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Is Balding Genetic? (Causes, Prevention & Tips)

It is possible that you do not give your hair much thought, that is until you start to notice it looks a little different. When you start to notice that it’s thinning or bald spots start appearing on your head, it could quickly become a focal point for you.

Your hair can make a huge difference to your appearance, so it is understandable why people might find themselves feeling upset and concerned when their hair begins to fall out. If this does start happening to you, you might wonder why you are balding and whether or not it has anything to do with your genetics. It could be, but there are other reasons why you might be struggling with hair loss, too.

Genetic Background

Is Balding Genetic

It is true that you have a greater chance of you experiencing balding if you have relatives with this problem, particularly your father or mother. For men, genetic baldness can start as early as in their 20s or 30s, and you will start to notice your hairline receding in an ‘M’ shape at the front of your scalp.

For women, it is most likely that they will experience hair loss after or during menopause, but it might happen before this in some circumstances, with hair thinning from the central parting line.

If you suffer from genetic baldness and are uncomfortable with this hair loss and how it has changed your appearance, then you can always explore the option of getting a hair transplant for a long-lasting solution. You can learn more about this procedure at a hair transplant clinic.

Normal Hair Growth Cycle & BaldingHair structure and growth life cycle

Every hair on your head will go through a growth phase and then a resting phase. After the resting phase, your hair will eventually fall out, and new hair will start to grow in its place. It is normal for you to lose around 100 hairs each day as part of this process.

Anagen phase: This is the growth phase and can last for 2-7 years.

Catagen phase: This is the transitional or resting phase and lasts around 2-3 weeks.

Telogen phase: This is the shedding phase and lasts around 2-3 months.

If your hair follicles go through this cycle at a faster pace, it means that you will be losing hair more quickly than usual. This can lead to balding.

What are the early signs of genetic balding?

The early signs of genetic balding are a receding hairline at the front of the scalp, or thinning hair on the crown. You might notice that your hair is not as thick as it used to be, too. If you have any concerns about your hair loss, it is always best to speak to a dermatologist for advice.

Other Causes

Yes, genetics can play a role in hair loss, but this isn’t the only cause that could be behind your receding hairline or bald patches. The following could explain your hair loss:

StressA stressed girl

Stress can be a contributing factor to many changes in appearance, including hair loss, and if you are going through an extremely difficult period in your life that causes this kind of emotional turmoil, then it’s like that this is the problem. For the sake of both your physical and mental health in these circumstances, consider making some changes to your lifestyle where possible so that you can reduce your stress, or speak to a professional counselor to help you learn how to manage these feelings more healthily.

Vitamin Intake is Low

A lack of vitamins and a generally unhealthy lifestyle can be another reason why you might be experiencing hair loss. It is important to consume a balanced, nutritious diet and to avoid things like smoking or excessive alcohol consumption to stay healthy. Foods that are considered to help promote healthy hair include eggs, spinach, salmon, nuts, seeds, and berries.


Certain medications and/or treatments can also cause temporary hair loss, like chemotherapy, taking beta-blockers, antidepressants, or drugs that can mess with the hormone balance in your body. General hormone imbalance can also play a part in hair loss, and this can happen during pregnancy, menopause, underactive thyroid, etc.

Traction Alopeciaa Men with Traction Alopecia

This is a type of hair loss that is caused by hairstyles that pull on your hair too tightly, like tight ponytails, cornrows, or braids. This kind of hairstyle can damage both the hair follicles and the roots, and if you wear these hairstyles often, it can lead to permanent hair loss.

Iron Deficiency Anemiaa men with balding

This is a condition that occurs when there is not enough iron in your body, and it can lead to hair loss. This is because iron plays an important role in the production of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to your cells. If you are not getting enough iron, then your cells will not be getting enough oxygen, and this can cause hair loss.

How to Prevent Balding?

The best way to prevent hair loss is to try and identify the cause so that you can address it directly. However, there are other prevention tips for balding:

Limit Heat ExposureA girl in a bright sun light

Too much heat exposure from things like straighteners, curlers, and hair dryers can damage your hair and lead to balding. If you do use heat on your hair, make sure to use a heat protectant spray and keep the setting on low.

Healthy Diet IntakeHealthy Diet

A healthy diet is important not just for your overall health, but for the health of your hair as well. It’s important to eat a balanced diet that contains nutrients like protein, iron, and vitamins, so you can promote healthy hair growth and prevent balding. Here are some of the best foods for strong hair.

Cooling Cap Therapya girl with cooling cap therapy

This is a treatment that is sometimes used for chemotherapy patients to prevent hair loss. The cooling cap helps to constrict the blood vessels in the scalp and prevent the chemicals from reaching the hair follicles. This can be an effective method for preventing hair loss, but it does not have the same side effects, or it may even cure hair loss.

Switching to a Better Medicationa doctor writing a prescription

If you are on a medication that is causing hair loss as a side effect, then speak to your doctor about switching to a different medication. There may be another option that is just as effective but does not have the same side effect or it can also cure the hair loss as well.

Stop SmokingStop Smoking

Smoking is bad for your overall health, and it can also lead to hair loss. If you smoke, then try to quit so that you can improve your health and possibly prevent balding.


Can balding occur at 20?

It is not common to start balding at 20, but it is possible. If you are experiencing hair loss at 20, then you should speak to a doctor to find out the cause and to discuss treatment options.

Is hair fall after showering a sign of balding?

Hairfall after showering is not necessarily a sign of balding, but it can be. If you are concerned about hair loss, then speak to a doctor to find out the cause.

Can shampoo cause balding?

The shampoo itself does not cause balding, but if you are using a shampoo that is harsh or contains chemicals that can damage your hair, then it can lead to hair loss. Try to use a gentle,

When do men start balding?

The average age for men to start balding is 35, but it can happen earlier or later than that. If you are concerned about it, then speak to a doctor to find out the cause.

When do women start balding?

The average age for women to start balding is 40, but it can happen earlier or later than that.


If you have recently noticed that your hair is thinning or bald patches are appearing on your scalp, this might have started to worry and upset you. It might be due to genetics, but remember that this isn’t the only cause, so do consider what else is going on in your life that might be contributing to this. If you’re not sure or you’ve changed your lifestyle habits, and still your hair is balding, see a doctor to rule out possible health issues that might not have been diagnosed yet.

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