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How to Fix Orange Hair After Dyeing: A Complete Guide to Correcting Brassy Tones

fix orange hair

So you applied a perfect shade to your hair and are now waiting excitingly for the color to appear, but suddenly, the drastic orange shade starts appearing in your hair locks. You feel frustrated, especially when you have no time to go to a professional salon.

When we go from darker to lighter hair shade, the hair gets orangey after dying. This orange shade looks weird, especially when it does not resemble blonde. The red pigments beneath the darker hair shade contribute to coloring the darker shade into orange rather than resulting in the desired lighter tone. The brassy and dry hair shade reduces the excitement of getting the desired hair color. Before looking into how to fix it, let us find out what makes your hair shade turn orange after hair dye.

Causes of Hair Turning OrangeCauses of Hair Turning Orange

People with brunettes usually complain about brassy orange tones peeking from the hair strands. The darker hairs have an abundance of red pigments, which contribute to providing depth and darkness to them. If the bleaching agent fails to work on the darker pigments, it instead results in an unflattering orange shade. For some, it does not bother them, but for the rest, it can be extremely disgusting and can even shatter their confidence while going out.

We all know the havoc caused by the bleaching agents on the hair in terms of losing its shine and natural protein. The hair’s pigments and protein are lost during bleaching, resulting in color fading. Not only does it affect the hair texture, but it also transforms your hair shade into a brassy mess. Even some people with blonde shades develop orange locks due to exposure to many chemical treatments, specifically using sulfate-containing products, or spending too long in chlorinated water.

How to Fix Orange Hair with Dye?Fix Orange Hair with Dye

Now, the question is how to fix orange hair after dye. Don’t worry; there are ways to do the quick fix job, and for that, you need to get some cash out of your wallet and invest in some quick essentials.

Invest in a Toner

Hair toner neutralizes the brassy orange tones into a lighter brown or blonde shade. If you are looking to fix your orange mess, look for a hair toner that is the most suitable to neutralize your current hair color. If bleaching has developed a yellow shade, you may look for a purple toning shampoo that counteracts your yellow shade and turns it into a cooler shade. For orange undertones, choosing a blur toning shampoo would be great. The blue-violent pigments in the blue toning shampoo will neutralize your warm tone into cool shades and remove the brassiness.

Once you have chosen the right toner, mix it in a bowl with hydrogen peroxide of 20 volume following a ratio of 1:2, i.e., double the amount of peroxide than the toner. Combine them well using a brush and start applying them to your hair. You should take the help of a professional or someone who knows how to apply hair color correctly. After the application, leave your hair for 45 minutes and rinse it off thoroughly using sulfate-free shampoo.

Box Dye for Fixing Orange HairBox Dye for Fixing Orange Hair

If you are unfortunate enough to develop orange locks in your hair besides putting your best in the process, you may look for another hair color to fix this mess quickly. You must understand which color will be perfect for canceling out the orange pigments so the hair may appear darker after dying it again. Choose a new shade that is darker than the brassy orange shade to balance out the color proportions. For this purpose, you may choose colors with ash tones to enhance cooler shades in your hair. You have to go through the bleaching process once again, apply the suitable toner, and go with the new darker shade of box dye.

Invest in Hair Masks

Hair masks are the contemporary solution to neutralize your orange hair. Various blue or purple hair masks are available specifically designed to cool down the orange tone and add a bright, ashy look to your hair. Some of the high-quality, effective hair masks for fixing orange tones available in the market are Redken, Revcare, Bold Uniq, and Fanola, and you may invest in any of these amazing hair masks to get the best possible results.

Rinse with Apple Cider VinegarRinse with Apple Cider Vinegar

If the hair locks are not dyed into a bolder orange, you may use this simple home remedy by taking a cup of apple cider vinegar and mixing a few drops of the liquid food color, preferably blue, to neutralize the orange tresses. Wash your hair normally and apply any conditioner of your choice. Now apply this vinegar solution to your hair and rinse thoroughly. You may apply it twice a week to lighten the brassy orange tone of your hair.

Apply Hair Glosses

A hair gloss is an excellent way to add shine to your dyed hair and prevent them from looking too orangey. Hair glosses or glazes come in tinted shades, and each one adds an immense shine to your tresses and treats the brassiness effectively. This semi-permanent hair color solution is left on the hair like a stain and prevents your hair from going through the dying process through its long-lasting properties.

Opt for Professional Salon TreatmentsProfessional Salon Treatments

If nothing works and your chevelure has transformed into bolder orange, you may need to go to a professional to get bleaching and toning done to your hair. An expert understands what your hair color needs the most to retain or detain its hair color, and he treats you with the right hair products that produce less damage and combat the brassiness effectively.

How Can I fix Orange Hair with the Box Dye?

If you are not afraid of coloring your hair again after getting the weird orange brassiness due to bleaching, there are a few things to keep in mind before applying the box dye.

