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How To Make Yourself Puke

How To Make Yourself Puke

This topic might sound disgusting to many individuals. No one would want to talk about it but it is necessary to educate people regarding this issue. Making oneself puke can reflect various disorders relating to one’s eating patterns. No one ever wants to puke purposefully. People who are overweight often force themselves to throw up to get rid of the food stored in their stomach. However, this is not considered to be healthy.

How To Make Yourself Puke

In the past whenever someone ate something that could be toxic to their health, their first thought was definitely to make themselves puke. Everyone in the past thought this to be the best possible solution. But as times have changed, doctors suggest that throwing up after eating something poisonous is more deadly and troublesome. If you are making yourself puke forcefully, you are inviting some trouble for your body and health.

For the ones who want to lose weight, this is probably not the best idea. It can pose serious threats to your body. It can damage an individual’s mouth or throat tissues. Moreover, people who are suffering from mental health issues often take drugs or eat things that relieve them for the time being but can induce a vomit later. Therefore, it is only wise to throw up when necessary, not otherwise.

Self-Induced Vomiting

How To Make Yourself Puke

Self-induced vomiting, also known as the intentional vomit is when a person wants to make themselves puke intentionally. However to some people, even the thought of it can sound very undesirable. There are a number of situations that would induce a vomit. For example, a simple headache can cause a puke. Other than that eating disorders, unhygienic food, acidity, or a bad smell could be the reasons for it. Many people think if they will throw up after having food, they will lose weight which is absolutely wrong. It requires physical and mental pressure which might make you feel stressed out.

Is it safe to make yourself puke?

How To Make Yourself Puke

It is never a good idea to make yourself throw up because when you do it twice or thrice, it will become a habit. No doctor or medical person would ever recommend that. The back story of forcing a puke can include a number of eating disorders. This can lead to various health problems.

Risks of self-induced vomiting

How To Make Yourself Puke

Mallory Weiss Tears

A natural vomit is not dangerous to health, but forcing a puke holds more threats to your body. It exerts pressure on one’s esophagus. If a person continues to vomit deliberately, it can cause the disfunctioning of esophagus resulting in esophageal tears. In other words we can call it Mallory Weiss tears. This happens when you see blood in your puke.

Weakens your teeth

How To Make Yourself Puke

When a person vomits, the stomach acid can make a direct contact to your teeth. It softens and damages the enamel, which will ultimately lead to teeth weakening and decaying. People who are already suffering from weakened or decayed tooth will experience tooth loss. Therefore, it is always a wise decision to drink water immediately after puking.

Potassium Deficiency

Throwing up can also lead to deficiency of potassium levels present in your body. This happens because when you puke, the potassium that is present in your body also finds its way out of your body. This can cause variations in your pulse rate and also lead to fatigue. All these things can result in a cardiac arrest. In order to get rid of that, it is wise to drink a glass of some fresh juice after vomiting.

Esophagus cancer

Frequent vomiting can pose dangerous threats to your esophagus. It damages muscles which can result in esophagus cancer as well as heartburns.

Sore throat

This is not a long term disease, it is just a short term infection but it can also be very problematic. With proper medication and care, it can get better in time.

Ways to make yourself Puke

How To Make Yourself Puke

Put Finger in your throat

If you want to throw up immediately, the best way is putting a finger down your throat. This is a very simple technique which requires you to push your fingers closer to the throat. Once you do that, it will make the gag reflex active. After that, remove the finger and you will ultimately start puking. However, before inserting your finger inside your mouth make sure that,

  • You have washed your hands and fingers.
  • Your nails are cut and clean so that you don’t end up hurting and infecting your throat.
  • If you are wearing any rings, remove and put those aside before starting the process.
  • If you want to throw up in a toilet, sit on your knees so that you don’t put much pressure on the abdomen.
  • If you are throwing up in a sink, take a hold of something powerful.

Salt water

How To Make Yourself Puke

Salt can impact the levels of electrolyte in a human body. Therefore, it can help you in throwing up. Salt consists of sodium in excessive quantity which can disturb the normal levels of electrolytes leading to make an individual wanting to puke immediately.

To use this method, add two spoons of salt to a glass of water. Mix the salt into water, and ensure that the water is hot. Drink all of it once, and let it do the rest of the job for you. After you follow this method, you will definitely vomit in half an hour.

Coca cola

How To Make Yourself Puke

As we discussed that the excessive use of sodium can have an impact on the electrolytes, de-carbonated coca cola will perform the same job for you. Ensure that the cola loses all of its gas and bubbles, and you are left with a sweet sugary drink. Drink this sweet cola after every 30 minutes. This will generate a feeling of nausea.

Use egg whites to gargle

How To Make Yourself Puke

Thinking about it sends chills down my spine. It sounds very unusual, but this is true. If you gargle with egg whites, you can induce a vomit. The jelly like appearance of the egg white and its smell is going to be enough to make you throw up. All you have to do is gargle with the solution until your body activates the gag reflex. Once it’s done, you will throw up spontaneously.

Use a Toothbrush 

This is another great idea to throw up with a toothbrush for people who want to have a self-induced vomiting. If your finger doesn’t work well for you, you can use your toothbrush to induce a vomit. Put your toothbrush inside your mouth, and rub it on the back of your tongue. This will definitely make you want to throw up in no time.

Mustard with water

How To Make Yourself Puke

Just like the excessive intake of de-carbonated coca cola and sodium can make an impact on the electrolyte balance of the body, the mustard and water solution works the same way. All you have to do is mix mustard into a glass of water. It will immediately make you nauseous and you will vomit instantly. However, ensure that you do not repeat the process frequently as it will negatively affect your health.

Expose yourself to bad smells

If none of the above methods help you, you can try this one out. It sounds disgusting but it will definitely work for you. Smell garbage, or anything that induces a bad smell. Your brain will signal it if you are affected by bad smells and you will ultimately throw up.

Questions regarding throwing up fast and easy

  • What does it mean if you puke immediately after having food?

If you have a feeling of nausea immediately after eating a meal, this means you are having some eating disorders. Another possible reason would be food poisoning. Moreover, if you vomit in like eight hours after eating something, this also shows you have probably had food poisoning.

  • Does throwing up affects your health?

It can impact your health. It can pose no threats if you throwing up naturally. But self-induced vomits can harm your health. It is okay to vomit if you have some stomach disorders, or you ate something unhealthy. However, this does not go well with eating disorders and losing weight.

  • Can we puke after overeating?

Forcing oneself to puke after they have eaten more than enough is not a good idea. They can use various ways to make themselves puke but it is going to harm their physical and mental health.

  • What should be the post puke behaviors?

After vomiting, you should clean your mouth thoroughly with water to ensure that the stomach acid does not damage your teeth. You can also drink a glass of water, or fresh fruit juice to make yourself feel better. Moreover, you can also rest for some time.

  • What is the best position to puke?

The most comfortable position to puke is to sit on your knees. This way less pressure is exerted on your body and you feel relieved after puking. Always consider to take some deep breaths before vomiting.

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