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How to Lighten Inner Thighs

How to Lighten Inner Thighs


Who doesn’t want to pull off a perfect look with their favorite skirts and a suitable pair of joggers or shoes? But with darkened or discolored skin, you can never achieve that look! Sometimes dark skin can come between you and a perfect beach day; nothing can be worse than that! Skin discoloration isn’t limited to a specific skin tone; anyone can face this issue. The most common skin darkening concern is the inside of the thighs. While it isn’t a health issue, inner dark thighs can cause embarrassment and low self-esteem, often resulting in mental health concerns. This article is for you if you have ever felt shame or discomfort from inner dark thighs. How to lighten inner thighs? What are the causes, and how can the condition be prevented? We’ve got your back!

Inner Dark Thighs; Causes

Inner Dark Thighs; Causes

Darker inner thighs happen due to hyperpigmentation; increased melanin production darkens your skin tone. There are multiple causes for this medical condition. Here are some of the reasons explained.


If you’ve ever worn tight shoes and experienced blisters, chafing is similar. Chafing is the condition when your thighs constantly rub against one another. The friction caused by this rubbing gives way to darkening the inside of the thighs. If you wear tight underwear of clothes and sweat excessively during exercises and daily activities, there is a high risk of chafing. Moreover, chafing is also caused due to humidity and heat. Wearing fabric materials that don’t take in moisture and trap it between the skin folds may also risk this condition.

Imbalance of Hormones

Hormonal imbalances are also a common cause of inner dark thighs, being prevalent in women more often because of hormonal changes during periods, PCOs, pregnancy, lactation, etc.


Medicines usually help treat medical conditions, but some medications may cause problems like dark skin. Oral contraceptives and chemotherapy drugs increase melanin production, resulting in inner dark thighs.

Exposure to the Sun

Another reason for inner dark thighs is sun exposure because it can increase melanin production in the body, leading to darker skin. With more exposure to the sun, your skin can get darker, especially if you’re wearing skirts or shorts where your inner thighs are visible.

Acanthosis Nigricans; Skin Pigmentation Disorder

Another reason for inner dark thighs is the skin pigmentation disorder, Acanthosis Nigricans which gives warty patches and dark skin on different body parts, sometimes on the inside of thighs.

Dry Skin

Another thing believed to cause inner dark thighs is dry skin. If your inner thighs are dry, they may become dark.

Treatment for Darkened Skin on the inside of thighs?

Treatment for Darkened Skin on the inside of thighs?

The treatment of inner dark thighs is many, from home remedies to professional treatment. Most people start with home remedies to see if they bring the desired results. You can opt for whitening products and over-the-counter therapy if that doesn’t work. Some may want professional treatment at the dermatologist’s office. How to lighten the inner dark thighs and pubic area? Here are all the treatments for inner dark thighs.

Home Remedies to Treat inner dark thighs

Home Remedies to Treat inner dark things

Home remedies are usually the first choice for a natural treatment. These tend to be safe methods without side effects. How to lighten inner thighs naturally? Here are some home remedies that work!

Lemon Juice and Coconut Oil

Lemons contain a lot of vitamin C, which may help treat hyperpigmentation. Coconut oil works as a moisturizer, keeping your skin soft. Combine lemon juice of half lemon with coconut and apply it to your inner thighs. Massage it for around 1 minute and clean the area.

Yogurt and Oatmeal Scrub

Oatmeal helps treat inflammatory skin conditions like eczema. Oatmeal works as an exfoliant, while the lactic acid in the yogurt improves the health of your skin. Combine plain yogurt and oatmeal in an equal proportion to make a paste. Gently scrub this paste inside the thighs and wash it off.

Sugar Scrub

Sugar is also an excellent skin exfoliant. If the dark skin results from dead skin on the thighs, exfoliation can significantly help. Combine one teaspoon sugar with fresh lemon juice and one tablespoon of honey. Scrub this mixture gently on your inner thighs and rinse it later.

Water and Baking Soda Paste

Be careful despite baking soda’s benefits as a skin exfoliant and lightening skin tone. Baking soda can sometimes irritate the skin or worse the condition. To use this method, mix water, and baking soda in equal proportions. Apply a layer on your inner thighs like a mask and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then rinse it off.

Aloe Vera

Aloe-vera based products or aloe-vera gel help soothe chafed or irritated skin. Aloin present in aloe can help lighten skin tone. Apply aloe-vera to the inside thighs like a lotion and let the skin soak it.

Potato Rub

Potatoes are used as a remedy to reduce dark spots. Potatoes are very rich in catecholase, an enzyme that lightens skin tone. Cut one potato and rub it on the inside thighs for around 15 minutes to use this method. Then wash the area.

Over-the-Counter Treatment

Over-the-Counter Treatment

If you’re wondering about how to lighten inner thighs and vag, OTC treatments also work. If you have tried home remedies and haven’t found any betterment, you can try OTC formulations. Most formulations you find will have the following ingredients.

  • Niacinamide
  • Soy
  • Lignin Peroxide
  • Ellagic Acid

Mostly, these ingredients will not show any side effects.

Some other natural ingredients improving inner dark thighs are licorice, kojic acid, and arbutin. Nevertheless, using OTC ointments with these ingredients may experience side effects like skin peeling and increased sensitivity. So, before using these, it’s best to consult a dermatologist to evaluate your condition and prescribe the product appropriately.

Treatment Procedures and Prescriptions

Treatment Procedures and Prescriptions

If OTC and home remedies don’t work for you, you should consult a dermatologist to discuss the products or medical procedures that can lighten your inner thighs. Below are the treatments your doctor may advise.

