Ultra Soft Stringy & Sticky Rice Bread

Rice Bread
Rice Bread

We adore cooking and experimenting! If you like chef games too, you are in the right place! Today we are going to talk about bread-baking, how to make soft, stringy, sticky rice bread, and how to make bread in a rice cooker.

Rice bread is ideal for people with gluten intolerance since it’s made of rice flour, which naturally doesn’t contain gluten. But if you don’t suffer from allergies, you can add different types of flour. Actually, there are plenty of homemade rice bread recipes! However, in this post, we’ll try the most straightforward ones. Well, our first task is to choose the main ingredient – flour – correctly. Shall we start? 

What To Buy?

The very first thing you’ll need is bread flour! What is bread flour? This type contains a lot of protein and is perfect for baking yeasted bread. Thanks to it, you’ll get an airy, soft, and chewy texture. Here is a simple way on how to make bread flour yourself: just add one & a half teaspoon of vital wheat gluten to one cup of all-purpose flour.

And, surely, you’ll need rice flour to bake rice bread! Go to a local store or Asian one and get a package of this breadstuff.

Now, when you know and have the main ingredients, let’s begin baking! 

The Simplest Rice Flour Bread Recipe

Rice bread recipe


  •     325 g of bread flour
  •     100 g of sticky rice flour
  •     210 g of water
  •     1.5 teaspoon of instant yeast
  •     3 tablespoon of brown sugar
  •     ¾ teaspoon of salt
  •     20 g of butter
  •     2 egg whites 


  •     25 by 12 by 11 cm loaf pan 

What to do? 

  •     Mix water and sticky rice flour until no lumps.
  •     Heat it up, stir continuously till the mixture gets thicker. Then cool it down. 
  •     Put parchment on the baking trays.
  •     Place all the ingredients into the mixer bowl, and knead them well on low speed until all ingredients come together. Then, on medium speed, knead the mixture up to 20 minutes – it must become smooth and sticky. If the dough is wet, add 1 tbsp of flour.
  •     Leave the dough in a large greased bowl covered with a kitchen towel until it doubles in size (up to 2 hours). While you are waiting for the right dough consistency, tr y spiele kostenlos ohne anmeldung.
  •     Release the air from the dough by punching it down.
  •     Transfer the dough into the loaf pan. It must rise up to 1 hour in a dark and warm place.
  •     Preheat the oven to 200*C.
  •     Bake the bread for up to 30 min., until the golden crust.
  •     Let the bread cool down before slicing.

That’s how to make bread with rice flour! Easy peasy!

How To Make Bread In A Rice Cooker 


  •     5 g of yeast
  •     1.5 cup of flour
  •     1.5 tsp of salt
  •     1.5 tbsp of sugar
  •     20 g of butter
  •     180 ml of water
  •     30 ml of milk 


What to do?

  •     Put yeast in a cup, add a pinch of sugar, and ¼ cup of warm water. Leave it for 10 min.
  •     Put flour, sugar, and salt in the rice cooker bowl. Add water, milk, and yeast.
  •     Mix all the ingredients with your hands. Do not use a mixer in the rice cooker, or you scratch it! Knead the dough for about 10 min.; if it’s wet, add a little water. As a result, the dough must become elastic and not too sticky.
  •     Take butter, knead it into the dough until no lumps, and grease the rice cooker walls with the butter.
  •     Let your dough rise for about an hour; it must double in size.
  •     Punch the dough down and leave it to rise again for another hour.
  •     Turn your rice cooker on; the bread-baking time takes about 2 hours. In an hour, you have to turn the bread upside down, then continue baking. Maybe, you’ll have to make several flips. Actually, the time of cooking and flips depends on your rice cooker. 
  •     Let the bread cool down a bit.
  •     Enjoy your meal!

Serve your homemade bread with salted butter, honey, cheese, or anything you like! We are sure you’ll manage to bake perfectly plushy and delicious bread!

Have your own rice bread recipes? Please, share them with us!

Enjoy cooking!

Author’s Bio: LaBonte has been working as a chef for 15 years. He likes traveling and studying different ethnic food traditions. Asian cuisine is one of his favorite ones; LaBonte often cooks Japanese, Chinese, or Thai meals for her family. Lucky are they!


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