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Best Hair Colors for Green Eyes: Enhance Your Natural Beauty

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Do you know that green eye color is the rarest in the world? If you have those dazzling green eyes, you must have received many compliments on how beautiful your eyes look and enhance your overall appearance. Although green eyes look attractive, some ways exist to make them pop out.

If you have a wardrobe that goes well with your eye colors and has eye shades that add even more vibrancy to your eye colors, this is the time to take another step toward adding charm to your appearance.

How about coloring your hair with the perfect blonde or burgundy shade that makes your green eyes look even more attractive? Obviously, hair coloring has been trending for so many years now, and with an unlimited range of color hues, the choice is difficult.

But don’t go blind over choosing the right hair shade, as coloring your hair in the perfect shade is an art. If you have green eyes, a perfect hair shade would be the one that looks great concerning your skin tone and the shade of green in your eyes.

One shade up or down and your entire hair may look like brassy grass or affect your confidence. We want you to flaunt your hair color confidently, so we have penned down this guide on the best hair colors for green hazel eyes.

What Does the Green Eye Look Like?What Does the Green Eye Look Like

From all those fantasized stories revolving around beauty to various myths regarding this dazzling eye color, green eyes have always captured the attention of the masses. A majority of people around the world belong to the brown eyes group, while green eyes are the rarest. The large amount of melanin in the iris leads to having darker eye colors, such as black or dark brown, while less melanin leads to having lighter colors of eyes, such as green or blue. However, there is no sure way to predict the eye color of your future child. However, there are chances that a child will have green eyes if his closer relatives have blue or dark brown eyes. Babies develop the exact eye color at six months, which may darken until three years.

Another important fact is that green eyes look green due to the yellowish pigment in the iris, also known as lipochrome. People who have green eyes have more lipochrome as compared to those who have blue or brown eyes.

Best Hair Colors for Green Eyes

It is much simpler to choose a decent hue if your eye color is entirely green or whether it has hazel or blue/gray undertones. It allows you to select hair colors, highlighting or concealing the green in your eyes, bringing out their cool or warm undertones.

Let us help you find the hair shades which suit your green eyes and highlight your features and green iris even more.

Platinum BlondePlatinum Blonde hair with green eyes

You may go for platinum blonde to add a more icy appearance to your hair. This hair shade requires regular maintenance and touch-ups, and you must follow a haircare routine consistently. Based on minimal makeup and light green eyes, Platinum Blonde is an exceptional hair shade. You will also need to consult a professional to save your hair from the aftermath of severe bleaching.

Dark BrownDark Brown Hair Color for Green Eyes

This hair color is ideal for those wishing to give their hair more drama. For green-eyed women, dark brown hair might be a superb option because it will allow your eyes to shine out as long as the hair isn’t too dark, which can make your eyes a little too striking; dark brown hair color can be especially attractive if you have olive skin because it will provide a lovely contrast.

Light Ash BlondeLight Ash Blonde with Green Eyes

Try a light ash blonde hair if you have a fair complexion and green eyes. The light ash blonde shade is perfect for ladies who wish to add a little bit of lightness to their appearance. Your eyes will be highlighted by a light ash-blonde hair color, which is also an ideal way to give a touch of femininity to your appearance.

Light AuburnLight Auburn hair color with green eyes

Since red and green are opposite from each other in the color spectrum, coloring your hair in a perfect auburn shade will complement your green eyes color. Light Auburn is an exceptional color to swoon over, and if you have fair skin and green eyes, you can go for a light auburn shade. Avoid deeper auburn shades, as these will be difficult to wash out from the hair if the results are unsatisfactory.

Pastel PinkPastel Pink Hair color With Green Eyes

Pastel Pink is a fancy hair shade that always stays on trend and adds a youthful vibe. This is yet another fantastic hair color option for females with green eyes, as it instantly freshens your overall appearance. However, pink is a hair shade that fades out easily and needs proper maintenance, so the color stays for longer and does not go away quickly.

Warm BlondeWarm Blonde Hair Color with Green Eyes

If you have tan skin and green eyes, warm blonde will be the perfect hair shade to go with. You may choose to go with dark warm blonde or light warm blonde to make your green eyes pop up naturally. The sun-kissed shade of blonde enhances your looks and adds vividness to your appearance. The hues of warm blondes, such as honey, caramel, and gold, make one look younger.

Chestnut BrownChestnut Brown with green eyes

Your green eyes will truly stand out thanks to the warm undertones of a chestnut brown hair color. Also, this beautiful hair shade looks very attractive on green hazel eyes. This rich shade of brown is typically warm with golden and red undertones and looks brighter in the daylight.

Deep PurpleDeep Purple Hair Color with Green Eyes

Take some dare to try out the deep purple hair shade that will flatter your green eyes. The vibrant and chic dark purple hair shade can be mixed up with warm and cool undertones that will enhance your green iris and perfectly suit the green eyes.

ButterscotchButterscotch Hair Color for Green Eyes

Green and hazel work great when paired with golden or warm colors, Butterscotch hair color work great for females with green eyes. Similar to auburn hair, butterscotch hair enhances the beauty of green eyes while standing out independently.

OmbreOmbre Hair Color with Green Eyes

This hair color trend is ideal for women with green eyes because it lets you experiment with various tones. As long as the roots are black and the ends are bright, you can use any combination of tones or colors. Ombré hair also requires very little maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about your roots peeking through. Ombre hair is an excellent option if you want a vibrant hair color that complements green eyes and is stylish.

Bottom Line

To determine what hair color complements green eyes the best, you must also consider your skin tone. While some hues are universally flattering, others particularly enhance various skin tones. A platinum blonde, for instance, can greatly draw attention to someone with green eyes and pale skin, while a chocolate or cherry shade looks stunning on someone with dark skin and a medium skin tone. Following your skin tone, the hair colors mentioned above can be chosen to flaunt your hair beautifully.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does light shade make green eyes pop or dark shades?

Whether you color your hair dark or light, you must choose the perfect shade that helps your green eye look prominent.

Are green eyes with blonde hairs rare?

Yes, green eyes with blonde hair are rare.

Which is the best hair color for green eyes and tan skin?

The hair colors which look great on tan skin and green eyes include warm blonde, ombre, and bronzed blonde.

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