How to Get Gum Out of Clothing After Being Washed

How to Get Gum Out of Clothing After Being Washed

What could be worse than getting gum stuck to your clothes? Oh wait, the story does not end here. What can be worse? Gum that is on your clothes even after being washed! As if it is not already hard to get rid of gum, what do you do with the stains that it leaves once it has been through the washer.

Well, do not worry! There are some simple and effective ways to get rid of gum without causing any damage to the cloth or fabric. Simple and common household tools can be used to easily remove stubborn chewing gum stains.

How to Get Gum off from Clothes that have been Washed

How to get gum out of clothes

What seems to be a notoriously difficult and impossible task, can easily be dealt with in this simple yet effective manner. Follow these simple ways to rid yourself of the worry!

1. Get off that Gum

Get the chewing gum off clothes

Gum that sticks on clothing that has been washed usually ends up hardening and losing its elasticity, hence firmly clinging on to the fabric. What you can do is use a butter knife, spoon, or fingernail to scrape off the gum without causing any damage to the fabric. In case this does not work, put the cloth in the freezer, and once the gum is frozen scrape it off again. Frozen gum will get off more easily.

2. Using a Piece of Cardboard or Brown Paper

Use a piece of cardboard or brown paper to remove chewing gum stains

Brown paper or cardboard can be a good way to remove the stains left by chewing gum. Cut the paper to a size larger than the stain and use the iron to run over the stain with the paper in between the iron and the gum. Move around the paper, so it can collect the remainder of the gum. Continue ironing with the paper until the stain is removed completely. Once the stain is removed, throw it in the washing machine once more for the perfect cleaned clothing.

3. Treat the Stains

use stain remover to remove chewing gum stain from clothes

If the procedures above help you to remove the stains of the gum completely, that is perfect! But in the case of colored gum, there are high chances that it leaves a stain even after the gum has been removed.

If the stain is still visible, where the gum was stuck in the clothes, you can remove the stain with your own choice of any stain remover. You can use a stain-remover, or any home-made alternative like white vinegar, liquid dish soap, or alcohol. A generous amount of stain remover will be needed for soaking in the cloth. Once you have done that, wash the clothes in a regular cycle of your laundry machine. The stain will be completely gone, done, and dusted!

While it may seem like a hard, often impossible task, these simple ways can easily help you get rid of any stubborn stains that chewing gum may leave on your clothes. So, the next time a gum sticks to your laundry, you know what to do!

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