  • Hydroquinone

Hydroquinone is a standard treatment for inner dark thighs that bleach the skin. Dermatologists don’t recommend the long-term use of this medicine because it might be a carcinogen; cause cancer. Hence, only use this treatment as your doctor advises.

  • Retinoids

You also get vitamin A-based retinoid products in OTC medicines, but a doctor can advise stronger medications. Retinoids like retinoic acid are known to treat hyperpigmentation by regulating cell growth in the skin. Nevertheless, you may need to use the products for months before the results are seen. Moreover, using the products can cause the skin to become more sensitive and dry.

Professional Treatment

Professional Treatment

If you’re not up for prolonged treatment and want immediate results, you can go for professional treatment. Multiple professional treatments work to lighten inner thighs, reducing the melanin and restoring the natural color of your skin. The treatment best depends on the pigmentation depth and skin type. Here are some professional procedures for treating inner dark thighs

  • Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling is a process that removes the skin’s top layer using high acid concentrations. The procedure is completed in sessions, with the peeling increasing in each. Chemical peels also rejuvenate the skin, other than improving pigmentation.

  • Aesthetic Treatments

Aesthetic treatments also help to treat skin problems, but a dermatologist should perform the procedure. Here are some common aesthetic treatments.

  • Microdermabrasion – skin exfoliation for rejuvenation
  • Radiofrequency – used for skin whitening and treating wrinkles and flaccidity
  • Intense Pulsed Light – light for targeting skin melanin.
  • Laser Treatment

Laster treatment is a way to improve skin pigmentation without causing scars. Ask a dermatologist if this treatment can work for you. This non-invasive therapy destroys skin pigment cells.

Best Products to Lighten Dark Thighs

Best Products to Lighten Dark Thighs

We have collected some of the best products to treat inner dark thighs. Let’s have a look.

  • Skinception Illumination 6I Advanced Skin Lightener

Skininception Illumination 6I Advanced skin lightener is an excellent choice for lightening elbows, knees, inner thighs, buttocks, etc. You will get a good return on your money with its diverse uses. It comprises eight natural plant extracts, six active ingredients, and five refined minerals to reduce dark skin color.

  • Meladerm Skin Lightening Whitening Bleaching Cream By Civant

Meladerm skin lightening bleaching cream is perfect for removing hyperpigmentation like age spots, melasma, acne marks, and uneven skin tone. With ten active, advanced ingredients, this lightening cream lightens all skin, including the inside of the thighs and buttocks.

  • Glutamax Instant White Advanced Skin Whitening Lotion

Glutamax instant white advanced whitening lotion is an imported lotion with active white technology, helping to reduce dark skin tone. Glutamax skin whitening lotion consists of natural flower extract and vitamin C to effectively lighten skin, leaving it smooth and soft.

Preventing inner dark thighs

Preventing inner dark thighs

Certain factors can increase the risk of inner dark thighs. Prevention is always better than cure if you’re someone with a high risk of inner dark thighs.

  • Try to minimize chafing. Under your dresses or skirts, wear nylon stockings or wear bicycle shorts.
  • Keep your inner thighs clean and exfoliated to reduce dead skin buildup.
  • Try not to wax or shave the area too often to minimize irritation.
  • Wear breathable and loose clothing to reduce excess friction and sweat buildup.
  • When exposed to the sun, make sure to wear an SPF of 30 or above. Best to avoid sun exposure and keep it to a minimum.
  • Exercise with reverse lunges or squats regularly to tone thighs. Practice different yoga poses like Nataraj asana and Guradasana.


Inner dark thighs aren’t just common but also pose no health risk. While it isn’t much of an issue, people often need to get rid of the inner dark thighs to look good. Do you also have inner dark thighs? No need to worry! There are multiple solutions to treat the condition. From home remedies to professional treatment, we’re sure one or more methods will work for you. Yet, we know prevention is always better than cure, so try to take preventive measures as a priority to reduce the risk of having inner dark thighs.


How long will it take to lighten my inner thighs?

How long the process takes depends on what treatment you’re using. If you’re using hydroquinone creams for treating skin hyperpigmentation, it may take up to four weeks to see the results. For other treatments like laser, the results may be quicker.

Can I get rid of darker inner thighs?

While some factors increase the production of melanin, resulting in darker skin on the inside of thighs, there is always a way to get rid of them. If you use the right products and treatment, you can quickly get rid of inner dark thighs,

How can I lighten the dark parts of my pubic area and inner thighs?

You have several treatments to use to treat inner dark thighs. Try using some home remedies covered above, or if they don’t work, you can use whitening creams. If you plan to consult a dermatologist, you can get treatment for inner dark thighs with them.

Are inner dark thighs a common concern?

Yes, inner dark thighs are much more common than you think; in both women and men. The condition is often caused by increased production of melanin, a skin pigment.

How will a dermatologist lighten my inner thighs?

If you’re considering a dermatologist for inner dark thighs, they will probably use a laser treatment to reduce skin pigmentation.

Is baking soda effective for reducing inner dark thighs?

Yes, baking soda acts as a great natural lightening agent. It helps to reduce darker underarms and inner thighs.

Why are my inner thighs black?

Inner dark thighs are caused by increased melanin production in the body. It isn’t limited to the inside of the thighs; it can even reach the groin or bikini area.

Will Vaseline help reduce inner dark thighs?

Petroleum jelly or Vaseline helps to reduce inner dark thighs because it minimizes friction and helps repair further darkness. Yet, it may not help relieve the existing skin darkness but instead prevent other problems.

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