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If you do not know where to start, you may as well give up? Well not exactly, the process has already begun, it is just that maybe you have not recognised it yet. The start is both the easiest and hardest step. Anyone can say that they want to work out more, and then do nothing. But at least that is better than the person whose mind it never crosses.

That first tentative step however, from making a decision to undertake a workout, to actually doing so, is daunting, and indeed it is where many stop. Good intentions, but no action. Here we look at good places to start the rest of the journey towards a heathier lifestyle and how we can help turn the decision to change into an actual plan of action, and then follow it through.

1.         Find Some Good

Usually, when it comes to fitness, we focus on what we want to change, areas of our body that we do not like, that we wish to alter. Immediately that causes us to think in a negative way, that we are unhappy and that exercise is the only solution. When changes do not come quick enough, we then blame the exercise, again maintaining the negative, and dismiss it and give up.

Instead, find some things about yourself that you like, and make a note, and this will remind you that not everything is terrible, and that exercise isn’t a punishment for being a failure.

2.         Pictures

We are tech-savvy and live in a digital age, so use it. At the start of your journey, take some pictures of yourself, and keep them private if you wish, showing how it is that you actually look, rather than how you “think” you look. That way any change is properly documented, rather than guessed. When we guess if we have changed, we are cautious to be positive, but seeing an actual picture to compare yourself to, will highlight every real change that has occurred. Measurements and clothes sizes vary, so pick a picture every time.

3.         Small Is Beautiful…

And when it comes to steps and goals, it is the best place to start. If you have never run for a bus, do not think you will be able to run a mile on a treadmill. Instead, try walking at first, perhaps taking stairs rather than the lift, or getting off a bus stop early, or even parking further away from work on the car park. Little changes, enacted often, soon add up, so do not try to climb a mountain, be happy with the stairs for now.

4.         One at a Time

Changing your diet and exercise regime at the same time often overwhelms many and they come to see it as punishment for being unhealthy and then take it further by chastising themselves for their state of health in the first place. Little changes will add up to a greater cumulative effect, without having that sudden impact feeling.

5.         Habits

Hard to break, harder to form. Remember that certain habits such as a biscuit with a cup of tea seem normal, and that new habits like walking further feel odd. Stick at change, and the new healthier habits will replace the old ones.

6.         Gym

Not to be feared, but embraced. If you have never been to a gym, you are not alone. Don’t just sign up thinking that is the answer, it isn’t and gyms are not for everyone. By trying a gym day pass, with a good induction, you will see what they can offer, and then decide, paying to train when you want before committing long term. In the short term, gym day passes and flexible gym membership may cost a little more, but then, a full gym membership which is never used, is a true waste of money. Try before you buy, like you would a car.

7.         Slip-ups

Your resolve will weaken and you will slip up, don’t worry. It is how you go thereafter that matters, not the slip up itself.

8.        Week 3

Known to be the toughest, probably because your new regime feels hard and odd, and it has shown no results and thus it is easy to quit. True change takes time, so make sure you give it.

9.         Weight Loss

Look back at those photos, not down at the scales.

10.       Variety and Choice

Try lots of things, then pick one you really like. Every now and again, try some other things. A gym partner is a great idea to alleviate any nerves, but find one with the same goals as you

11.       D.I.F.Y

Do It For Yourself. It has to be for you, otherwise you will never commit in the long term.

Change can be daunting, especially when sudden and great. So takes things slow, have proper goals and ideas, and keep documents, especially the photographs. Remember that up until you make the decision to change, some of your habits will have been long standing and it will be tough to adjust. But, given time and a little self-belief and you will achieve all that you set out to do. 

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