Why Is Making Yourself Throw Up Bad For You?

 As much as the human body has the tendency to get out of sharp corners and immunity that protects it against many diseases, it has its weaknesses. The human body is a very sensitive thing. If it is not used to something or something enters it that changes its consistency it bound to show a reaction.

But. Humans don’t understand the body at its fullest so they constantly do things that can negatively affect the body without even realizing it. The biggest example of which is throwing up on purpose.

Why do people throw up on purpose?

Sometimes when you eat something that does not suit the body or something that doesn’t agree with it enters the body you need to throw up yourself to keep it away from the body. In such cases, sometimes throwing up yourself is okay. But, people without fully understanding the body functioning throw up purposely just to throw out something which they did not like, etc.

Harms of throwing up intentionally  

A self-induced vomit or to throw up is never recommended by the doctors as it can harm your body a lot. It can mess with the entire systems of the body ranging from metabolic disorders to stomach disorders to even heart problems.

The following are some dangers that can be caused when you vomit intentionally:

  • Excess vomiting on purpose (Bulimia) can cause cases of severe dehydration. When you vomit body salts along with water are removed from the body, so when you induce vomit again and again the minerals and water become deficient and the body can get dehydrated.
  • Connected to the above point, due to the hydration there is a drop of blood pressure in the body called hypotension. This level of blood pressure can fall so dangerously that it can affect the heart and cause a cardiac arrest.
  • Moreover, due to the constant movement inside the body, the esophagus can also get damaged. There is a lining of the esophagus close to the stomach which can get damaged and produce blood in your vomit.
  • When you put something or your hand in your mouth, it can also hurt the inner side of the mouth and damage it, resulting in difficulty in eating and bleeding in the mouth.
  • There are glands called parotid glands and salivary glands in the mouth. They produce saliva and are very essential. In certain cases, the constant throwing up can also damage them causing swelling around the cheeks and the jawline,

How to avoid eating disorders to avoid self-induced vomit

The best practice should be to consult a doctor or a nutritionist. The doctor will examine your weight and have your body tests and recommend you accordingly. Similarly, a nutritionist may check your diet flaws and make an entire diet chart for you to follow so that you may eat healthily and don’t need to throw up on purpose. So always follow a proper healthy diet chart and try to stay away from things that can cause disorders in your body.

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