Do Members Often Damage Your Gym Equipment? Try These 6 Solutions

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Do Members Often Damage Your Gym Equipment? Try These 6 Solutions

There are probably a few things that frustrate gym members more than having equipment that they want to use being unavailable because of damage.  Making matters worse is when it’s the gym members who damaged it.  This is bad news for both members and owners.

So, the question that results is how do you prevent members from damaging equipment?

That’s the question this article attempts to answer.  How you implement these six solutions is your mission.

The damage that gym members cause results is many different equipment issues.  Preventing damage is where most of these issues start.  This begins with keeping maintenance up to date such as maintaining cables, which you can start online at .

Many other equipment problems can be prevented by implementing the following suggestions.

  1. Post instructions for use.

It might seem basic, and even silly, to explain to members how to use equipment properly, but the fact remains that most equipment damage is caused by members using equipment improperly.  Obviously, if you want to prevent this, members need to understand how equipment is to be used correctly.

  1. Failure to perform preventive maintenance.

Most gym equipment is built very solid.  Unfortunately, this can be deceptive, since almost any equipment requires some level of preventive maintenance.  The problem can be prevented by simply performing this maintenance on a regular basis.

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  1. Performing too much preventive maintenance.

Yep.  We just told you to perform regular maintenance.  Now we’re telling you not to.  It’s a bit of a Goldilocks situation, but it’s true.  When you keep disassembling equipment to maintain it, you open yourself to a lot of problems that aren’t necessary.  It’s kind of like getting a triple heart bypass, then having another one done every six months so you can make sure it keeps beating.

At some point, you will cause more problems than the situation was worth it.

  1. Failure to monitor equipment use.

Sometimes members use equipment incorrectly, which can lead to damage.  Granted, it’s sometimes difficult to watch everybody, but as much as is possible, staff should monitor members to make sure they use equipment properly.

  1. Avoid Band-Aid solutions.

Sometimes, it’s not the members who damage equipment.  They might have been using it when the damage becomes obvious, but they didn’t damage it.  Instead, when damage started to occur, a staff member made a temporary repair and it later devolved into a serious issue.  This can be prevented by making a repair when it first occurred.

Do Members Often Damage Your Gym Equipment

  1. Make sure the staff is properly trained.

It’s understandable that damage caused by members happens, but sometimes it’s not always a lack of understanding by members that leads to damage.  At other times, damage caused by members is actually the result of improperly trained staff members.  Staff members who are well trained not only know how equipment should be used properly, but they can show members how to use it properly and prevent damage.

We get it. Not only is staff busy, but equipment can be unpredictable, as can members.  People are difficult, and the equipment gets old and worn out.  Worst of all, there are just so many hours in a day and maintenance is just one more thing that needs to be done and often isn’t.  But by ensuring adequate staff training and monitoring member use of equipment, a lot of problems can be prevented in the long run.

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