What Is a Sprite and Banana Challenge?

What Is a Sprite and Banana Challenge

The sprite and banana challenge is well-known, traditional folklore that has taken the internet by storm. In these modern times, it is quite easy to make anything viral as is the case of most of the challenges of today. Like many other viral challenges, the sprite and banana challenge has also made its way to the front. The underlying challenge is whether or not a person can drink sprite and eat a banana without vomiting. This has become a viral internet challenge because no one likes being told that they cannot do something! How safe is this challenge? Should you do it? Why and why not? Here is what you need to know about the challenge!

What is the Banana and Sprite Challenge?

What is a sprite and banana challenge

The task of the sprite and banana challenge is that a person must eat two complete bananas followed by a one-liter sprite soda drink. The reaction of the banana and the sprite will often result in vomiting. But that is the challenge! Nevertheless, if you can take in all that without making a mess, you are a winner!

Vomiting may be caused due to the chemical reaction that occurs between the two things but can also be because of the immense amount of food intake in a short time. Vomiting is likely to occur. This vomiting is caused because of the stomach’s inability to contain such massive amounts of substances. Normally, a human’s stomach capacity is only around 500ml. anything solid like bananas will slowly travel to the stomach and stay there for a while. Taking in a drink of sprite almost immediately overfills the stomach. Carbonated drinks also release a gas that builds up in the stomach that causes weight over the bananas causing one to vomit.

People often use banana sprite to induce vomiting.

How is the Sprite and Banana Challenge Performed?

People taking part in the challenge must eat two entire bananas followed by a can of sprite drink. The people must eat the bananas quickly and follow by a can of sprite. The bananas must be eaten immediately, and the sprite should be gulped quickly after the bananas. The person who is the last to vomit after taking in bananas and sprite is the winner of the challenge.

What is a sprite and banana challenge

Is Anything Dangerous about this Challenge?

There is nothing that seems to be dangerous about the challenge of drinking sprite with eating bananas. This is because there is no such hazardous reaction that can be noted. Since the individuals eat bananas and take in sprite immediately, there is an overload of substances that leads to vomiting. Since vomiting is because of substance over intake, it does not have much harm to the body or the stomach.

While there is nothing too dangerous about this challenge it is never suggested that you perform it because your stomach cannot digest and handle both things at the same time. It may cause minor discomfort and uneasiness. While it does not pose any potential harm, it is not too safe either.

You should also know about risks and benefits of vomiting.

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