Appliance Repair Aurora IL

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Appliance Repair Aurora IL

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So last month I had something go horribly wrong with my refrigerator, that is it just stopped working on me. I ended up having to throw away about $200 worth of food, I was not happy at all.

After calming down from that, I called my parents to see what I needed to do. Long story short they told me to contact an appliance repair company around Aurora IL. Now when I think of an appliance repair guy coming out to fix my appliances, I think of the fat man showing up with his butt crack hanging out and having to pay him hundreds of dollars. Wasn’t to excited about that if you know what I mean.

The next day I contacted about 10 different appliance repair companies in the area. 5 of them didn’t answer, 3 of them spoke broken English, and the last two companies I told about my problem. Long story short I decided to go with Appliance Repair Aurora IL, because they we super nice on the phone and it seemed like the company really new what they were talking about. I also read some review online saying it was a good company, which also helped me make my final decision.

The next day the guy I talked to on the other side of the phone showed up when he said he would. He educated me on how my refrigerator worked as well. Just that on it’s own reconfirmed to me that I picked the right appliance repair company.  After about 20 mins he found the problems and luckily had the part he needed in his work vehicle.

The whole repair cost me about $125 which was way less than expected. I was thinking it was going to cost me around $300 if not more. Overall I learned it’s cheaper to have your appliances repaired than go out and buy a brand new one because that’s what I was about to go do.

So that’s my refrigerator story and how I got it repaired. And for all those who are wondering it runs like a champ! Now hopefully it doesn’t happen to any one of you out there peace out.

Talk soon.

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