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Everyone has a different body and body composition, uniquely defining their physical parameters. The body shape remains the same throughout life, but the amount of fat keeps on changing with age, physical activity, the acquired lifestyle, hormonal fluctuations, etc.

The body shape is basically an individual’s bone structure and how the fat is stored in different body parts. We know how important it is to choose outfits that go well with your body shape. While the perfectly fitted clothes create a solid impression, the clothes that don’t fit your body shape can flatten your entire look.

For those who need to be made aware of their body shapes, we have designed our body shape calculator, which will help you determine your body shape and composition. Now, you don’t have to panic about your body shape when choosing the right type of clothes; use our body shape calculator. The results will help you choose the dressing options that go perfectly with your body shape.

How do You Use a Body Shape Calculator?

You will have to enter a few measurements of your body into the required fields to determine your body shape. The fields should be filled with accurate measurements so the results are error-free.

Select the system of units in which you want to enter the measurements, i.e., centimeters or inches.

  • Enter the size of your bust.
  • Enter the waist size.
  • Enter a high hip size.
  • Enter hip size.
  • Enter calculate.

The calculator will show results by taking in these required measurements. For some, it is quite obvious to tell their body shape, but if the fat deposit is distributed irregularly and the body type is not obvious, the results of the body shape calculator can be used to determine the body type.

Guidelines Followed by the Body Shape Calculator

International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology has introduced guidelines for determining one’s body type based on physical measurements. Our calculator closely follows these guidelines and then estimates whether you have an hourglass body, triangle-shaped body, etc. ‘

These equational standards are as follows:

Inverted Triangle:

If (bust – hips) ≥ 3.6″ AND (bust – waist)


If (hips – bust) ≥ 3.6″ AND (hips – waist)


If (bust – hips) > 1″ AND (bust – hips)


If (bust – hips) ≤ 1″ AND (hips – bust)

How to Take Accurate Measurements?Take Accurate Measurements

As we said, it is crucial for you to enter accurate physical measurements into the body shape calculator for maximum precision. You can do it yourself using a measuring tape or ask someone else to take the measurements for you.

  • Stand tall and take a normal breath. Use a measuring tape and measure your bust to its fullest part. The tape should be tight enough. Write down the bust size.
  • Now, measure your waist circumference by measuring it right above the belly button. Write down this waist measurement.
  • Next, by using the measuring tape, measure your hips at its fullest part.
  • Now, measure the high hip circumference by measuring your hips right below your belly.
  • For maximum precision, repeat these measurements to see if they are the same. If there is a slight variation between the measurements when repeated twice, use the average of both measurements.

Importance of Using a Body Shape Calculator

Gone are the days when we used to categorize women’s bodies into either slim or bulky. The science behind every body type is quite captivating as it defines different bodies into different shapes. For women, it is extremely important to pick the dresses that they carry the best way and that they feel comfortable wearing. Following fashion trends is one thing, but you need to take into account your body shape when opting for current fashion trends.

Every body shape is unique and beautiful on its own, so it is important to understand where your body stands in terms of categorizing its unique shape. Have you ever wondered how your favorite Hollywood celebs always flaunt their outfits effortlessly and gorgeously? This is because they understand their body shapes and choose outfits that show or hide their curves at their convenience. A body shape calculator does the same for you by telling your unique body shape based on your physical measurements so you can look confident and comfortable in your clothes.

Scientific tools like the female body shape calculator have helped several women make the right dressing choices for their body types. The bone structure and the fat distribution in the human body are different, which makes them adapt to different shapes. After you input your measurements into this calculator, it explains your body shape and its unique traits.

Traits of Different Body ShapesDifferent Body Shapes

As stated earlier, there are five body shapes, each based on your physical features. Let’s look into different body shapes; their distinctive features can help you understand your body type.

Hourglass Body

You may call it the curviest body type as it has almost the same measurements at the hips and bust, while the waistline is well-defined. The shoulders are rounded, and the buttocks are fairly round, representing a perfectly shaped hourglass. The hourglass body has the tendency to gain weight at the buttock and bust areas, but the waistline remains quite visible.

The hourglass body measurements are 34-25-35, 36-24-36, 38-28-38.

Rectangle-Shaped Body

As the name indicates, your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips measurements are almost the same as a perfect rectangle. This body shape depicts a lean body type and has the tendency to put on weight in the stomach region. Since the measurements remain the same throughout the body, there is no proper definition of the waistline in this type of body.

