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Brittney Griner Net Worth, Biography & Lifestyle (Updated 2023)

Brittney Griner Biography

Brittney Griner remained the talk of the town for many years, not only for her exceptional football career but also for her imprisonment for allegedly being caught with drugs. This American basketballer has a net worth of above $5 million. This blog post will tell you everything about Brittney Grinner, her early life, her basketball career, her arrest in Russia, and how he made such a hefty net worth.

Brittney Griner Biography

Brittney Grinner was born on 18th October 1990 in Houston, Texas, to parents Sandra Griner and Raymond Griner. She is the youngest kid of her family and was fond of playing basketball from a very young age. Her love for basketball made her pursue it as a career as she played basketball for Cougars during her school days at Nimitz High School. Her team was defeated in The Girls Basketball State Championship finals, but Brittney was named WBCA All-American Player.

Brittney has several records and achievements to her name, along with infamous drug allegations which sentenced her a nine years imprisonment in Russia. She has returned from Russia, as per a tweet by her wife, Cherelle Griner. The former Olympic Gold Medalist has made many historical records and became Nike’s first gay athlete in 2013.

Brittney Griner CareerBrittney Griner Career

Although their\ professional career of Brittney Griner started during high school, she established herself as a phenomenal football star in college, where she made 2000 points, the highest in the category of both males and females. She also recorded 14 blocked shots, which again is a phenomenal record made by her. Griner played her final game for the college in 2013 and was also honored with WBCA All-American to honor her achievement in the field of football. During her debut performance for WNBA, Griner made phenomenal achievements and made three blocks per game. She also set a record with 11 blocks in a single-game WNBA. Her successful career flourished again when she scored four blocks per game in the most popular season of the WNBA in 2015. Her phenomenal performance and record of 11 blocks made her team Mercury qualify for the playoffs but was defeated by Minnesota Lynx.

IN 2016, Mercury again appeared in the playoffs and even qualified for the semifinals. Unfortunately, luck again favored Lynx, but Griner had the most amazing professional success that year. In one of the games, Griner scored 38 points which was her career highest as well. By the end of the league, Griner scored 21.9 points per game and entitled the league leader. Not only she made an exceptional career in WNBA, but she also appeared playing for WCBA’s Zhejiang Golden Bulls in China, Russia’s UMMC Ekaterinburg, and also represented the US at the Summer Olympics in 2016. Fate was in her favor as the team defeated Spain in the finals, and Griner won the gold medal. In 2020, Griner again represented the US in Tokyo Olympics and brought home another gold medal.

Drug Allegations on Brittney GrinerDrug Allegations on Brittney Griner

In 2022, Brittney was arrested at Sheremetyevo International Airport in Russia when hashish oil was found in one of her luggage. Since hashish oil is considered illegal in Russian and American laws, Grinner was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment by the Russian court. Due to the political tensions between US and Russia, it became difficult for the authorities to demand the release of Griner. However, in December 2022, she was released under the rule of swapping prisoners.

Brittney Griner’s Personal LifeBrittney Griner’s Personal Family

Brittney Griner is among those very few gay athletes who have successfully established their careers in the field of basketball. She can be seen wearing and endorsing menswear and was also appointed as the first gay ambassador for Nike. In 2014, Griner married her fellow player Glory Johnson, and in 2015, Johnson got pregnant with twins. Griner filed for divorce due to fraud allegations, and the divorce was finalized in 2016. In 2019, Griner married Cherelle Watson, her fellow from her university days. The couple is happily married and can be seen sharing immense love for each other on social media.

Brittney Griner’s Net WorthBrittney Griner’s Net Worth

Although Brittney suffered from the punishment in the case of illegal drug possession, it did not affect her value and net worth. It is reported that the 32 years old American basketball currently has a net worth of $5 million. Her annual salary from Phoenix Mercury WNBA in the US is almost $227,900, but this is just a small fraction of the money she received as compared to a whopping annual salary of $1 million, which she received for playing as the member of UMMC Ekaterinburg team in Russia. Her deal with Nike for $1 million is still valid and does not seem to end.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many siblings does Brittney Grinner have?

Brittney Grinner has three siblings named Shkera, Pier, and D.

What is the age of Brittney Griner?

Brittney Griner is 32 years old.

How many Olympics medals are won by Brittney Griner?

Brittney Griner has won two gold medals in Tokyo Olympics and Rio Olympics.

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