What Color Looks Best with Hazel Eyes? | 10 Unique Shades

Best Hair Color for Fair Skin and Hazel Eyes

Many females remain confused about their exact eye color, especially if they have hazel-colored eyes. It usually becomes difficult for them to differentiate their eyes from the green eye color. The reason behind this is the confusion between both these colors, as people generally consider hazel as any shade of green.

But you must be aware that hazel eyes are always multicolored as they have flecks of other colors, e.g., your eyes can be hazel with gold or brown or green flecks.

So, once you understand the right hazel shade of your eyes, the next important thing to consider while choosing the right hair shade is your skin complexion. You can have a medium, light, or dark skin color with shades ranging from pale, fair, and ivory skin tones.

It is important to know

In this blog post, we have gathered some of the best stylists’ recommended hair shades that look great on hazel eyes and fair skin complexion. When combined with a fair skin tone, hazel eyes look perfect when your hair shade lies between medium blonde and light brown. Let’s look at the given list of hair colors and choose the one you find the most suitable.

What Color Hair Brings Out Hazel Eyes?

For females with fair skin and hazel eyes, opting for a hair shade that makes their features prominent becomes difficult. So once you have decided to go for a new hair shade, you should be careful as the chosen hair shade will either make or break your looks.

You can choose any the of below-mentioned hair colors:

1. Warm Blonde

a girl with warm blonde hair color

If you have fair skin and hazel eyes, warm-toned blonde hair colors like honey, butterscotch, and cream blonde can be an excellent choice. These shades will complement your features by bringing out the green and gold undertones in your hazel eyes, while the warm glow of your hair adds an extra dimension to your overall look.

2. Cherry Red

a girl with cherry red hair color

The cherry red could be your deal if you have hazel eyes and fair skin. The bright cherry red has bright hues that give serious vibes. Also, red is the trendiest color, so if you want to add a bold and bright touch to your appearance, coloring your hair in cherry red would be perfect.

Here is a list of the best shampoos for red-colored hair. Try them so that the red color doesn’t fade quickly.

3. Espresso

a girl with Espresso hair color

This coffee-colored shade has hints of black and brown that combine to make a flattering hair shade with cool tones. Espresso hue will give your strands just the proper depth for a sophisticated beauty appeal, making it a wonderful option for those with fair skin and hazel eyes.

4. Ash Brown

Ash Brown hair color

If you love experimenting with your hair color, this is the shade to ensure you get all the benefits. Ash Brown is a versatile hair shade that amplifies your looks, especially if you have those beautiful hazel eyes.

Ash brown hair dye is ideal for anyone since it can be combined with other colors, used as colored highlights, or applied to previously bleached hair to achieve the perfect look.

5. Auburn

a girl with Auburn hair color

A deeper, richer hue of red called auburn can help give your hair more dimension. A perfect Auburn complements all hair colors well and can look cool, chic, fashionable, or casual, depending on your style. Auburn is an excellent option for any variation of hazel eyes.

6. Hazelnut

a girl with Hazelnut hair color

All skin tones can benefit from hazelnut, but those with fair skin and hazel eyes will find it more effective. This hue can help to highlight your natural texture if you have curly or wavy hair, and it will look attractive if you add a few subtle highlights. Hazelnut is a beautiful and versatile option that works well with any event or outfit.

7. Bright Yellow

a girl with Bright Yellow hair color

You probably have never thought of opting for this, but for those females who love to add dare to their hair, the vibrant and beautiful bright red is a fantastic option for you to consider.

For golden hazel eyes, bright yellow is a perfect hair shade, but be careful while dyeing your hair in bright yellow as you will need to use the products that maintain your hair color against the color fading.

Read this article to get useful tips for maintaining color-treated hair.

8. Cinnamon

a girl with Cinnamon hair color

The Cinnamon hues are perfectly unique in so many ways, and especially in the winter, this hair shade will brighten up your face while also highlighting your facial features. Long natural curls look stunning with this darker shade; if you have hazel eyes, this can be a lovely color.

The rich hue of cinnamon is an incredible way to join the trend and possibly a more traditional winter-friendly shade.

Is it better to dye your hair clean or dirty? Read the article to get the best result for hair dyeing.

9. Cranberry Red

a girl with Cranberry Red hair color

Another red to add to the list is cranberry red, which has a unique quality all its own. This season, you will see many red hues blowing your mind, and with Cranberry Red on our list, we assure you to go for a hair color that looks ecstatic and trendy.

The fantastic hues of red look great even as highlights or ombre and give an instant dramatic effect.

10. Lavender

a girl with Lavender hair color

The year 2023 is about trying and testing the colorful trends, and with Lavender being on the list of the best hair colors for hazel eyes and fair skin, you are guaranteed to get a flattering hair shade.

The cooler tones of Lavender are amazing to try on in summer and make you look chic and trendy. If you have naturally black hair, applying a lavender shade to it will add purplish undertones to it.

Bottom Line

Every person has different preferences for hair shade, and especially when you have hazel eyes and a fair skin complexion, it is necessary to think of a hair color that does not overweigh your eyes and skin color.

Brown or chestnut tones will look gorgeous on your eyes if you want to go with something soft and natural-looking color. Colors like red-brown or copper are perfect for individuals who enjoy more dramatic looks, as they’ll make your gold specks shine in the sunlight. Your preference matters the most when choosing the right shade to amp up your entire look and personal fashion statement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which country has the most females with hazel eyes?

The hazel eyes are more common among females from North Africa, the Middle East, Scotland, and Brazil.

Does hazel eye color get faded with age?

Yes, the hazel eye color gets lightened with age due to the breakdown of the pigment inside the iris over time.

What is the unique specification of hazel eyes?

Hazel eyes change color according to the clothing and mood of the person. This property makes the hazel-colored eyes look even more attractive and unique.

What celebrities do have hazel eyes?

  1. Jennifer Aniston
  2. Angelina Jolie
  3. Benedict Cumberbatch
  4. Kristen Stewart
  5. Eva Mendes
  6. Tom Hardy
  7. Amanda Seyfried
  8. Ian Somerhalder
  9. Olivia Wilde
  10. Henry Cavill

Does hazel eye color changes with time?

Eye color, including hazel, can change over time. Some individuals may experience changes in eye color during infancy or adolescence due to the development of melanin.

How many people in the world have hazel eyes?

Estimates suggest that approximately 5-8% of the global population has hazel eyes. The prevalence of hazel eyes can vary across different populations and regions due to genetic diversity.

Are hazel eyes dominant or recessive?

According to vision center, Hazel eyes are more dominant than recessive. It is developed through a single gene and may likely to be transfered in offspring.

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