6 Things Every Puppy Needs to Settle into a New Home

6 Things Every Puppy Needs to Settle into a New Home

When you welcome a new puppy into your home, you want to ensure that you’ve got everything prepped and ready in advance. Even if you’re an experienced dog owner, a puppy can be a shock to the system, but taking the time to prepare your home will ease the transition and ensure your pet gets off to a good start. With this in mind, take a look at these six things every puppy needs to settle into a new home:

1. Comfy Bed

Comfortable Crate for Dog

Training your dog to sleep alone at night can be one of the most challenging aspects of getting your pup used to its new environment. While it might be tempting to let your puppy sleep in your room or bed, getting your dog used to sleeping alone from a young age is essential. Of course, ensuring they have a comfortable bed to relax on will help the process, and they will soon come to associate their bed with nighttime and sleep.

If you’re planning to crate train your dog, be sure to choose a crate that’s large enough for their needs but cozy enough to make them feel secure. You can add a bed, crate mat, or cozy blanket to make the space more comfortable and give your pup an added sense of security.

2. Tasty Food

Food For Dogs

Before you decide what to feed your pup, do some research and find out which diets are recommended for the breed. There are plenty of options to choose from, so consider what might be best for your pup and seek advice from a vet if you need to. Some owners give their pets all-natural puppy food, for example, while others choose a breed-specific food with added nutrients.

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As well as choosing what type of food to give your dog, you’ll need to find a reliable and trusted supplier, like Time for Paws. With an extensive range of puppy food and puppy milk, you can find a great selection of nutrition for your new furry friend and have them delivered straight to your door. Remember – feed your pup according to their weight and adjust their food as they age to ensure they get the right mix of nutrients.

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3. Clear Rules

Training Your Dog With Clear Rules

Puppy training starts the minute your new pup arrives at your home, so don’t be afraid to redirect your puppy when they do something they’re not supposed to. Reinforcing positive behavior with treats or attention is typically the best way to train a dog, but it’s also essential for them to learn the word ‘no.’ While it can be tough to say no to a cute and adorable puppy, they need you to teach them what’s acceptable behavior and what isn’t. What’s more – gently teaching your pup what ‘no’ means will help keep them safe as they start exploring their new environment.

4. Comfortable Collar

Dog Wearing Collar

A collar is essential to keep your dog safe when you’re out, so get your pup used to wear one from a young age. Although your dog won’t be able to go for a walk until they’ve had all of their vaccinations, attaching a lead to their collar or harness and ‘walking’ them in the garden can help to get them used to walking on a lead from a young age too. There are different types of collars for dogs, however, most often leather collar is preferred.

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5. Exciting Toys

Toys for Dogs

Puppies love to play and exciting toys will keep them active (and tire them out!). Choose toys that are designed for pups but watch them carefully while they’re playing. Puppy teeth are notoriously sharp, and many pups will chew or tear toys fairly quickly. This can create choking hazards or result in your pup eating something they shouldn’t, so always keep an eye on your dog when they’re playing with toys. Also, remove a broken or damaged toy when it becomes to avoid any damage.

Playing with your dog keeps them mentally stimulated, which is just as important as them getting enough physical exercise, so choose different types of toys that will keep them entertained. From soft and squeaky toys to tennis balls and treat dispensers, keep a stash of toys on hand that you can rotate when your dog wants to play.

6. Lots of Attention

A Girl working on her laptop with her dog sitting beside

Dogs enjoy companionship and your new pup will love spending time with you. Although it’s important to train your dog so that it gets used to spending a little time alone, be sure to give them lots of attention too. Whether it’s cuddling on the sofa, games in the garden, or training sessions, lavishing your new pup with attention will help them to learn and enable you to build a strong bond with them.

7. Make Transportable Fete for Mental & Physical Growth

Make Transportable Fete for Mental & Physical Growth

Puppies are constantly exploring their environment and learning as they go. When you bring your new puppy home, make transportable fete for their physical growth. This means that you’ll need to put away anything that could potentially be dangerous or harmful. Set up a space where your puppy can explore safely. By providing your puppy with plenty of mental and physical growth, you can help him settle into his new home quickly and easily.

You can play hide and seek with them to train them by hiding their food in a newspaper or toilet paper roll. If you want your puppy full of mental & physical growth, provide him plenty of time for playing.

8. Reiterate Him about His Mum

Reiterate Your Dog about His Mum

Many new dog owners struggle with the transition from living with their furry family members to leaving them behind. Saying goodbye can be hard, and some people may feel like they have to do everything themselves in order to make the transition smooth for their pup. One way to help ease the transition is to remind your pup of his or her mum. Doing things together such as playing fetch or taking a walk can help both of you get used to being apart.

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Most breeders offer some type of smell, maybe a blanket or anything else to keep the puppy calm when he is new in your house. You must keep that smell near the puppy at night to remind him of his mum. It will help you to keep your puppy calm and comfortable while he is in bed. For the new puppy, it is imperative to have a nap to stay healthy and active as puppies in growing age are energetic and playful. His mum’s smell will make him feel like he is with his family, and he will miss them less.

9. Stay Calm and Be Patient

Stay Calm and Be Patient With Your Dog

Although it is very tempting and amusing to bring a pet puppy home when you bring a new puppy home, your emotions can run high. You may be anxious about getting him settled in and exploring his new surroundings. But don’t rush things.

If there’s one piece of advice that covers almost every dog’s behavior issue. i.e., be patient. But what does that really mean for you and your pup? Being patient and letting your dog adjust at their own pace is wisdom. Adapting to their new home and family may take only a few days for some dogs. For others, it might take weeks or even months.

It is better to take training sessions with your puppy to understand his mental state. Furthermore, when you feel your puppy is frightened, give him time to get out of trauma and make things easy for him so that he will get frank with you and adjust to the family as soon as possible. During his learning period, your behavior with your puppy matters greatly, so it is important to talk to him calmly.

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Enjoy Your New Pup

Raising a puppy can be hard work, but it’s also a rewarding and enjoyable process. By ensuring you have everything you need before your new pup arrives, you’ll have peace of mind that your home is set up for the newest family member. Now, you can begin enjoying time with your new pup immediately.

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