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Bridal Beauty Across Continents: Different Makeup Looks for Different Traditions

Bridal Beauty Across Continents

We see an utmost depiction of culture and heritage in the brides across different countries. The traditions have always played a significant role in determining how do our beautiful brides-to-be want to look at their big day. In some cultures, it is about heavy makeup and tons of jewelry; for some, the preference is to keep their bridal look minimal. As they say, the bridal makeup looks different across continents; we believe every bridal look should resonate closely with her respective culture.

Have you ever been to a multicultural wedding? It is a beautiful amalgamation of two vast cultures across the continents and truly represents the beauty of two different cultures. However, suppose you want to represent your culture by staying true to your roots while opting for a specific makeup look from another continent on your wedding day. In that case, there are several options for you to consider. From smokey kohl eyes to soft hues of colors, we have seen brides adoring the makeup diversity.

Keep reading to learn more about bridal looks across continents and traditions.

Japanese BridesJapnese Bride

Japan is home to diverse cultures, and the bridal makeup truly resonates with it. While in Japan, different rituals are followed in every ceremony, and specifically in weddings, we see brides beautifully representing their religion and Japanese customs. Whether it’s a typical Shinto wedding or a catholic wedding in Japan, the bridal look will be based heavily on what costume she has chosen for her big day. With Shiromuku, a white kimono with a ceremonial headband, the makeup is kept minimal, while with Iro-uchikake, which is a beautiful colored attire, the brighter makeup is done with colorful glitzy eyeshadows matching the dress. Floral accessories are a staple to every Japanese bride, which is their cultural identity.

Indian/Pakistani BridesIndian Pakistani Brides

Asian countries share so many commonalities regarding traditions as we see so much resemblance in the bridal looks as well.  Whether it’s India, Pakistan, or Bangladesh, the brides prefer to go for vibrancy in their makeup looks, especially with their eye makeup popping up, followed by dark lip color. A porcelain look, combined with glittery cheeks, pink lips, and a thick stroke of eyeliner, gives a very subtle bridal look that looks perfect in indoor and outdoor wedding venues. For a more dramatic and traditional look, the brides across these countries opt for red and golden tones throughout their makeup and more shimmery eye makeup, complementing the bridal look with a heavy set of jewelry. These subcontinent brides follow traditional attire: lehnga, choli, saree, maxi, and frock, with heavy embellishments and threadwork.

Chinese BridesChinese Brides

The Chinese bridal makeup is timeless and combines different notes from different Asian cultures. Most Chinese brides wear a red-colored cheongsam with a red pout and hair tiding up. Cheongsam usually has a higher neckline and pretty embellishments on the back, adding bling to the wedding dress. Red is the color that plays a central role throughout the bridal avatar, representing fertility, prosperity, and luck. A blingy red lip color with smokey or shimmery eyes and highlighted cheeks complement the Cheongsam and create a perfect traditional Chinese bride.

Korean BridesKorean Brides

Korean makeup is the current favorite makeup across the globe. The Korean beauty regimes and Korean skincare products make the skin look flawless, and when it comes to bridal makeup, Korean brides opt for more natural ways to enhance their features on their wedding day. Most Korean brides wear white gowns with a veil, contemporary jewelry, and a red hanbok. For makeup, Korean brides can be seen in pink subtle cheeks, black strokes of eyeliner, pink lips, well-made brows, and more natural-looking long lashes. Korean traditional brides are likelier to depict soft and subtle makeup rather than full glam and glitzy makeup.

Christian BridesChristian Brides

Christian brides everywhere across the globe follow almost the same dress code with soft makeup hues. The Christian brides wear flowy white gowns as a symbol of purity and spirituality. Brides usually prefer pinkish, soft corals and peachy makeup tones for church weddings. For eyes, the bridal makeup usually comprises of soft, silvery, and light brownish eye shades, and to highlight facial features, a dewy foundation is preferred with nude or pink face blush. Coral or pink lip gloss or lipstick with outlining and good blending is the key.

Wrap up

Every continent has its own beauty in its culture and traditions, and bridal makeup truly depicts it. Whether a bride wants to opt for a full glam makeup look or something soft, it truly depends on her unique style. Coordinating between the bridal dress and bridal is necessary as any mismatched contrast can devastatingly affect your big day. Whether you are a Japanese bride, Korean or Indian bride, it is important to be sure about your bridal makeup, accessories, and attire so all eyes stare at you, and you can remember your big day forever.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the popular makeup brands across the globe?

MAC Cosmetics, HUDA Beauty, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Estee Lauder, The Body Shop, Clinique, Essence, Rare Beauty, and Kylie Cosmetics are some of the makeup brands popular across the globe.

Why do brides in most cultures wear red dresses at their weddings?

Red belongs to prosperity, happiness, and vibrance and is considered to bring luck to the bride, so brides across various cultures wear a red dress at their wedding.

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