Eliminate Side Boob Fat: Expert Tips for Quick and Easy Removal

Side Boob Fat

The side boob fat or also referred to as ‘armpit roll,’ is a common concern among females who are working hard to get a perfectly toned physique. It could be a nightmare for those who are trying to define their body curves and striving to get rid of excess fat around their breast region.

Side boob fat, although it is not directly linked to any breast complication, however, it might affect your self-confidence and may cause discomfort. It is the fat accumulated on the sides of the breast and below the armpits. The accumulation of excess fat on the side boob indicates being obese or overweight or having excess skin around this region. As humans age, the skin starts producing a lower amount of collagen that makes the skin look flabby.

What are the Reasons Behind Side Boob Fat?Reasons Behind Side Boob Fat

Females with a lot of body fat usually complain of armpit fat due to the storage of subcutaneous body fat from consuming excess calories. This is why your body develops excess fat rolls on the side of the breasts and in the axillary tail. Spence’s axillary tail or tail is the breast’s upper region that extends towards the armpits. Since women have more fat concentration in their breast region, they are more susceptible to developing side boob fat than men. If you see the fat rolls on the side of the boobs while wearing your sports bra, you really need to work on your entire body to reduce that excess fat.

Below we have listed some of the main causes contributing to side boob fat.


According to various research, there is a 55% chance that the genes determine the breast size. Your genes play a vital role in determining how your breasts will look and how dense they will be. Not just your maternal genes but also the genes coming from your father’s side play a significant role in how your breasts would look. The side boob fat that a person receives from his genes usually responds slower to diet and exercise.


As female ages, her breast starts losing their fullness and firmness and looks sagging and less supportive. The bands which keep your breasts tighter start decreasing, which makes them lose their youthful shape. The side boob fat is also caused due to the drooping of the boobs as the female ages.


mother breastfeeding her newborn baby
mother breastfeeding her newborn baby

Due to significant hormonal changes, the female breasts start changing their size like other body parts. The fullness of the breasts is maximum during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and when that period is completed, the breasts do not remain at the maximum firmness hence, result in the skin sagginess around the breast region. The loose skin around the boobs is also one of the major reasons behind the side boob fat.


Since fat stores throughout the body, when a female gains weight, the fat gets distributed majorly in the hips, breasts, and butt areas. Obesity results in fat accumulation in the breasts and the side of the breasts. The subcutaneous fat accumulating on the side of the breasts as side boob fat may differentiate in each person.

Is Spot Reduction Helpful in Removing Side Boob Fat?

Reducing excess fat from the body through spot reduction is not effective as this is not the right method of reducing fat from certain body fat. The females who are not overweight but have excess fats stored in certain body regions try to get rid of this extra fat through spot reduction but end up attaining nothing. There is no such thing as ‘targeted exercise’; you must work on the entire body to reduce fat from a certain body region. If you have side boob fat and are thinking of doing armpit exercises or intense back-fat workouts to reduce that extra fat bulge, you need to rethink it.

Shedding extra pounds with the right food intake and full-body workouts is the key to a healthy and toned physique. Focus more on gaining muscle and perform exercises that are more focused on full-body movements, such as lunges and squats. Keep an eye on what you eat and how you eat, as your diet determines a lot about the fat distribution throughout the body.

Effective Ways of Losing Side Boob FatEffective Ways of Losing Side Boob Fat

Although spot reduction does not work well in removing the side boob fat bulge, some methods are still effective in reducing the fat surrounding the breast region.

Keep an Eye on Your Calorie Intake

It all starts with what you are eating. If you want to lose your weight from a specific body region, you need to keep a keen eye on your calorie counter, i.e., the number of calories you are intaking in a day. You need to work on the maintenance level of your daily calorie intake, which is the number of calories you need to consume to maintain your current body weight. If you have determined your daily calorie intake, you need to reduce it by 500 calories; e.g., if you consume 2000 calories daily, you may reduce it to 1500 calories daily.

Do Some Strength Training Exercises

Strength training exercises have helped most adults lose weight while toning their muscles. The more muscles you add to your body, the better your physique. Your resting metabolic rate increases after strength exercise because you have worked on a large part of your muscles. As a result, your body burns calories more effectively while at rest and is better able to burn fat. Performing resistance training exercises 2 to 5 times weekly is recommended, depending on your fitness levels. If you have excess fat surrounding your side boob, you can sculpt your breast region by using strength training exercises.