The measurements of the rectangle-shaped body are 34-30-35, 32-26-33, 36-33-37

Pear-Shaped Body

This type of body has the ability to gain abs faster. It has a flat stomach, the chest size is medium, slender arms and the hips area and thighs are heavier. The hips are significantly larger than the shoulders, which makes this body look like a sweet pear. The waistline is defined but can be slightly heavier at the bottom.

The measurements of the pear-shaped body are 34-30-38, 32-28-35, 36-32-42

Apple-Shaped Body

This type of body shape is the widest in the middle, with hips and shoulders almost of the same width. The waistline is heavier than the hips, while the buttocks are smaller in size. Since the mid-section is the heaviest in the apple-shaped body, this is the same area that tends to gain weight faster.

The measurements of an apple-shaped body are 34-35-34, 40-44-42, 36-38-37

Inverted Triangle

Think of this body shape as a ‘V’ that has an upper section larger than the lower section. In this body type, the shoulders are bigger than the hips, and the waistline is not visibly defined. The inverted triangle-shaped body acquires thin legs, a small butt, a larger chest, and shoulders. Due to these characteristics, this body type tends to gain weight in the upper region, with the chest, shoulders, and tummy becoming heavier.

The measurements of this body type are 34-29-31, 36-32-32, 40-36-33

Does Body Shape Change with Age?Does Body Shape Change with Age

Although the body’s fat distribution keeps changing over time, the bone structure remains the same. For example, if a woman with an apple-shaped body type loses fat from her midsection, her body will still remain an apple shape, but it will look more toned now. There are certain stages in every female’s life when her body develops into a specific shape. For instance, as puberty hits, the body of a female becomes wider, the busts are developed, and the hips become wider.

During pregnancy, high body changes occur in the woman’s body, and soon after the delivery, the body returns to its pre-pregnancy body but with some more fat deposits that gradually go away if you follow a physically active routine. Another important phase when the body shape changes is when the female reaches the age of menopause. The estrogen level decreases, and the waist becomes bulkier with more fat distribution around it. This is why the majority of adult female bodies are of apple or rectangle shape.

Wrap Up

Knowing your body shape can be really helpful in achieving your fitness-related goals and knowing your overall body composition. The body types are not limited to only a few categories, but if you think that your body shape does not fall into any of these categories, leave it there. When using the body shape calculator, know this is not a standard. These scientific tools have specific limitations, so relying on something other than the output for serious health concerns is important.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the body shape of 34 26 36?

The body shape of 34 26 36 lies in the hourglass category, indicating that the hips and bust are balanced and the waist is narrower.

Which figure size is considered ideal among girls?

The figure size of 36 24 36 is considered ideal and best among the girls.

How do I know my body shape for girls?

Look at yourself in the mirror. If your middle section is the heaviest, but the legs and hips are slimmer, it means you have an apple shape. You have a pear-shaped physique if your hips are wide but the middle section and bust are smaller.

What are the different body shapes of a girl?

A girl has different body shapes, including pear, apple, hourglass, inverted triangle, and rectangle.

Is 34 28 34 a good figure?

The figure size of 34 28 34 is considered ideal, with 34 indicating the bust size, 28 indicating the waist, and 34 indicating the hips size.

Is a size figure considered ideal?

Extremely thin is the body type associated with the zero figure. To indicate the size and fit, clothing brands label their items as “Size 0.” Dresses in size 0 differ between brands. However, the designers have adjusted their sizes in response to shifting consumer trends and growing awareness of the negative impacts of the “zero figure.”

Does the body shape change when we lose weight?

Yes, losing weight may cause a slight alteration in your body’s contour, but your body structure will not change. For instance, if you lose weight and have a pear-shaped body, the weight will go from your tummy, thighs, hips, and chest. Your body shape will still look pear-shaped but have better muscle development.

What is the difference between an apple-shaped body and a pear-shaped body?

The apple-shaped body is heavier from the middle, while the hips and bust are smaller in size. The pear-shaped body has a small to medium-sized bust, a defined waistline, and heavier butts. The measurements of an apple-shaped body are 34-35-34, 40-44-42, 36-38-37, while the measurements of a pear-shaped body are 34-30-38, 32-28-35, 36-32-42.

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