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5 Things You Need to Do When Moving Into A New Apartment

`Girl Happy To Move Into New Apartement
Girl Happy To Move Into New Apartement

Moving places is daunting. You have to pack-years of your life in a bunch of brown boxes, taped shut and marked with sharpies. Then, you have to vacate a place you considered your home and shift to entirely unfamiliar premises.

Not to mention, the weeks from the move can be the most emotionally and physically taxing. There’s a vast checklist of tasks and duties, with its own set of peculiarities. But as long as you are organized, you can get through this difficult time.

Here are five things to do to stay ahead when moving into a new apartment:

1. Check with Both Landlords

It’s a big change, both mentally and physically from the old home. So, how can you make things less complicated? It’s crucial to meet with your new landlord and settle everything with your old one. Take time to clarify with the old and new landlord anything about you moving to your new place. Doing so will make your move more enjoyable.

Give your current landlord a 60-month notice you’ll be moving out (or whatever duration is decided in your terms of the agreement). The notice should be formal and in writing.

meet the both landlord before moving into a new apartment

You can both sit together and work on a checklist of tasks they expect you to do before moving out. These could be having the apartment cleaned and spruced up, the walls to be given a fresh coat of paint, changing the toilet seat, etc. You can also decide on a day for inspection.

You may have to leave utilities running until the inspection has concluded. Ideally, it can be anywhere from 3 days to a week before moving out. Don’t forget to ask them how and when they want the keys to be turned in.

There’s a similar meeting to be had with your new property owner. Ask them if they want a move-in checklist. Also, demand a list of household fixtures (appliances and amenities that come with your property). This way you’ll know what you need to buy and what you already have, e.g. oven, washing machine, dryer, etc.

do a thorough walkthrough with your agent before signing the lease

Before signing the lease, do a thorough walkthrough with your agent. The property should be spotlessly clean, the trash bins empty and carpets cleaned.

See if the HVAC system works fine, if there are any leaks in the plumbing, are the windows good insulators, or if there are any drafts or leaks.

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Every tenancy agreement is unique. Your landlord will likely be responsible for some of the utilities such as water and plumber scarborough, but you will have to set up cable, internet, gas, and electricity yourself. Get in touch with service providers for information on commercial electricity rates in your area.

2. Redecorate

redecorate the new rented house

Moving to a new apartment may be exciting, but, sometimes, you can’t help but miss
your old place, too. One way to prevent this is by redecorating the space with your
preferred colors, furnishings, and more.

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Many arrangements require old tenants to return walls to the same state and color as they were before moving in. Shades of creme, ivory, and white trimmings are common. But we see what you’re thinking, that can be quite boring.

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Hire local painters and decorators to personalize your space. Each room can reflect a different character according to the personality of the occupant as long as the property ‘gels’ together. Here is another thing you may need to check with your landlord. Many are okay with wallpaper but not paint coats since it is easy to strip and start over. Get rid of old furniture if it is too bulky for your new apartment.

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You can look through IKEA catalogs and order through mail as well. Though it is advisable to walk into a shop to judge each item better. If you don’t have an eye for interior design, a local decorator can help you curate a really classy space. But make sure to set aside enough time for putting together beds before you move in or you’ll be stuck sleeping on a mattress for weeks.

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3. Hire Movers

hire movers

Moving can be pretty stressful. There are weeks of packing and scheduling, not to count the emotional distress of moving out of a familiar neighborhood and material space. Seek help from professionals and hire a moving company. Don’t put this until the last week. Give them at least a 30-day notice lest they are unavailable on your specified dates. Here’s why a professional mover is essential:

  • You want to make sure that everything is organized before you move in. This means that you need to pack up all of your personal belongings and important papers. Moving companies can help with the entire process, allowing the transfer to be smooth and stress-free. You should know what is ahead of you and prepare properly so that you can get started on the transfer.
  • You should also plan on what you will be putting in your new apartments, such as appliances and furniture. If you have many pieces of furniture, you may want to hire a moving company. These companies have the right tools and equipment to move your items in a sanitary manner.
  • Once you have an agreement, put it in writing, so they know what their expected arrival date and duties are. Put up ‘FRAGILE’ stickers on boxes with crockery and easily broken items inside, so the crew knows to deal with them carefully.
  • On moving day, exchange your phone number and directions with the company. It’s better to arrive at the property before they do so you can open all the locks and guide them inside. In case you really don’t need movers (you may have generous friends, after all), at least hire a moving truck to make commuting large pieces of furniture easy.

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4. Sort out Your Mail

Firstly, change your postal address. Set up mail forwarding until everyone you know has been notified of an address change. You will also need to change the address for bank letters, credit cards, doctors, ophthalmologists and, magazine catalogs.

Do the same for any online services you subscribe to, e.g. Netflix, Apple Music. Sending out a change of address email is an effective method of alerting your friends and acquaintances.

Also, the mail situation is different for each property. Check with the admin if you collect mail from a community box or if it is delivered through individual mail slots.

In case you’re away, can the front desk receive mail for you or will you need to count on a neighbor for that? In special cases, it will be better to set up a PO Box to ensure the safe delivery of parcels.

5. Break the Ice

Say Hey to your Neighbors when you move in

You should research what kind of neighborhood the place has because it is essential for security purposes as they should be well behaved. Also, neighbors provide extra security in your absence if there is any suspicious activity; they can make you aware and call the police. You may also consider your hobbies and likes so you will be able to know what kind of place you want. For example, apartments for rent in Austin touch the heart of people who love arts and science as it is near tourist attractions like the Berkeley Art Museum and Adventure Playground.

You should also get to know the community and its people so that the transition will be more bearable and even exciting. There is no point in owning an apartment if it will be located in an unbearable place to live in!

Research the neighborhood before moving in. Locate the nearest dentist, emergency clinic, laundromat, grocery store, and gas station. After moving in, introduce yourself to your neighbors and invite them for a cup of tea and a warm slice of banana bread (only if you’ve finished packing and setting up though).

If you have a busy schedule, just saying ‘Hello!’ with a smile while you’re riding the elevator together will be enough. It will help you bond with the community and make change easier. When you are ready to, host a housewarming party for friends and colleagues.

Break open a vintage bottle of wine and unwind after a long and stressful transition. You will also get many housewarming presents which can lessen the decoration burden on your wallet

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