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How to Get Hollow Cheeks

How to Get Hollow Cheeks

We live in a world of fashion trends where trends take no time to go viral. One of the commonly rising trends today is hollow cheeks. While hollow cheeks represent nothing more than facial changes with age, they have become a popular trend because many people find them attractive. Hollow cheeks are usually a result of less flesh between the mandible, lower jawbone, and the zygoma, the cheek’s bony arch under your eye. As this fashion trend grows, more and more people want to know about it and how to get hollow cheeks and a chiseled jawline. Do you also want to join the trend? We’ve got you covered!

Hollow Cheeks; The Causes

Hollow Cheeks; The Causes

Hollow cheeks are usually a condition caused by multiple reasons, but many people find them attractive. Here are some possible causes of hollow cheeks.


Age tends to be the most common factor in hollow cheeks because you produce less collagen as you age. Collagen is what makes the skin firm, elastic, and plump. Moreover, older people don’t take enough protein since it’s hard to process, leading to a sunken cheek appearance. Moreover, with age, the fat pads under the skin degrade, giving way to hollow cheeks.


Multiple health conditions can lead to immediate health deterioration and hollow to sunken cheeks. These health conditions include digestive disorders, facial lipoatrophy, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, eating disorders, depression, tuberculosis, and cancer.


a men with hollow cheeks

With certain lifestyle habits, you may also get hollow or sunken cheeks. For example, smoking; breaks the skin collagen, leaving the skin sagging and wrinkled. Too much exercise can also result in a “gym face, ” hollow cheeks, and a sunken look under the eyes. One other cause of sunken or hollow cheeks is sleep deprivation.

Poor Diet

Malnutrition or poor diet can also give you a hollow or sunken cheek appearance because the body starts burning fat without carbohydrates. Other than diet, the type of food also counts. Intake of too much sugar can result in aging, reducing skin elasticity and collagen, and causing hollow cheeks.

Environmental Factors

Other than these factors, the environment can also be a cause. With harsh weather conditions, the skin will not maintain its moisture, leading to dry skin with less elasticity, adding to the sunken and hollow cheek appearance. The sun is one of the essential environmental factors affecting your skin. UV radiation can degenerate skin collagen faster, making a face seem thinner and cheeks hollow.

How to Get Hollow Cheeks

As we mentioned, certain factors can lead to hollow or sunken cheeks. Yet, some people naturally have less face fat, thereby lesser cheek fat. If you want to achieve the hollow cheek look, multiple ways exist. While you can naturally reduce fat to get sunken cheeks, some people also opt for surgery.

How to Get Hollow Cheeks Naturally

How to Get Hollow Cheeks Naturally

While there isn’t a direct way to reduce face fat, you can generally work on reducing your overall weight to get hollow cheeks naturally. How do get hollow cheeks to exercise?

Try out different diet and exercise techniques to reduce face fat. Many websites show other exercises for hollow cheeks, yet we can’t claim them to be effective. While facial exercises may reduce face fat, they might not be as effective. The idea is that you burn calories from all your body parts when you exercise. For example neck exercises for loose skin. So, to get hollow cheeks naturally, try exercising to reduce weight.

Another simple way to get hollow cheeks is to use makeup for face contouring. You’ll find many tutorials on the internet. Contouring can help you achieve the hollow cheeks look by showing your face slimmer than it is.

Surgeries to Get Hollow Cheeks

How to Get Hollow Cheeks

People motivated to get hollow cheeks often opt for the surgical method. The surgical procedure involves removing the fat or buccal pads through buccal fat removal. This surgery is usually for people who have chubby faces. Other possible surgeries and procedures also work but are often very costly.

How To Lose Cheek Fat?

So you see, if you want the hollow cheek look, you’ll need to reduce your cheek fat. How can you reduce cheek fat? Here are some tips!

  1. Try out different facial exercises.
  2. Bring cardio into your daily routine.
  3. Make sure to drink plenty of water
  4. Minimize the intake of alcohol
  5. Cut down on your carb intake
  6. Get enough sleep
  7. Keep a check on your sodium intake
  8. Take in more fiber

Are Hollow Cheeks Attractive?

Are Hollow Cheeks Attractive?

Many people believe that hollow cheeks seem pretty attractive as they look to being thin. Yet, others may think that this condition makes you look sick or tired. Alternatively, chubby cheeks, though adorable, aren’t beautiful. Women always adore high cheekbones and a slim face with hollow cheeks.

So, when it comes to attractiveness, there’s no one answer. It all comes down to what you find attractive. Since everything is subjective in our minds, hollow cheeks are beautiful to those who like them and not appealing to those who want chubby cheeks. The difference of opinions is respected.


Many people want to know more about how to get hollow cheeks because they seem attractive. Above, we have covered multiple questions people ask about sunken cheeks and how you can get them.

Yet, others don’t like this look and want to know how to get rid of hollow cheeks. The choice is yours! If you want to follow the fashion trend, go ahead and get hollow cheeks!


Why is my face fat, but I’m skinny?

In most cases, your face will be fat if you’re overweight. But sometimes genetics or other factors can cause your face to seem fat even when you’re skinny.

How can I shape my cheeks?

To shape your cheeks, you can perform facial exercises. You’ll find many practices on the internet. Moreover, people opt for surgeries to change the cheek shape.

What causes fat loss on the face?

Multiple reasons like weight loss can cause fat loss on the face, aging, hormonal shift, UV rays exposure, injury, and certain medical conditions.

What foods cause face fat?

Certain foods like white rice, white bread, paste, frostings, syrups, sucrose, and reduced-fat products can cause face fat.

How can I slim my face in three days?

If you want to slim your face in as little as three days, perform facial exercises, drink more water, add cardio to your routine, get proper sleep, take in more fiber, and cut down on carbs.

Why are my cheeks too big?

Facial fat cause your cheeks to seem significant. This can be because of certain factors like poor diet, genetic conditions, lack of exercise in routine, etc.

Are hollow cheeks unhealthy?

Hollowed cheeks have no benefit, yet some people find them more attractive. Hollow cheeks are often signs of old age, weakness, or a medical condition.

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