well as her families and friends. Continue reading “How to Break Up With Someone Like a Man – The Method” »

4 Social Skills Needed to Attract Women

So you want to score a hot chick? Be the kind of man most men dream about? It is really quite easy once you understand the secrets. But let’s wind back a bit. Why are you so concerned? Is it because your girl views you like a friend?

You appear like a brother? That syndrome is pretty common. You want sexual attraction. Not a boring friendship.

Like so many men have realized, attracting women seems like the hardest thing in the world. You see a girl at a party, wander over and start your lame chat up lines.

Make sure to read Top 12 Reasons Why Women Reject Men And What To Do About It in order to avoid stuff that might sabotage your efforts. 

They rarely ever work and if they did, you were disappointed as the girl was flat out ugly. Oh how you wished you could attract that exotic woman in the corner of the room. Continue reading “4 Social Skills Needed to Attract Women” »

Body Language Tips to Remember When Attracting and Seducing Women

What is the most powerful trait that a man can have when it comes to attracting and seducing a beautiful woman? Is it their appearance? Is it how much money they earn? Is it their age?

While these may seem like the most apparent reasons, the truth is that none of these will cause a woman to feel more attracted to you when you’re flirting with her.

Without a doubt, body language is the number one factor associated with making women fall for you.

And despite popular belief, researchers are now estimating the nearly 90% the communication we make with other people is non-verbal.

Basically, this means that people are responding to congruence in your body language including tonality, posture, and the ability to make eye contact.

Women are highly attuned to this subtle communication, which is one of the reasons why status and possession mean very little when you’re trying to attract them. Continue reading “Body Language Tips to Remember When Attracting and Seducing Women” »