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Melissa McCarthy’s Incredible Weight Loss Journey – What’s the Secret?

Melissa McCarthy before and after weight loss.

Melissa McCarthy’s inspiring journey of weight loss is a motivation for all those struggling against criticism for being overweight.

Melissa McCarthy has acted as one of the lead characters in Hollywood as a self-confident and independent woman. She owes her fame to her star movies including Tammy, the Heat, The Boss, Spy, Identity Thief, and Bridesmaids.

Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss

Throughout her career, she has made many transformations with wigs but her weight has always been something that she didn’t let interfere with her confidence. She shared her weight loss journey with the world to inspire. Have a look at her stunning transition evident in pictures of Melissa McCarthy before and after weight loss.


Melissa McCarthy family

Born on 26th August 1970, in Plainfield, Illinois, Melissa McCarthy is the daughter of Michael McCarthy and Sandra. After graduating from St. Francis Academy in Joliet, Melissa McCarthy shifted to New York where she started her career. Melissa McCarthy’s Family comprises her partner Ben Falcone and two daughters; Georgette Falcone, and Vivian Falcone.

Full NameMelissa Ann McCarthy
Date of BirthAugust 26, 1970
Zodiac SignVirgo
Age50 years
Height1.57 m
MotherSandra McCarthy
FatherMichael McCarthy
SiblingsMargie McCarthy
ResidenceLos Angeles
Comedian, TV producer, Voice actor, film producer, fashion desginer
Current Marital StatusMarried
SpouseBen Falcone
Vivian Falcone, Georgette Falcone
Net Worth$90 Million


Melissa McCarthy performance

She is a stand-up comedian who has worked in a number of different countries. After starting her career in New York, she moved to Los Angeles as a member of the comedy group “The Groundlings”. Her role as Sookie St.James in the series Gilmore Girls and the sitcom Mike and Molly are significant milestones in her career of acting. She is a Hollywood star who has performed in a range of comedic films including “St. Vincent”, “The Heat” and “Can you ever forgive me?” At present, Melissa McCarthy’s net worth is a stunning $70 million.

Melissa McCarthy’s Weight History

Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss

Throughout her career as a comedian, Melissa has met with many other famous stars like Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrel, and Maya Rudolph. As a member of the comedy theatre troupe in Los Angeles, Melissa her longtime boyfriend Ben FalconeOver the years, Melissa has consistently been losing weight. Through the years of acting in various shows like Mike and Molly, Melissa has developed the confidence she is so famous for but a range of other factors have contributed to her positive body image.

Childhood to Los Angeles

Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss

In her early years, she had no concerns about her weight. Naturally, it was overlooked as being ‘baby fat’. She is reported to have said in an interview with The Rolling Stones that she hadn’t worried about her weight too soon, though her weight in the initial years was not alarming. She stated that she was no more than size six all through the initial years and had frequently lifted weights, played tennis, and done gymnastics. Her weight hadn’t been of much concern in the early childhood years before moving to LA. It was only after she moved to LA that she began eating unhealthy, limited her physical activity, and gained 25 pounds.

Gilmore Girls

a scene from gilmore girls

During her time in Gilmore Girls, she became increasingly concerned about her weight and went on a very serious diet that she never again attempted, going on a doctor-supervised liquid intake only and losing 70 pounds.


In 2014, she reported finding it extremely difficult to find gowns for the awards shows that fit her size and also could not find any designer who could make one. She never found a dress she felt complimented her, however, at this time, her attitude to her weight was “I could get hit by a bus tomorrow!” so it is obvious that she was not really concerned. This attitude took a turn in 2015.

In 2015 she was to be the star actress in Spy, a famous movie. This encouraged her to start a rigorous training and martial arts program.


Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss

In 2016 she lost 50 pounds without making much of an effort. She reported that one of her Melissa McCarthy weight loss secrets was to nothing at all, just go to bed at 7:30.

In 2018, she lost a further 75lbs because she was playing an important role in the movie “Life of the Party”.

Why or How Did Melissa McCarthy Gain So Much Weight in the First Place?

The reason why Melissa gained weight in the first place is simple, and she admits to them confidently. She confesses that she does not have it in her to follow strict diets and workout routines, and ate unhealthy during her time in LA. Another contributing factor was the fact that she has given birth to two kids and is in her 40s already, resulting in a slowed-down metabolism that did not interact well with her hefty diet.

Melissa’s Weight Loss Secrets

Low Carb Diet

low carb diet

McCarthy went on a rigorous diet that helped her reduce 70 pounds. The center of her diet plan was low-carbohydrate nutrition with no junk food. She replaced her fat intake with healthy fats, fresh carbs, and protein, with no intake of sugar or toxins.

AtraFen Supplement

As for Melissa McCarthy’s weight loss mango, on her doctor’s recommendation, she took the AtraFen supplement. This Melissa McCarthy weight loss pill helped her reduce 16 pounds initially and then 42 by the end of the month.

Workout Schedule

Melissa McCarthy workout

Although Melissa was never interested in the gym, she jogged every day and set out on a 2-week mission with her trainer who instructed her with cardio and strength exercises. She would do strength exercises thrice a week, including a range of specific workouts like inverted Pull-ups, bicep curls, leg press, and deadlifting.

Motivation to Lose Weight

Melisa has always been aware of how others criticized her for her weight but she never took it to heart. From being called “America’s plus-size sweetheart” to being mocked by others questioning why Hollywood would want her as a star. She was never ashamed of her weight and body but her primary motivator for reducing her weight was her career as a comedian. The points in life where she dedicated herself to doctor-monitored weight loss plans were marked with important roles in movies.

In all, Melissa McCarthy’s journey of weight loss is truly awe-inspiring. She has made impressive progress despite never taking her weight too seriously and not fearing criticism by others. She maintained her confidence throughout and never felt pressured into losing weight; she was always the one to make the decision herself. Her weight-loss strategies encourage others struggling with being overweight to follow the same path but with courage and determination, and only for themselves and themselves alone.

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