  • Do not purchase a single box dye; you need to get two of these for shoulder-length hair, and for longer waist-length, you will be required more than two box dyes. If you have hair length that is not longer than ear lobes, only one box of dye will be enough.
  • If you want to choose a new dye this time, choose the one with ashy undertones so the orange brassiness is covered effectively.
  • If you want your hair to be colored in a desired shade, choose the same color level for that color. For instance, pick the medium ash blonde if you have medium-orange hair. For darker orange hair, go for a darker ash blonde shade; choose a lighter ash blonde for a lighter orange shade.

Steps to Use Box Dye to Cover the Orange HairDye to Cover the Orange Hair

Don’t panic after seeing that unpleasant orange mess from your hair due to bleaching. Applying a box dye is a permanent solution to fix the orange shade. Below is the desired step-by-step procedure to cover the orange manes using a box dye.

  • Get your hair dyeing tools assembled, including a box dye kit, plastic bowl, application brush, hair color cape, gloves, hair clips, etc., after which you are ready to get into the procedure.
  • Hair coloring at home with a box dye is a messy process; the color may spill on your clothes and the surface. To avoid the instance, wear an old shirt and cover the surrounding floor surface with an old towel or newspaper. The dye can easily stain your skin, especially at the hairline, so it is recommended to put a petroleum jelly to avoid such marks.
  • Mix the hair color and developer from the box dye kit in the specified ratio.
  • Make four to five partitions of your hair and secure each partition with hair clips. With the help of an applicator, apply the hair dye solution on evenly, starting from the back section and then slowly covering all the sections.
  • Cover your colored strands with a shower cap to avoid any unpleasant color stains.
  • The box dye has a processing time specified on the back, which is almost around 30 to 40 minutes. If several treatments already damage your hair, do not leave the dye on your hair for more than 30 minutes. If your hair is healthy or less damaged, leaving the dye for 40 to 45 minutes would be enough.
  • After the processing time has passed, rinse off the hair with cold water. Do not wash your hair with hot water, which can severely damage the hair shaft.
  • Apply some conditioner so the hairs do not lose moisture and are softened. Try to avoid shampooing immediately after hair dyeing.

Although the entire process of applying hair dye to remove orange brassiness is easy and straightforward, you can only master the technique with experience and experimentation. If you are afraid of doing it yourself and do not hesitate to go for a salon appointment, you may skip DIY-ing and take the services of an experienced hair stylist to fix the orange hair.

How to Prevent Hair from Orange Brassiness?Prevent Hair from Orange Brassiness

Any hair type can develop orange brassiness even if the color is applied perfectly. The naturally occurring pigments determine a lot about the color outcome after applying a hair shade. Once the orange tresses are developed, these might not be easy to get rid of, so you need to prevent these from developing in the first place.

  • Staying too long in chlorinated water is a major reason for the newly dyed hair turning orange. Avoid swimming or bathing your hair for too long to prevent your hair from turning into brassy orange.
  • Sometimes, the chemical buildup resulting from frequent hair treatments also decolors strands. To save your hair from such outcomes, wash your hair with clarifying shampoo.
  • People who spend too many hours in the sun usually complain about their hairlocks getting orange. Limit your sun exposure to prevent your hair color from sun damage.
  • Use clear water to wash your hair, and avoid washing your hair with heavy products free from harmful parabens.
  • Avoid getting your hair colored more often.
  • Always use color-protecting shampoos and conditioners to prevent your hair from color damage.

Bottom Line

The orange hair tone can drastically affect your hair’s overall shine and health, so it is important to have it removed effectively and on time. We always recommend asking for a hair professional before applying any hair color treatment, as any negligence might turn your hair locks into orange patches. You are not alone in developing tresses while coloring your hair, as many people face the same results. By following the above-mentioned tips, you may lessen the orange impact on your hair and enhance the color of your choice without spending a massive amount.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What color box dye will cover orange?

To cover the orange shade, you may opt for blonde hair dye as it neutralizes the brassiness of the orange hair tone.

Which toner will cancel out orange hair?

If you have developed unpleasant brassy orange locks, you may look for blue toner as it neutralizes the orange shade. The ashy undertones also work great to minimize the orange hair.

Should I dye my hair again if it turns orange?

If you have developed orange patches in your hair which look unflattering, you may consider coloring it darker again.

Why did box dye turn my hair orange?

It happens due to the abundance of red pigments in the hairs. If the bleaching agent does not color out these pigments completely, they may turn into an orange shade, especially in people who are brunettes.

Why is my hair still orange after dying again?

If you have a darker hair shade, it will have more pungent red or orange pigments, which will not fade away easily. You may even need to dye your hair multiple times to remove that unpleasant orange tone.

What are 3 ways to fix orange hair?

You may apply a hair toner, go for glosses and glazes or consult a professional for the treatments to fix orange hair shade.

What kills orange in hair?

The hair shades based on blue tone or the blue toner help significantly kill the orange shade from the hair.

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