How to Know if Your Spouse is Cheating on You

your spouse is cheating by other woman

Canada has the 29th highest rate of divorce and around half of all marriages end in divorce. These are not the things people plan when getting married. Everything is beautiful and happy at that time but things don’t remain the same forever. It’s always shocking but it shouldn’t be as shocking as people always set the expectation and most of the time they regret it. 

There could come a time when your relationship doesn’t remain the same and people start to look at other places for happiness. Most of us wouldn’t admit when our relationship has died, which is why we stay in relationships and start to cheat when the opportunity presents itself. If you feel like your partner might be cheating on you, there is a chance that he/she might actually be cheating. Here is how you confirm your suspicions. 

Schedule Has Changed


One big signal that your spouse might be cheating is the change in schedule. They start coming back late from work or there could be new responsibilities for which they have to travel a lot. You should see when they leave for work and when they come back. If they have been staying at the office too late although the income is the same, there are questions you need to ask. 

Make sure you don’t make any blames before you are 100% certain that the change in schedule was deliberate. It could destroy your relationship even if there was nothing wrong. You can hire a private investigator to confirm your suspicions.

Friends are Uncomfortable Around You

Friends are Uncomfortable Around You

If you notice that friends of your spouse are uncomfortable around you, this could mean that they are embarrassed by something they know and you don’t. You should try to hang around them and see if they feel uncomfortable or weird. Talk to them and start a discussion that could tell you something about it.

However, make sure you don’t become fanatic about it. You should try to dig more only if you already feel that they are trying to hide something and don’t want to talk to you unless necessary. 

You Don’t Talk Much


If you feel that you two don’t really talk as much as you used to, this could mean you are falling apart. You two no longer have that connection where you share everything with each other. If it had been like this from the beginning, then it wouldn’t have been a problem.

It is a problem that you used to talk about when together but now you have changed. In some cases, spouses try not to talk because they don’t want to discuss their lives or they are embarrassed when they talk to you. Not sharing anything about life is not a good sign in a relationship. 

Secret Use of Mobile Phone

Secret Use of Mobile Phone

A person that could be cheating on his/her partner lives a life of secrecy. This is why they don’t share their mobile phone or personal laptop with anyone. They are trying to hide the messages or emails that they don’t want you to read. 

Confident couples have nothing to hide, especially if they had a love marriage. Couples who live like friends understand and accept their spouse can have more friends and good humor or understanding with them and don’t get jealous of it. 

Less Intimacy than Before

Less Intimacy than Before

You don’t get much intimate with the spouse when you are getting the intimacy from somewhere else. They don’t feel the need to get near you when they are coming from somewhere where they got that feeling. Intimacy with a spouse feels like work and they try to avoid it.

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