The importance of Building Maintenance for a commercial facility

Building Maintenance
Building Maintenance

There are specific responsibilities involved in running a business and maintaining any commercial buildings if one of them. However, as with many other things, essential regular maintenance can fall to the bottom of the priority list simply because other more pressing things can take priority.

Basic maintenance can seem like an unwanted cost for business too, and if budgets are tight, these are likely to be the areas which are compromised. However, this can create huge risks not just to the building itself, but also any employees working within the space. In some cases, lack of proper checks and remedial work might even mean you are breaking the law. As such, maintenance of your commercial buildings should always remain paramount.

What do we mean by ‘building maintenance’?

Your business may never want to compromise on safety knowingly, but if you don’t know which areas to address, you may overlook something without even realising it. So what exactly would be covered by a term such as building maintenance?

  1. Safety systems and processes check

Fires are one of the most devasting events to occur to any building, whether it be residential or commercial and can, of course, endanger lives. Ensuring the smoke alarms, sprinkler systems and other equipment such as fire extinguishers are all in good working order are paramount to safety.

  1. Drainage systems

Am improperly maintained drainage system can lead to damp and flooding which might cause other damage to mechanical equipment, stock or electrics and can even compromise the health of the workforce if mould was to grow as a result of water ingress.

  1. Air conditioning and ventilation

Issues with this at the lower end of the scale can mean your staff might be uncomfortable is the temperature cannot be maintained. At the upper end, poor ventilation could create a dangerous working environment if fumes are not removed promptly, and if water collects in the system, diseases like Legionella could develop.

  1. Electrical safety

In this age of technology, we use more electrical devices and portable items than ever before, all of which need plugging in at some point whether that be to power them or charge them. An increased volume of this type of equipment means there us an increased risk in electrical fault, which could lead to a fire in your commercial building. Accurately assessing them through methods such as PAT testing will mitigate the risk of any of issues occurring as a result of a fault as they would be picked up in the test.

How can you mitigate risks to your business?

Having a dedicated person to ensure all maintenance is carried out thoroughly and in a timely and regular manner would be a high starting point. However, dependent on the size of your business, this might not be practical.

Fortunately, there are external companies delivering building maintenance in London. They can offer objective advice as to what you should cover as part of your robust schedule of support and will even be able to carry out the work on your behalf. This will give you and your business peace of mind that experienced and insured engineers are keeping your staff safe.


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