How to Remove Super Glue from Fabric? [8 Easy Methods]

super glue bottle spilled on black fabric
super glue bottle spilled on black fabric

When using super glue for daily everyday fixes, it won’t be a surprise if you spill a bit on your clothes or hands. Superglue, though famous for its strength and ultra-quick dryness, can severely damage your clothes and fabrics.

Seeing globs of dried glue on fabrics and apparel is very disappointing; you may even consider throwing the fabric away if it’s too much.

Oh wait, before you give your clothes away to a professional service, don’t forget to read these fantastic hacks to remove superglue from your clothes! You never know; one or more may work for you as they did for the others!

Removing Super Glue From Fabric

Super glue can be stubborn when it sticks to fabric, but there’s no need to worry! Multiple ways exist to remove it to get your fabric clean again! We’ve covered these methods below.

1. Scrapping to Remove Super Glue

metal scraper
metal scraper

A straightforward way to remove super glue from fabric is to use a scraping tool like a metal spoon or knife.

  • However, before scraping it off, ensure the glue is completely dry.
  • Once dry, use the rounded spoon edge to scrape the glue off.
  • Pull it off gently and place the glue pieces on a towel.
  • Use minimal force to scrape away the glue so the fabric doesn’t get scratched.

2. Using Acetone to Remove Super Glue

glass bottle of acetone
glass bottle of acetone

Acetone is contained in different things like a nail polish remover. You probably have it at home. This liquid dissolves several sticky things; hence it is suitable for removing superglue from fabric.

  • Drop only a tiny amount of the nail polish on a cotton cloth.
  • Apply this cotton cloth to the fabric area where the glue is.
  • Keep rubbing this acetone-soaked ball of cotton till the glue spot is cleared.
  • Wash the fabric later to remove the acetone.

3. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol bottle
Rubbing Alcohol bottle

Alcohol also helps remove super glue from fabric because its compound composition dissolves sticky residues like glue, leaving no traces behind.

  • Dip a cotton ball into alcohol and rub it on the fabric piece with the glue stain. This loosens the glue and removes it.
  • Once removed, wash the fabric with detergent and warm water.

4. Loctite Glue Remover

Loctite Glue Remover
Loctite Glue Remover

Adhesive removers, like the Loctite glue remover, are also available in the market. These can help remove glue stains from fabric.

  • Dab a small amount of this onto the fabric glue stain and leave it for a few minutes to do its magic.
  • After that, scrape off the glue using a metal spoon.
  • After it’s removed, wash the fabric with a detergent.

5. Baking Soda; Natural DIY Glue Remover

Baking soda in a white bowl
Baking soda in a white bowl

Baking soda is a shared kitchen item and is very useful for removing glue stains from fabric.

  • Place your cloth on a straight surface and then spread some baking soda.
  • Take white vinegar in a container and dip a brush in it.
  • Now, rub the brush into the stain, gently scrubbing it. You should be able to remove the glue. If not, keep going till the adhesive is completely removed.
  • Once removed, wash the fabric with a detergent to remove the stain remains.

6. Using Fabric Abrasives

Fabric Abrasives
Fabric Abrasives

Alternatively, you can scrape the glue using fabric abrasives.

  • Put your cloth on a flat area and set the glue stain at the center.
  • Using an emery board or sandpaper, gently scrape the glue off.
  • Hold your fabric firmly and scrape in a forward-backward motion.
  • After scraping it off, pour some detergent on the glue stain and let it rest.
  • Clean the fabric with warm water and dry it off.

7. Lighter Fluid to Clean Super Glue

lighter containing lighter fluid
lighter containing lighter fluid

Lighter fluid is also a suitable option for removing superglue stains from fabric. While this method works for most materials, try not to use it with delicate or sensitive ones.

  • Drop a tiny amount of lighter fluid on a ball of cotton.
  • Use this ball on the glue stain, and don’t let it reach the other parts.
  • Once the glue is washed off, rinse with warm water.

8. Using Freezer to Remove Super Glue

White colored freezer
White-colored freezer

Adhesives are removed quickly when they are frozen. Freezing makes scraping easier.

  • Fold your fabric just enough to fit in a plastic bag.
  • Keep the glue stain outside, so it can freeze.
  • Leave it to freeze for some hours. Then take it out and lie it on a straight surface.
  • Now use a sharp tool like a metal spoon to scrape the adhesive off.

Final Words

With the simple methods of removing superglue from the fabric above, you no longer need to worry! Use super glue with ease without worrying about cleaning your clothes later! These methods have worked for others, and we hope they work for you too!


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