How To Cure Sebaceous Filaments Without Any Medications

A girl applying oil free cream on face
A girl applying oil free cream on face

Each one of us wants to have perfect skin just like those Japanese and Korean girls who have that glass skin. We all want to achieve perfection when it comes to our skin. On our journey to achieving the absolute perfect skin, many obstacles come our way like pimples, blackheads or the sebaceous filaments.

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Sebaceous filaments are similar to blackheads and are formed because of the skin’s natural oils that are present near the hair follicle. They can grow your pores. No matter how many skincare routines or products you try, you can minimize these but never get rid of these completely.

difference of blackheads and sebaceous filaments

The reason behind this is that it is formed by our body natural oils. Oils reside at everybody’s skin to bring moisture to the skin. Therefore, we can always manage these imperfections but not prevent these from forming.

How it is formed?

When a person’s body produces sebum in large quantities, these little imperfections can form. They look bad on your skin once they are visible. They reside on your skin in the form of large open pores filled up with a yellow substance that could look gross. It is not related to acne. It does not look like acne or blackheads. They are produced from within your skin.

However, many people think these are blackheads but they are not. If sebum continues to be produced at such large quantities by your skin, it can give rise to other blackheads and even whiteheads.

How to cure it

Sebaceous filaments cure without medication is very easy.

Use oil-free products

All your makeup and skincare products should be oil-free so that you don’t give an invitation to excessive oils on to your skin.

A girl applying oil free cream on face

Wash face thrice a day

Wash your skin 3-4 times a day with a good face wash. Wash your face before going to bed as well.

Moisturize daily

Moisturize your skin daily to give it the hydration it needs.

How they are different from Blackheads?

It looks just like blackheads so people are often confused between the two. However, both are different things and you would not want any of these two on your face. What makes them different from blackheads is its structure.

The structure of a blackhead is different from that of a sebaceous filament. When pores are blocked, blackheads are formed. This blockage of pores does not allow the oil to get out of the pore.

However, the sebaceous filament does not block the oil in the pore, rather it lets it get on to your skin. If we talk about its color, it is yellow or a gray spot on your skin. But a blackhead is darker. Another difference is that when you squeeze a sebaceous filament, you will see a yellow or white substance coming out of it. However, it is not a good idea to extract it as it can cause injuries to your skin and leave scars.

On the contrary, if you squeeze a blackhead, you will see a dark dot on your fingers.

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