Can Black People Get Lice in Their Hair

Mother combing in Child Head

Have you ever had an itching head and wondered to yourself what the reason could be? If you have, you can surely relate to the question “Can black people get lice in their hair?”. Believe it or not, you aren’t alone. This question is one of the most frequently searched questions on the internet. If you are in search of an answer, you’re at the right place. Let’s find out! Before we do, we’ll learn a little about head lice. 

Head Lice: What They are and How They Spread


Head lice are parasitic insects that live on the human head. These small insects are yellowish to tan in color and have the size of a sesame seed. The nits of these head lice are either white or yellow and appear to be very tiny. They enjoy being in the moist and warm area of our head and feed on our blood under the scalp. 

Because they do not fly or jump, the only way that head lice can spread is by direct head-to-head contact. Sharing worn items of others like a comb etc is a less common way of transmission, but still can sometimes be the reason for transmission of head lice.

Do Black People Get Hair Lice?

Do Black People Get Hair Lice?

We’ve all heard at some point or at least wondered, “do black people get lice in their hair, or are they as likely as others to get them?” The answer to that is, Yes. Black people can get hair lice much like those people belonging to any other ethnic background. It is, however, believed that they are at a lesser risk, but there tends to be a lack of scientific evidence to back this hypothesis. 

The only reason why one can believe that black people are at a lesser risk of hair lice is that African-Americans, or blacks, often tend to have curly hair. Some studies have proved that head lice have trouble crawling curly hair because their claws cannot grip them easily. 

While nobody wants to even think about those parasitic insects crawling on their heads and sucking their blood, it’s common for people from all nationalities to get hair lice. Excluding those who are bald, all people from all nationalities are equally likely to get hair lice because we all have blood and body heat that attracts these insects. So, unfortunately, the answer is, yes black people can get hair lice, but the occurrence may be less likely than others. 



So, it can then be said that Blacks or African Americans are less often less likely to get hair lice than people from other nationalities. This is only because of the difficulty of getting a grip over coily, or curled hair. Other than this factor, blacks are equally likely to get hair lice as other people. So, black people shouldn’t take it easy thinking they won’t get hair lice. Even as a black person, you should keep an eye out for head lice and take the necessary action as required. 

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