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Why Are My Lips Bigger in the Morning? Reasons | Remedies

Swollen Lips in the Morning causes and remedies

Have you ever felt that your lips get miraculously bigger when you wake up in the morning? You probably have never noticed swollen lips in the morning before, but it is common among many people. It might look strange, but this natural phenomenon is a part of the daily lives of several people.

No, this is not your most-desiring type of fuller lips like your favorite celebrities, but the swelling indicates certain health conditions and decreases gradually as you start your day. So, let’s find out the reason behind the swollen lips in the morning in this blog post.

8 Causes of Swollen Lips in the Morning

Here are some reasons that cause swollen lips when you wake up:

1. Increased Blood Flow Levels

increase blood cells flowing can cause swollen lips in the morning
The increased blood pressure fills the fluid into the cells, resulting in overnight swelling

The phenomenon is, somehow, related to the increased blood flow levels that occur when a person is lying on his side or back. You probably have heard someone saying, ‘I am not a morning person.’

The term implies those who do not feel good or in the best shape when they wake up, and one of the reasons for them is to wake up with swollen lips. When the person falls asleep, the increased blood pressure fills the fluid into the cells, resulting in overnight swelling.

2. The Gravity of Body Fluids

Gravity of Body Fluids
The fluid accumulation inside the skin tissues near the lips makes your lips feel larger or swollen

The gravity of body fluids is yet another good reason behind swollen lips in the morning. When a person lies down, the fluids tend to move from the lower body toward the upper body. The fluid accumulation inside the skin tissues near the lips makes your lips feel larger or swollen.

As you start getting into your morning routine, the fluid starts circulating, taking your lips to normal size again.

3. Bad Lifestyle

salty foods and dehydration
Salty foods and dehydration can also cause swollen lips

Certain lifestyle routines also contribute to lip plumping, such as consuming too much salt or not drinking enough water the prior day. Dehydration contributes majorly to waking up with swollen or larger lips because when the body is not provided with the right amount of water, it starts losing moisture.

You may easily witness the lack of moisturization in the body through the chapped or oversized lips the next morning as you wake up. As you start taking water, the lips recover as moisture is provided.

4. Weather Conditions

summer and winter
In comparison to warm days with better blood circulation, winters cause your lips to feel less plump and thinner

The swollen lips are sometimes not considered as crucial as other swollen body parts as this change is not much visible to many people. Even weather conditions significantly change the lip’s size.

Winters make your lips feel less plump and thinner compared to warm days, with improved blood circulation.

5. Medications

You may get lip inflammation if you are taking certain drugs, which may also have an adverse reaction

If you are taking certain medications, these as well may react to cause inflammation on the lips.

6. Allergens

Any exposure to these allergens might cause discomfort and lip swelling

Some people are sensitive to various allergens. So any contact with these allergens may trigger lip swelling and irritation while sleeping.

7. Certain Foods

milk, flour, fish
Some foods can also cause swollen lips

It’s not just the outside factors that may trigger allergic reactions but certain foods such as milk, fish, eggs, and high sodium concentrations.

8. Certain Cloth Materials

Silk pillow
Silk pillowcases can swell your lips

Moreover, the pillowcases, which are made of silk, stimulate the production of saliva during sleeping which results in lips swelling.

9. Specific Skin Conditions

Various skin conditions can cause swollen lips in the morning
Various skin conditions can cause swollen lips in the morning

Certain skin conditions, such as angioedema, also swell lips and other skin areas overnight.

How to Prevent Lips from Swelling in the Morning?

If you feel discomfort or pain in the swollen lips, you may reduce it through specific remedies. Morning sickness is common in several people of different age groups, and sometimes as an indicator of morning sickness, the lips remain swelled for hours.

Various treatments and remedies work great in keeping your lips in their normal size during the slumber hours and in the morning:

  • Use ice or an ice pack to treat swollen lips by applying it for 10 to 15 minutes after every 2 to 3 hours, as ice is excellent in reducing swelling and dryness.
  • Since aloe vera has exceptional anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, applying it on swollen lips can help reduce swelling with its cooling and healing effects.
  • Those with swollen lips due to angioedema are usually recommended epinephrine for its rapid healing properties to tackle emergency conditions.
  • If the swelling on the lips is due to an insect bite, you may apply tea tree oil, an effective anti-bacterial oil, to provide rapid relief.
  • Place a humidifier near your bed to increase moisture in the surroundings.

Bottom Line

Swollen lips in the morning are a common problem with many people. There may be an underlying health condition that results in frequent lip swelling. If the condition persists, it may indicate that you need to consult your doctor to maintain your overall health.

If the swelling on the lips brings with it itchiness, breathing complication, or rashes, you should not avoid it. Keep yourself hydrated and stay away from allergy-triggering factors.

You can use our water intake calculator to determine the amount of water required by your body for optimal functioning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why did my lips get bigger overnight?

The gravity of the body fluid is the reason behind it because when a person falls asleep, his bodily fluids start moving upward, making his lips and, sometimes, face look swollen.

Is there any way to make lips look plumper?

Following a proper lip care routine and drinking lots of water can help plump your lips.

Is it normal to have swollen lips every morning?

For some, it is normal to have oversized lips in the morning. Still, it may indicate underlying health diseases related to skin, muscles, or tissues for some. People with high blood pressure also wake up with swollen lips in the morning.

Why do my lips shrink throughout the day?

Our lips retain their normal size as we wake up due to sun exposure, blood circulation, body fluids circulation throughout the body, and moisture supply.

When do my lips get bigger when I cry?

When a person cries, the blood vessels surrounding the eyes and face expand due to escalated blood pressure that leads to puffed and red eyes. This is why some people witness lip enlargement when they are crying.

Why do my lips look bigger sometimes?

This is because the body fluids accumulate in only specific body parts due to constantly lying down in the same position. This build-up leads to swelling of certain body parts, including the lips.

What are some of the medical procedures used to get bigger lips?

Some medical procedures to get bigger and fuller lips include lip fillers, lip implants, fat grafting, and lip augmentation.

What is angioedema?

Angioedema is a skin condition in which fluid buildup inside the skin.

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