Creative Dreadlocks for Women

Creative deadlocks for women

Are you looking for a unique hairstyle that can elevate your look at an upcoming party? Then why not adopt Dreadlocks this time? Great idea!

In this current era where fashion has been evolving every day, dreadlocks are still there to give you a confident and trendy look. Gone are the days when women used to think about dreadlocks being only an ordinary hairstyle but nowadays, even the brides are going for a unique dreadlocks hairstyle.

It all depends on a person’s choice or how he wants to go for a certain hairstyle, so every hairstyle has beauty and uniqueness in it. Let’s see a number of unique dread styles that you can go with and how you can bring creativity to dreadlocks. Let’s begin:

1. Coral Reef UpdoCorel Reef

If you really think that dreadlocks are an old hairstyle and look weird too then you really need to rethink. See the beautiful hairstyle in the picture below. Having this hairstyle at the party will really make you more attractive and people are going to ask you about your hairstyle.

Go with this style and turn your life up.

2. Messy Lattice CrownLittle Crown of hairs

Looking for the hottest look for the event today? Go for this hairstyle. This hairstyle is an easy yet trendy way to set the frizzy hairs at the collar of your neck. Not only that but leaving the rest of the lattice of dreadlocks on your head as a crown gives you a queen look.

3. Unlike your Grandmother’s lockslittle girl Dread lock hairstyle

This dreadlock hairstyle gives a very smooth and elegant look. You must have heard about Gibson tuck and this hairstyle gives you that look. By relating this style to the pinned-up hairstyles worn by Japanese Geishas, you can bring in some creativity.

4. Elegant Dreadlock Bun UpdoBeautiful girl with Elegant hairstyle

This hairstyle is a must-try while going for a dreadlock. The hairstyle is a quick one and is made up mostly of hair accessories. You may have flowers and other beads in your cabinet. Do try this dreadlock with these flowers and beads to elevate your look.

5. Thick Twist Dreadlock SculptureA black girl with thick curly hairs

Among all other dreadlock hairstyles, this one is the most chickie and unique one. You can say, this style is only an artistic hairstyle. Dreadlocks are notorious for their difficulty in dressing up black girls, but this is the toughest dreadlock of them all. It features twisted dreads that have been messed up, resulting in a look that will be sure to please.

6. Pretty Dreads with Loose Endsa red headed girl with long loose hair dreadlock

This dreadlock is the easiest to make. Just leave the ends of the dreadlocks undone and enjoy your hairstyle. You can introduce some shades or colors to your hairstyle. In addition, you can elevate your look by wearing some beads, flowers, and feathers of different colors. Try these freeform dreads today!

7. Dreadlock Updo With ExtensionsDreadlock with hair extensions

Many people think that an updo with a dreadlock can not be a hairstyle but that’s wrong. You can try this hairstyle and enjoy your day. To give a volume to your updo, just wear your extensions and turn your hair into this trendy dreadlock. You may need some hairpins to make this updo.

8. Candyfloss Pink Woven Dreadlockscandyfloss pink woven dreadlocks

Talking about the dreadlocks that are hard to dress up but are worth looking at, candyfloss pink woven dreadlocks are the best to try out. This hairstyle doesn’t look less than a maze but is the cutest among other dreadlocks.

9. Fake Twisted DreadlocksFake Twist dreadlock hairstyle

This dreadlock is made with many other dreads and is tightly twisted together. This ends up having an elegant man on the back of your neck. You can add a number of varied colored highlights to elevate the look. If you are someone who has a thin hair problem then such dreadlocks and hairstyle can be dressed up with extensions and is a perfect hairstyle to go with.

10. Wrapped, Braided, and Beaded DreadlocksWrapped, Braided, and Beaded Dreadlocks

Are you someone who hasn’t yet decided upon one dreadlock and is always looking for the best dreadlock? With the help of beads and wraps, just give each of the dread a different look this time. Additionally, braid the top part of your head’s hair and enjoy this unique look.

11. Faded Blue to Purple DreadsFaded Blue dreadlock hairstyle

Why not have colorful dreads with blue roots washing out to pink this time? This hairstyle has almost colorless dreads from the ends. The option is also available to go for some other color combinations and give yourself a synthetic look.

12. Dreadlocks with Twisted Buns and UndercutsA girl with Dreadlocks with Twisted Buns and Undercuts

A dreadlock bun is always good to have but to elevate this look, you can add an undercut. This loc style for women is only for those who don’t like to have full dreadlocks all over their heads. This look with half dreadlocks is chicky to try this time.

13. Tamed DreadlocksTamed Dreadlocks hairstyle girl

Do you already have dreadlocks but want to refresh them? Then you must go for these tamed dreadlocks. Take your dreadlocks and turn them into cornrows. This will give you a neat front side of the dreadlock with a perfect back mane.

14. Dreadlock Side-Braid and UndercutSide braid and undercut dreadlock

This hairstyle is for all women who have thick and wavy long hair. Just divide your hair into two sections and turn the upper half into a dreadlock. This hairstyle has dreadlocks only on the top of the head with a heavy undercut.

15. Spiral Dreads in Navy BlueNavy blue spirel curl in a heavy hairs

Why not try the waves and curls this time along with dreadlocks? Just take out your perm rods, wave curlers, or any other curler to make curls. It is also possible to make braids and curl your hair. This hairstyle is amazing creativity to your regular dreadlocks.

16. Half-up Dreadlock Braid

This dreadlock is especially for white girls looking for a dreadlock to suit them. Dreads without extensions live longer and give you a chance to play with them and be creative with them. You can bring many changes and elevate your look.

17. Dreadlocks with Braids

Looking for a loose and messy dreadlock then try this dreadlock today. Just plait your hair, twist them as well and turn them into the dreadlock. This look is amazing and casual to have.

18. Boho Dread Updo

This hairstyle is easy to dress up. Just take your dreadlock from the front and start twisting them towards the back. You do not have to make them neat as this is a loose and messy hairdo.

19. Blue Highlight in Dread Half Updo

You can go for a dreadlock introducing different colors in them. This updo is a combination of different colors, giving you a casual, relaxed, and everyday look. This hairstyle also recalls a beautiful rose and gives a romantic look.

20. Twisted Dreadlock Bob

Try this bob hairstyle in any color and elevate the look with small clips, flowers, and beads.


In this post, we have discussed the most trendy, chicky, and beautiful dreadlocks that you can go with informally and formally as well. You can dress up with any of the above hairstyles and can bring creativity to it. These hairstyles are for all women including short loc styles for females as well.

We recommend you add different colors and put on some small colorful clips, flowers, and beads and give yourself a nice look. Do share this post with your friends and tell us which hairstyle you loved the most.

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