Ensure that You have a Perfect Bra Fit

While purchasing a bra, make sure it is of the right fit, as an ill-fitted bra makes your side boob fat look even more prominent. Your bra should not be too compressing that it starts pricking you painfully. While wrapping it around, the front and back of the bra should be balanced if you want to reduce the side bulge from appearing. Always purchase a full-coverage bra that supports your breasts and the surrounding region.

Look for a Surgical Option

When nothing works, and you are still left with side boob fat, this is the time to look for surgical options as the last option. The surgery to remove the fats from the side of the breast is not considered lethal to the health and is quite simpler to perform. To attain an ideal cleavage, many females undergo surgical procedures such as lateral breast reduction, reducing the extra fat from the breast area. During the surgery, tissue from the breast region is taken out by the surgeon, He lifts the muscle structure and removes the excess fat from the chest wall. Through the surgical procedure, you get a better-looking cleavage and firmer breasts.

Intake of a Keto-Rich Diet

If followed consistently for a few weeks, a ketogenic diet results in quick weight loss. A keto diet comprises protein, lesser carbs, and fats; after the diet is consumed regularly, the body goes through the ketosis phase. The fat is transformed into ketones, which are consumed by the body. Your body starts burning the ketones and fats to fulfill the energy needs, hence speeding the weight loss process.

Bottom Line

If you are prepared to make the required nutritional and physical modifications, losing armpit fat is not difficult. You cannot lose extra body fat by performing specific boob exercises. No area of your body can be targeted for body fat reduction. Only by reducing daily caloric intake, performing weight training and cardio exercises, and eating a proper diet can assist in losing the side boob fat. Consistency is the key, and the more consistent you are with your weight loss routine, the faster the unnecessary side boob fat will be reduced. If you are still putting hard to get those exceptionally toned results and not getting rid of fat around the breasts, keep practicing these methods, as this fat bulge is often considered stubborn. As long as you remain consistent, it will probably only be a matter of time before they start showing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is the tail of Spence?

The tail of the Spence is the region on the side of the breasts and below the armpit.

How many fat layers are there in the human body?

There are two layers of fat in the human body; the one that surrounds around the body organs is known as the visceral fat, while the other one that stores below the skin is known as subcutaneous fat.

Why is the spot reduction method not suitable for removing side boob fat?

Spot reduction does not imply well in reducing the side boob fat as it is not possible to reduce fat from a certain body region through exercise. If you are overweight and have more fat concentrated on a specific body area, you cannot eliminate this excess until you are not working on losing fat from the entire body. You must exercise to reduce your body weight and remove fat from certain regions. This is why the spot reduction method is useless for removing the side boob fat.

Where do men usually have the excess calories stored?

The males usually have excess calorie energy stored in their stomachs as compared to females, who have it stored in their hips and breasts.

Is it possible to lose side boob fat in males?

Males can also reduce side boob fat just like females, as they can accumulate fat on the sides of the boobs. Maintaining a balance between calorie intake and performing strength exercises makes it possible to get rid of fat bulges from the side boobs.

Name a few exercises which target armpit fat.

Dumbbell floor press, pushups, bench press, Lat pull down, Dumbbell row, and Pilates are some of the popular and effective exercises that help reduce armpit fat.

How does coffee help in reducing overall body fat?

Coffee helps in increasing the metabolism rate and losing fats from various regions. It contains caffeine that helps activate your metabolism and decompose excess fat storage in the fat tissues.

Which oils are helpful in breast tightening?

Massaging your breasts regularly with jojoba oil, coconut oil, almond oil, or argan oil help in the breast firming.

Is side boob fat related to causing breast cancer in females?

You probably have heard about the medical concerns which are caused due to the fat concentration in the tail of the Spence or below the armpits. However, no medical evidence supports the occurrence of breast cancer that results from side boob fat.

Which food help in breast tightening?

Food such as lentils, plums, seeds, nuts, beans, and fatty fish help in tightening the breasts.

Does breast massaging help in reducing breast sagginess and side boob fat?

If you are struggling with side boob fat, massaging your breast region with coconut, almond, jojoba, or argan oil helps firm the breasts. A toned breast has a lesser appearance of side fat and looks firmer.

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