10 Christmas Weight Loss Tips

10 Christmas Weight Loss Tips

The Christmas season can be a minefield for those on a weight loss plan. Between parties, big family dinners, edible presents and rushed convenience foods you can easily end up overindulging, and completely undoing all your hard earned progress. These are some ways to avoid those Christmas weight gain traps:

1. Portion Control

Portion Control- 10 Christmas Weight Loss Tips

If you want to have pudding, go ahead have a little pudding, but only a small portion. Dish up your food yourself if you can, and don’t be afraid to leave food on your plate if someone else is dishing up for you, just make sure you let the host know how amazing their food was.

To maintain your weight through portion control, you have to follow the tips below

Try to drink 16 ounces or a big glass of water, so you feel filled and eat less

To cut down, calories prefer to eat high fiber veggies like boiled spinach, eat oatmeal, or take whole wheat pita bread.

Take carb as the topping instead of eating them as a base.

Munch on food that requires time to eat. For example, eating nuts that need to remove shells.

2. Breakfast

Breakfast- 10 Christmas Weight Loss Tips

Breakfast is key to kickstarting your metabolism every day. It is so much easier to make healthy eating choices when you aren’t starving and craving carbohydrates. Keep quick and healthy breakfast foods on hand so that you can grab them and go.

Try to eat breakfast that reduces your craving rather than amplifying it. For a coming Christmas, if you want that your last year outfit again fit perfectly to your body, then try to take breakfast that includes

Eat boiled eggs that are rich in proteins with fewer carbs. This reduces appetite and helps to reduce weight in a short time

Moreover, add berries, yogurt, grapefruits, and coffee in your breakfast avoids taking high carb bread and muffins in your breakfast.

3. Track Your Calories

Track Your Calories - 10 Christmas Weight Loss Tips

Keeping track of your calorie intake and staying on track with your goals over the Christmas period is crucial. This self-regulated accountability will stop you from abandoning your healthy eating plan. Log your meals and snacks, and set reminders just in case the holiday chaos gets the better of you.

4. Make Time to Exercise

Make Time to Exercise - 10 Christmas Weight Loss Tips

Yes, Christmas is a busy time of year, but if you don’t find time to get a workout in then you will find yourself slipping and have so much more work to do to catch up in the New Year. Try to get in the most efficient workout in what little time you have spare. Work out plans from personal trainers can really help you to boost the impact of your work out.

Make a proper schedule for your Exercise. If you want to stay fit this Christmas, get training from the trainer who will guide you with the healthy weight loss tips. Burn your calories through heavy gym work and see the change within days.

5. Take the Healthy Option

Take Healthy Option - 10 Christmas Weight Loss Tips

Rather than having that super cheesy potato bake, go for the steamed beans. Rather than ice cream and pudding, have a fruit salad. Weigh up your options and pick the most healthy choice available.

6. Pick and Choose your Treats

Choose your Treats - 10 Christmas Weight Loss Tips

If you know that you are going to have a junky dinner then maybe don’t go for those tasty treats at the office party. Work out which festive treats mean the most to you and prioritize them, let other goodies slide.

Try to avoid chocolates, especially milk type rather prefer dark chocolates. Similarly, try to prefer sugar free desserts and eat healthy proteinous turkey in the parties.

7. Present Intervention

Avoid Junk - 10 Christmas Weight Loss Tips

Some family members and friends give chocolate and confectionary as gifts, which can be a wonderfully thoughtful gift, but not so much when you are watching your weight. If a serial treat giver asks what you would like, steer them away from junk food. But if you can’t stop them from giving you that box of chocolates, open them up and share them with others!

8. Stress Walk, Don’t Stress Eat

Walk - 10 Christmas Weight Loss Tips

If your family gets too much for you, don’t stress eat, go for a walk. Getting some fresh air and perspective can be incredibly helpful for your physical and emotional health.

We all know the walk is the best option. So why not adopt the heavy walk. Try to walk with some extra speed so you can burn a lot of calories. Try to jog for more than 45 minutes. It will burn more calories and help to reduce your extra body fats so you will have the ideal body weight that you wish for.

9.  BYO Food

BYO Food - 10 Christmas Weight Loss Tips

BYO is an acronym for bringing your food. If you are on a diet, then it’s good to be courageous. If you are going to a party and don’t miss the gathering but the food is the main problem. No need to be worried. Apply the BYO rule, take your food with yourself and eat the healthy, avoid alcohol, and drink warm water to maintain your diet schedule. It will help you to focus on your food and you will not move out of your diet track.

Bring a salad to a party to share with others, and to ensure that you have something to eat that meets your dietary requirements.

10. Get Out and Enjoy!

Take on those energetic activities that you might normally dread and get out and enjoy the festive season. Plan your activities wisely just like You can find the best personal trainers on Bark for your fitness on Christmas 2021

Christmas is the time when you spend time with your fellows. Don’t be stressed if you are overweight. Try to make moments special by keeping yourself stress-free and keep yourself happy. Eat healthily, exercise hard, and maintain your diet schedule.

Wherever you are and whatever challenges confront you, be prepared and you can keep your weight loss on track this Christmas. You’ll feel so much better if you stick to your plan and continue to meet your goals.

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