Amazing Chic Ideas for Curvy Brides!

Amazing Chic Ideas for Curvy Brides!
Amazing Chic Ideas for Curvy Brides!


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Shopping for a wedding dress is a stressful, but important time in a bride’s life. And with the average wedding dress costing anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand, it can be expensive too. While there is a ton of different choices for brides out there, many are simply not made for plus size or curvy women.

It can be difficult for these women to find dresses that fit and look how they like. However, it doesn’t have to be. With that in mind, this article is going to look at some amazingly chic ideas and tips for the curvy brides of the world.

Find the Right Store or Boutique

The first thing to think about is be sure to visit and find the right store. Some stores will only have dresses in the smaller or standard sizes, while others will be well stocked with gowns for all shapes and sizes. Some may even specialize in plus size brides and will be able to find you the dress of your dreams.


Also, don’t be scared to look online. Shopping for a plus size wedding dress doesn’t have to be difficult. There are many online stores that have a ton of stock when it comes to dresses. As a result, many have dresses in multiple sizes and styles. Searching online will allow you to compare a variety of dresses, all from the comfort of your home.

The Fabric of the Dress is Important


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Not all wedding dresses are created equally. Some are made of very light and airy fabrics, while others are made of heavier and more sheek fabrics. Generally, thicker and heavier fabrics are better for curvy women. This is because thicker fabrics such as satin are better at smoothing everything out.

In addition to the actual fabric of the dress, the design of the fabric can also be important. For example, ruching is a style that many curvy women decide to go with. Ruching is when the fabric sort of looks rippled or bunched, but in a very appealing way. This type of fabric design can help to potentially mask any areas you’d rather not have people see.

Draw Focus to Your Strengths

Unfortunately, many brides will initially focus on the things they want to hide on their body. It is normal to have self-confidence issues, but instead of dwelling on the things you don’t like, try focusing on the things you do like. You certainly have some features you enjoy about yourself, so find a dress that will highlight those.

There are literally hundreds of different dress designs, each which can look completely different on your body. While the average women will only try on a couple of dresses, there is nothing wrong with trying on more to ensure one shows off what you want it to show off. Of course, the more you try on the more confusing your choice could be, so be careful.


Hopefully this article has been able to inspire you with some amazingly chic and helpful ideas.

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