How To Take Good Care of Your Feet


Walking, hiking and running are just some activities your feet allow you to do. With only 26 bones, they support humans to walk an average of 100,000 miles over our lifespans. But it is easy to take our feet for granted. They do not need expensive daily treatment, spending just a bit more time on foot care daily and choosing the right footwear can keep your feet free of any problems that can lead to significant pain and disability. 

Here are some tips on how to keep your feet happy and pain-free with just a bit of daily effort. 


  • To have a silk-smooth skin on your feet, you should put lotion on it even every day, if you can. Massage is another excellent treatment for sore feet. Unlike back massage, foot massage is something you can do by yourself. 


  • Something else you have to take good care of is any discoloration on your nails. Those are usually signs of fungus. Try using creams, ointments, or tea tree oil for stopping the spread of the fungus. If you are not sure which products to use and how, here are some quality foot care products you can find. You do not need to spend hours and hours every day on foot care, but giving them just a bit more thought will be enough to reduce the risk of pain and injury.


  • Wash your feet and make sure to reach all the tight spots between the toes. If you are not balanced enough to bend down in the shower to wash your feet, there is a long-handled brush you can use to do so without bending. After washing your feet, always thoroughly dry them. This reduces the risk of athlete’s foot, odor, fungus, and bacteria.

Foot Care

  • If you have never soaked your feet before, you have to try it. Just putting your foot in the warm water has a relaxing feel to it, but once you add some interesting bath salt in the water, it is officially spa day. Just make sure that the salt, or any other product you use does not dry your feet. 


  • After soaking them until your water is cold, you can go back to the first step and apply some lotion because it will absorb better. Put on some socks or wrap your feet in a saran wrap. After you are done with the whole process, your feet will feel brand new. 


  • Take good care of what you wear. Some shoes may be the most beautiful you have ever seen, but they may turn out to be your feet´s worst nightmare. Although many girls do not like to hear this, high heels are not the best for your feet. 


Although your feet look the same, they are not. One foot is typically longer than the other, so always make sure to pick out the pair that fits your longer foot perfectly. 

  • Tight shoes can cause corns, blisters, and bunions, which are only treated by wearing the proper shoes. If you want to learn how to buy the best shoes, here are some tips:
  • Go shopping for shoes at the end of the day, because then your feet are a bit more swollen, so you will know if the shoes will fit you the best when they are the most needed. 
  • Check for good quality and durability while you are trying them on. If they are being pushed out of shape or are very tight, that means that you need a bigger pair. 
  • Although everyone says that you simply have to ´break into´ the shoes, it is not true. If you feel uncomfortable, you should choose another pair. 

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