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Why Do My Eyes Hurt When I Look Around

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What can be possible reasons for eye pain? If you scan across a room or shift your gaze from one spot to another and experience pain, there can be a few possible reasons for it. You should get it checked by an eye specialist as soon as possible to avoid any further damage.

What Can Be the Cause?

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Whatever form of eye discomfort you experience, you are bound to experience either rapid blinking, eye rubbing, or even squinting. But, how can you determine what it is? For this, you must visit your nearby doctor and get a proper diagnosis. We have listed, for you, a few of the causes of your eye pain.

  • It could be eye dryness, which occurs if your eyes cannot produce the right amount of water (aqueous fluid) to keep your eyes moist. This may be a result of aging. It could also be a result of some medical conditions or a deficiency of vitamins. In some cases, using contact lenses or getting eye surgery can also cause eye dryness, resulting in eye pain.  
  • If you experience eye pain, it can be a result of impaired vision. Which causes concentration issues and causes stress to your eyes, which may cause pain when shifting your gaze from one place to another. 
  • Oil gland clogging (at the base of your eyelashes) might be a possible cause. In some conditions, your eyelids can become swollen and red, which sadly causes itching and pain. This mostly happens when your glands get clogged. This condition is called Blepharitis. 
  • The reddening of the white part of your eyes may cause a burning sensation. This can also be contagious. The “Pink eye,” also known as “Conjunctivitis,” can cause pain, puss, and redness in your eyes. 
  • Corneal Abrasion may seem like a very complicated word, but simply put, it means your cornea (The clear window into your eye) is damaged and bruised. It can happen when you rub your eyes too hard or scratch them too much. 
  • Infections within your cornea. “Keratitis.” Sometimes the eyes can be infected by either a bacterial or a viral infection. This might happen when you accidentally end up wearing dirty eye lenses. 
  • Another widespread reason for eye pain, when you look around, can be a foreign object being stuck in your eye. This can cause irritation as well. 
  • In some cases, your eyes can become sensitive to light as well. Exposure to high intensity of light may end up causing eye pain. When you look around, your eyes start to ache.

What Can Give Relief to My Sore Eyes Before I Visit a Doctor?

Before go to doctor how to make eyes feel better

While you’ve asked a doctor for an appointment and wait for it, there are certain things you can do at home to give yourself temporary relief till you visit the doctor and get professional aid to your pain. 

  • One of the solutions you can practice is slightly compressing your eye with something cold that will relieve you of that burning sensation. 
  • You can avoid giving your eyes stressful tasks such as watching a screen for an extended period or exposing them to light. 
  • Give them some rest by sleeping a bit (until you get it checked, make sure you do it as soon as possible.)  
  • You can dilute Aloe vera extract by mixing it in cold water and applying it to “closed eyelids” using swabs. 
  • Wash your eyes with plenty of water if you feel irritation. This can prove beneficial, especially if you have a bacterial infection. It can prevent you from spreading them over to other parts of your body. 
  • Since light sensitivity can cause eye pain, make sure to wear sunglasses if you leave your house during the daytime. 
  • Over-the-counter eye drops can give you relief in many kinds of pain.
  • For more, you can read the article tips to keep your eyes healthy.

What are the Doctors More Likely to Prescribe?


After observing your eye condition, Eye-Specialists are more likely to give you a set of antibiotic eye drops or eye ointment. If you have impaired vision, your doctor might give you a checkup and hand a set of glasses to you. In some cases, eye conditions may require surgery or an anti-allergy medicine.

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