Is Cinnamon Good for Dogs? Benefits of Cinnamon for Dogs

Dog looking at cinnamon
Dog looking at cinnamon

There are instances when you find yourself pondering over what your dog can eat and what your dog cannot eat. There are many items in your kitchen that dogs can benefit from and then there are some products that may be toxic for him. Therefore, you need to be very selective in your choice. One of the most interesting and questionable items is cinnamon. When using spices, you may think whether can dogs eat cinnamon. So, let’s take a look at different matters and answer your question.

Is Cinnamon Good for Dogs?

Can dogs eat cinnamon?

To put it simply, yes, dogs can have cinnamon. Unlike items such as nutmeg, which are known to cause several problems for dogs, including hallucinations and seizures, cinnamon is known to be non-toxic for the canines. So, you can sprinkle a little bit of the seasonal spice and let your dog have a healthy treat. However, be careful about the portion and amount of cinnamon that you are sprinkling.

Nutrition Table
Dietary Fiber13.50%
Vitamin K3%
Vitamin C1%
Vitamin D10%


Can dogs have cinnamon? What are the benefits?

There are several benefits of giving cinnamon to your dogs. Among many things that is can do, some are listed below:

Is Cinnamon Good for Dogs

Better brain functioning

Cinnamon helps in improving brain function. It is not just a myth or a hoax. In fact, real studies back the given information that dogs who were given cinnamon were seen performing better when it comes to brain functioning. So, if you are teaching your dog in various ways, making him learn new tricks, or simply trying to teach him the norms, giving some cinnamon alongside food can help.

Preventing diabetes

According to a study, it was discovered that giving your dog half teaspoon daily can help in regulating blood sugar levels to a great extent. How? Well, it helps regulate blood sugar levels and increases the resistance to insulin in your dog’s body. Ultimately, it helps you a lot in dealing with diabetes and you can easily use it with your low glycemic index dog food.

Ceylon Cinnamon

Yeast infections and cinnamon

Another great use of cinnamon is combating yeast infection. Studies have shown in the past that cinnamon possesses great anti-fungal properties. Therefore, you have a huge resistance to Candida Albicans, the fungus that is the root cause of yeast infection. There are instances when infections are able to resist medications. However, the cinnamon can be a great cure for it.

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Keeping your dog food fresh

One of the problems for most of the dog owners is the freshness of their dog food. Cinnamon comes with antibacterial properties and, therefore, it can help in keeping your food fresher for a longer time. With the help of cinnamon, before you refrigerate your dog food, you can just sprinkle around half teaspoon over it to elongate its freshness. Also, a notable thing here is that you don’t store your dog food in cans. It would be far better to keep them in a glass jar.

Cinnamon is great for arthritis

Is your dog suffering from arthritis? Well, never forget to add some cinnamon to his food. We all know that cinnamon possesses great anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, mixing some of it with honey to feed your dog can aid you to a decent extent in overcoming arthritis. As per the research conducted by the Copenhagen University, patients started walking just a week after using this remedy and that too without reporting any pain.

Maintain a healthy weight

Not only individuals but dogs also struggle with obesity. Studies report that 54% of the dogs struggle with obesity and the rate of diabetes has jumped to 79% in around a decade or so. Therefore, you need to take care of the weight of your dog and keep diabetes in check. As listed above, adding some cinnamon helps in regulating the blood sugar levels. Moreover, it also aids in keeping the weight of your dog in check.

Tackles Gastrointestinal Disorders

The Cinnamon helps in gastrointestinal issues. The fibers in Cinnamon are ideal as a natural remedy for constipation in dogs.

Health Benefits Of Cinnamon For Dogs
Improves Brain Functionality
Improves Blood Sugar Levels
Increases Resistance to Insulin
Prevents Diabetes
Combats Yeast Infection
Overcomes Arthritis
Works as a Pain killer
Maintain a Healthy Weight

Are there different types of cinnamon?

There are various varieties of cinnamon available in the market. However, two of them are actually pretty popular. These include the Ceylon cinnamon and Cassia cinnamon.

Ceylon Cinnamon

This one is lighter in color and sweeter in taste. However, it is pretty expensive and you’ll hardly find it around in the stores.

Cassia cinnamon

Cassia cinnamon

It is what you use in your day to day cooking and almost all the grocery stores possess it. This cinnamon is darker in color and possesses a stronger flavor, making it cheap and easy to buy. But you need to be careful when feeding it to the dog because there is coumarin in it which can be fed to dogs in small amounts but usage for an extended period of time in larger amounts can harm the health of your dog.

Is Cinnamon Good for Dogs

What if my Dog eats a lot of cinnamon?

As long as you ask the question that can dogs have cinnamon, yes they can. But feeding them in larger quantities may harm their health. So, you need to be very careful when dealing with your pets. There are instances when the pup may break into your kitchen and eat a lot of cinnamon. Well, it will not be fatal but it may cause some vomiting and diarrhea. However, you must not panic.

Cinnamon and dogs

What to be Aware of When Feeding Cinnamon to Dogs?

The major thing you must concern is that you must not let your dog inhale cinnamon. It will irritate and there are times when your dog will appear to be choking. Also, difficulty in breathing is another common problem when dogs inhale cinnamon. Therefore, if your pet wanders around in your pantry, you must keep your cinnamon stash away from his reach.

Final words

So, can dogs eat cinnamon? Well, yes they can. But you should be careful about the portion that you are feeding and you must not let your dog inhale it. Feed it smartly and you will be able to attain a ton of benefits including better cognitive functioning and regulation of blood sugar levels.

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