French Country Charm Bedroom Decor Ideas

Charming Bedroom

Do you ever lie in your bed and wish you were in the countryside of Provence drinking wine and admiring the country? If the answer is yes, but you can’t really travel at the moment, you’ll be happy to learn that you could bring a bit of France into your home and lifestyle. The French country bedroom is well-known as a casual and elegant form of home décor and it could elevate your home and overall mood within days. Being cosy and luxurious at the same time, this kind of bedroom design has been popular for quite some time. The mixture of hard furniture and soft details makes it everyone’s favourite and gives it a sense of uniqueness. Here is how to create the perfect French country charm bedroom on your own!

Light Neutral Walls


When creating something new, you always start from the basics and the bigger picture. In the case of a bedroom, your starting point could be the walls. There are plenty of options when it comes to wall paint, but for a French country bedroom, the best way to go is to stick with some light and neutral colours. 

Cream or beige could be the perfect foundation if you need some warm colour for the walls. On the other hand, if you’d like to go for a cool neutral, you could always paint the walls grey. Depending on what you’ve planned for the entire room, you’ll know which colour to choose. These neutral tones will be amazing for combining with vintage furniture and other details. 

A Perfect Colour Pattern

When you’ve decided on the wall colour, you can focus on building the right colour pattern in the room. For instance, with a creamy foundation on the walls, you could combine white and toned down orange. You could combine any colours as long as they aren’t too bright or harsh. Cosiness is one of the goals of this bedroom and you don’t want your eyes attacked with the wrong colours.

One décor you could never go wrong with is the grey and white one. With some grey walls, white sheets, and grey details such as pillows, lamps, or vases, you’ll have the rustic bedroom you’ve dreamed of. Don’t forget about the natural flooring and you’ll achieve the perfect level of elegance and cosiness in your home. 

A Refined Headboard

What is the focal point of any bedroom? That’s right, the bed. This means that choosing the right bed is the most important thing to do when you’re equipping the bedroom. When it comes to French country bedrooms, in particular, you should mostly focus on the headboard. 

Even though the headboard is such an important part of home design, you could find the most elegant one for pretty affordable prices. The bigger the headboard the better! You could easily find many vintage pieces that could fit perfectly into your room and bring that old French feeling to it. 

Vintage Pieces

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The next important feature of a French country bedroom is the vintage furniture. The older the furniture looks the better it will fit into your room. These rooms are all about getting the feeling that they’ve been passed on through generations. This is where the true abundance lies, as well as wisdom, elegance, and comfort. 

You can bring anything antique into the room and make it seem more refined and elegant. The bed, chandelier, nightstands, or even the flooring can be antique. The windows could be older too, just make sure that they are functional! All of these pieces will make the room look more tasteful and give a sort of personality.

Distressed Furniture 

Speaking of furniture, if you can get distressed pieces for your bedroom, you should. These are simply perfect. They look like they’ve been around for ages, but they are actually perfectly functional. Distressing the furniture means giving it a weathered look – making it seem older than it actually is. 

You can do distressed furniture on your own through a simple DIY project. With the proper material and tools and a bit of imagination and skill, you could create the perfect pieces for your new bedroom. If you don’t have the time, you could always just buy them. If you want truly aged pieces, you might want to check out garage sales and local antique shops. 

Antique Door

The next antique piece you might want to invest in is the doors. You want the whole room to feel like a piece of French paradise and some way too modernised doors might mess with this idea. Though this could be a bit pricey and it could take some time, it will be worth it. 

If you don’t feel like changing your current bedroom doors, you could add a pair of sliding barn doors instead of closet doors. These could be rather a unique way to bring in that European countryside feels. Don’t forget to check out the flea market from time to time. You might bump into the perfect doors that will fit in the room flawlessly!

Layered Bedding

Seemingly old, tasty, elegant, and cosy are the adjectives people would use to describe this kind of bedroom. If you don’t know how to make it cosier, the trick is to add more layers. One simple way to do so is to buy the right bedding. French-style bedding is cute and simple, rich in texture and usually monochromatic. 

As far as the fabrics are concerned, you should look for cotton and linen. Light and comfortable bed sheets will make the bed and the whole room look more intimate, welcoming, and elegant. With some cute pillows and a vintage rug, you’ll bring layers and cosiness to the room.

Linen Curtains

Linen curtain
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Another way to bring texture and cosiness to the room is by hanging up the right curtains. Again, cotton and linen should be your go-to fabrics when equipping a French country style bedroom. Curtains made of both of these materials are simply gorgeous and they can frame a window like nothing else. 

They are both elegant and cosy, which makes them the perfect match for such a bedroom. Can you imagine waking up, looking towards the window and seeing the luxurious baby pink linen curtains framing the view outside? 

Toile All-Around

As you may have noticed, fabrics are pretty important in French design. If you’ve done with all of the major parts of the bedroom, now is the time you focused on the details. No better way than using toile to accentuate certain parts of your French country bedroom. 

Your room should be like a stereotypical French lover – inviting, seductive, charming, and stylish. Some red toile fabric will quickly bring all of these qualities to your bedroom. You can think about red pillows and curtains or you could think bigger and go for red wallpaper if you feel like it. 

More Flowers

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Floral motifs are also a big part of French design. You could focus on floral fabrics or you could bring literal flowers into the room. If you don’t want flowers in the bedroom, you could look for some vintage settee with floral ticking or you could reupholster some piece of furniture to make it more charming. 

On the other hand, if you want to put some flowers in the bedroom, there are plenty of choices. For instance, roses and lavender, as well as peonies could be the perfect starting point. You can place these flowers in some vintage pieces such as trophies. It’s a perfect way to combine the rustics and the freshness this kind of room is all about!

A Fake Fireplace

Fire place
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Rarely will a modern home have a fireplace built in the bedroom. If this is the case with your bedroom as well, worry not! You can fake one easily. For instance, you can buy a faux mantle and make it the focal point of the room.

You can get one in the right colour and material so that it really matches the mood of a French country bedroom. You could even make one on your own if you’re skilled enough. This is an ideal way to add a fireplace to your room without worrying about having any real flames or heat in the bedroom.

A Crystal Chandelier

The last decorative item that you could fit into your French bedroom is a crystal chandelier. The truth is that the chandelier doesn’t have to be crystal – it can also be rustic wood. However, if you’re really going for that glamorous old look, crystal is the better option. 

It is the most logical final touch. Even if the room is minimalistic in design, a crystal chandelier will be the perfect accessory. It is both personal and romantic and it is stylish and luxurious. Especially if you have taller ceilings, you’ll find the best spot for a grand chandelier. 


Who says that the French country bedrooms are reserved for France only? You could have one no matter where in the world you are. Following these simple and mostly inexpensive tips will lead you to a dreamy French piece of paradise you’ll get to call your bedroom.

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