5 Post-Pregnancy Body Changes You Didn’t Expect

5 Post-Pregnancy Body Changes You Didn't Expect
5 Post-Pregnancy Body Changes You Didn't Expect
Finding out that you are pregnant is the most exciting time in the life of an expectant mother. You know that certain changes will take place with your body, and you want to get mentally and physically prepared for them.

After the baby is born, and you return home, you expect the body to be resilient and return to the way it was before pregnancy. This, of course, will take some time. Many women think that their stomachs will naturally return to the pre-pregnancy size, but that also can take a while. Some of the bodily changes that are experienced during pregnancy will also be evident after pregnancy along with some changes that you did not know about.

  1. A change in breast size occurs during pregnancy, and after the child is born especially if the mother breastfeeds. The breasts will usually get smaller in size, and start to sag after breastfeeding, and will continue to sag after each pregnancy. This is not always due to pregnancy. It also has a lot to do with the Body Mass Index.

  1. A diminished sex drive is one of the changes that occur in some women after the birth of their baby. With the demands of motherhood, the new mother usually has less energy at the end of the day than before, and sex is no longer a top priority. Estrogen levels rise during pregnancy and drop tremendously afterward which lowers the desire for sex.

body changes during pregnancy
body changes during pregnancy
    1. The belly bulge takes some time to get back to normal. The uterus takes at least six to eight weeks to return to its normal size, so the bulge will be there until it does. Many women start an exercise regimen when time permits to help with the battle of the belly bulge.

  1. A change in shoe size surprises most new mothers. The feet are known to swell during pregnancy, but many women are not aware that their feet may require a larger size shoe than before pregnancy. This body change is often a permanent one that occurs because the extra pounds during pregnancy put excess pressure on the feet, and they get bigger.

  2. It may seem that you are losing hair after the birth of your child. This is because the estrogen levels during pregnancy keep the hair from falling out at the normal rate, and the hair seems fuller and shinier than ever before. After the birth of the baby, the hair goes back to normal. This means that the normal rate of fall out is back.

changes of body in woman during pregnancy
changes of the body in a woman during pregnancy

Some women experience more dental problems after pregnancy. The gums have a tendency to loosen during pregnancy, and mothers will often either lose a tooth or will spend more time at the dentist’s office. Other issues may include the need for postpartum underwear due to some loss of bladder control or change in the size of different body parts. This occurs from vaginal deliveries that sometimes weaken the muscles that control the bladder causing incontinence. Pregnancy is a wonderful time for mothers, but there are some surprises afterward.

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What permanent body changes occur after pregnancy?

  • Stretch Marks
  • Changes in bone structure occurs
  • Hips and Feet are widen

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